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Topaz Avon Historical Romance Review » 7 ´ [EPUB] ✻ Topaz Avon Historical Romance By Beverly Jenkins – Kate Love is an ambitious young newspaper reporter on the trail of a railroad stock swindler who has been preying on elderly Blacks Her investigation points to Rupert Samuelsone of the wealthiest and Kate Love His wifeA Promise of Pleasure Snatched from the altar by Dix Wildhorse a Black Seminole Marshal from Oklahoma's Indian country Kate has no choice but to flee with the daring knight her father sent to rescue and wed her Marriage had never been part of Kate's plansand she isn't about to abandon her career to become the dutiful wife of a Wild West lawman bent on. I actually tried reading Topaz a few years ago and didn’t click with it but when it popped up while I was browsing through my Kindle library this week I decided to give it another go And lo and behold I enjoyed it much this time around If you’re in the mood for solid historical fiction with a hefty dose of feisty feminism Topaz is the book for you Katherine a city girl and newspaperwoman in the 1880s is forced by one of her father’s criminal schemes to marry Dixon Wildhorse a Black Seminole lawman who takes her back home to Indian Territory They don’t expect to get along uite so wellor be uite so attracted to each other Needless to say sparks will be flying in that wagon Just be aware that Beverly Jenkins is a historian with a capital “H” and has done extensive research and sometimes that research is incorporated less than seamlessly into the narrative This would be the perfect book for the cerebral romance reader

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Wrapping her in his own protective cocoon Determined to hold on to her independence despite the dark simmering fire Dix's bronzed muscled embrace ignites she challenges him at every turn Yet even as their battle of wills intensifies the heat of their passion blazes with unmatched furya wildfire of love that can only be answered in the sweet ecstasy of surrende. I seriously have a problemthat I don't want solved I like being addicted to Beverly Jenkins' booksI take great pleasure in reading about recalcitrant women and hunky men who love learning that they don't run a darn thing Jenkins has yet to fail to deliver me with strong women and strong female friendships Sorry got ahead of myselfTopaz no one is named that in this book as a matter of fact the stone itself plays a very small role in this book is the story of a woman used as collateral for her wiley father's debt In order to settle said debt Katherine must marry Dixon Wildhorse I know but it's super swooney in the book so stop your judgementI absolutely adored the story even though the tropes of; we both love each other but don't know it was getting kind of tiring Watching love bloom between these two was deliciously entertainingWas this book predictable Yes Is there anything that will surprise you Heck no But the book is still worth it At this point I don't know why I am such a huge fan of historic fictionI just scan right past the history and get tot he good stuff

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Topaz Avon Historical RomanceKate Love is an ambitious young newspaper reporter on the trail of a railroad stock swindler who has been preying on elderly Blacks Her investigation points to Rupert Samuelsone of Topaz Avon Kindle the wealthiest and most eligible black men in the East but her covert efforts to get close enough to uncover the goods on him bring her to the brink of becoming. There was a missed opportunity to have Topaz published by Topaz Publishing Just saying