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Twisted Lies Dirty Secrets #1 characters ↠ 9 Ò ❰Reading❯ ➻ Twisted Lies Dirty Secrets #1 Author Sedona Venez – From USA Today bestselling author Sedona Venez comes an emotional raw and captivating romantic suspense Love her Ruin her How about bothSinthia Michaels is a rising fashion starCore ME that could ignite a corporate empire or Twisted Lies PDFEPUB or bring everything crashing downSpinning a web of twisted lies and dirty secrets Core traps Sin in an enchanting realm of drama and danger The fashion world is cutthroat the political arena vicious and the criminal underworld he’s involved in does. Review coming soonFULL REVIEW “You’ll never make it” she screeched “You’ll be back begging for forgiveness” My face tightened “I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you” I turned on my heels and walked out of the office and through the teahouse I was never planning on looking back Stepping onto the sidewalk I ripped the pearls off my neck staring as they bounced and rolled across the pavement and into the gutter exactly where they belonged I glanced up at the beautiful clouds as I exhaled This was my new start and I wasn’t going to waste another damn second thinking about my dark past again” Sinthia Michaels has finally made a name for herself Successful in the fashion industry life can only go upright With a huge order going out to a major retail chain and having an investor in her corner to supply the funds to make her dream come trueSin has it madeOr not “This is bullst Core You invested in a business you don’t give a st about Why” My temper flared “You’re pushing the boundaries of our friendship Ram” Ram leaned forward “Like I give a st We’re family and family asks uestions” I closed my eyes in irritation “I finally found him –Bigsby Calhoune the man we’ve been searching years for He’s been right under our noses” “Bigsby Calhoune The man running for mayor How did you come to that damn conclusion” I gave him a tight stare “Remember the charity event you couldn’t attend” Core McKay has gone on the up and up with business venturesbut never completely out of the loop and always on the lookout to take down his rivals In any fashion possible “I needed Sinthia Michaels as bait and if that meant she might become a casualty in my war against Bigsby then so be it” Core is ruthless He takes what he wants no uestions asked Sin seems to think she can take on a man whose sole purpose in life is to always be on topThis is one of those books that completely leaves you hanging Being the first book in a serial seriesI am already jonesing for the second installment I am completely intrigued by Core and Sin as well as their bizarre relationshipbusiness agreement I cannot wait to see what happens next4 Deal with the Devil Stars

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From USA Today bestselling Dirty Secrets Kindle #216 author Sedona Venez comes an emotional raw and captivating romantic suspense Love her Ruin her How about bothSinthia Michaels is a rising fashion starCore McKay is rich sexy and a former kingpin in NYC’s organized crime underbellyTogether they spark a romanc. This book was a bit different than other short series I have read It starts off crazy hot The first lines in the book had Sin and Core getting down and dirty“How the hell did this shit happen I fucking hate him but I want him It was sick and sordid and I couldn’t tell what this really was I only knew when I was around him he suffocated me with his twisted lies and dirty secrets only to cruelly resuscitate me—and shamefully I loved itCore stepped forward caging me alongside his desk making sure my body was flush against his “Ready to fuck Sin” he whispered in my ear”My panties were wet and I was like BABE So now I'm hooked ready to find out what's going on with these two However with any story we need the background I can't go into detail because I'm sure over the course of books everything will come together but we get a cocksucker of a Mother I'm was this lady a freaken evil bitch A stalker psycho determined to possess SinA bitch Mentor who cares only of herself and her success and screws her A harden Sin wanting nothing to do with men or love“She sharpened her his dick ain’t worth the trouble detector With this guy my detector is ringing like a motherfucker” I winked at her “Beep beep beep”And a this can't be it I need Ending“Just when I’d thought that I made peace with the universe and success was within my reach fate had thrown me the ultimate middle finger Tears rolled down my cheeks as regret and dread washed over me I just made a deal with the fucking devil” SinUntil this whole series is complete I'm going to be sitting here stalking like this

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Twisted Lies Dirty Secrets #1N’t play games Core wants to use Sin to get revenge on a Lies Dirty Secrets PDF #8608 corrupt politician who took everything but he doesn’t expect to start an erotic affair with the very girl he plans to use as a weaponSin didn’t become famous without knowing how to fight backeven against the man she loves. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewMixed feelings OkI was hooked when I started reading it Its a fast short read I read it pretty fast I wanted to hate it because I knew it was part of a continuing series and I really hate those The story is good but everything happened fast I didnt like the timeline through it though What I mean is there is a prologue about Sin and Core hot and heavy Then chapter 1 is before she met him which is understandable Then there are various chapters that are like 2 years later and 4 years later Didnt like how it was put together like that I think it could have been done differently I wanted to know Sin's past and how she got into everything I just kinda thought it should have been done differently Be interwoven into the story like other authors do Having a chapter by chapter timeline isn't the way to go but that is my opinion uestion is do I recommend this Yes and no and here is why If you dont care about stories ending on cliffhangers or a continuing series then this is for you and don't mind waiting until the next comes out If not then you probably should pass on it Not trying to get people to stop reading the booknot at all but I am being honest as a reader This series could have just been done into 1 novel I am not sure why it was broken up into 4 short books Its a good story though If I am given an opportunity to read the other stories in the series I will do so since I sorta already read this one I kinda wanna know what happens but if not thats ok too I honestly think thats the purpose of writing these types of stories and series to get people hooked into reading the first and paying for after realizing it IS a series lol I'll keep an eye on this author though cause she does write good stories Hopefully my review doesnt confuse people or seem too harsh to the author