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characters Two Worlds Collide ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¸ [Epub] ➛ Two Worlds Collide By Rachel Burns – Melissa is an Earthling who was saved in the last second from dying in a meteorite shower She along with many other young women have been taken to a spaceship where the men live among moderE very old fashioned ways of thinking The women have to sit on their laps all day long and if the their men feel that they aren't behaving they spank them When their men want to make Two Worlds PDF love with them t. Too many horrors to be able to appreciate this story This story had 3 strikes which is why it only got 2 starsFirst the so called rescuers of the earth women including the heroine forced these women into marriage and proceeded to rape or used dubious forced seduction which bordered on rape Second These women are never explained any rules or their new circumstances and often spanked or worse beaten with whips and belts It was abusive especially when the women had no means to understand or learn these extreme rules set for them Third The aliens only bothered to provide a translation device after they managed to cow down the women into an acceptable submission through beatings When they could have spared them these horrors had they recieved the devices to begin with Bonus The heroine was treated to a beating for expressing and sharing concerns for her husband's mother She was human too but was kept in the dark the entire relationship with her own husband and denied to teach her son her own language it'd even speak out She was never able to learn the alien language What I find confusing is that the king of the aliens mention owning half the universe and yet earth was completely ignorant of them It isn't until nearly end that we discovered that earth was hit by a meteor shower and the aliens came to rescue what women survived This story would have benefited from the alien kings point of view There was no background and it took took long to realize what the heroine's circumstances were Perhaps it was the writer's intention the the reader was kept oblivious and confused allowing only to learn what was happening as the heroine discovered it This approach was an epic fail I felt complete horror the first half of the story hoping it would get better only to be pissed off at the injustice and perverse love these aliens demonstrated to their wives I do Not recommend this read Unless you think you could enjoy such premise for a story

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Melissa is an Earthling who was saved in the last second from dying in a meteorite shower She along with many other young women have been taken to a spaceship where the men live among modern technology but they hav. Main CharactersMelissa A human saved from a meteor showerAide The alien who rescues herSynopsisMelissa is trapped in a burning building during a meteor shower and just as the building begins to collapse she is rescued by an alien The story revolves around her and some other women who were rescued adjustment to life with the aliensMy ThoughtsThis is a very strange story I was very upset with the way Aide's mother was treated and I really didn't see the point in having that piece in the book at all Otherwise I felt like Melissa fell in love with Aide a bit uickly considering the situation

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Two Worlds CollideHey do No matter where they are or who is watchingMelissa was kidnapped by the leader She is frustrated because they can't talk to each other She doesn't want to but she finds herself falling in love with her rescu. This was OK but I do believe IT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER The story is written in the heroine's Melisa's POV only Though I have no problem with 1st Pov novels the grammar error found in it was unbearable Not worth the money I also find the world building lacking and even though I had read books where there is language barrier with heroine's communicating with the alien hero they they still try to communicate They also jumped at the chance on trying to learn the language and if there is a translator they tend to have it In here the heroine Melissa was the leader's woman and we later know that the hero Aid is a king which makes her a ueen She is suppose to be an example to the other woman and be a leader I know she doesn't have leadership and had a boring life and was a good girl but still I found her character completely lacking and was submissive She don't stand up for herself when she was put with the other woman and was always crying I don't know how many times she was crying in the book I didn't like their lack of real communication because if she had understood each other earlier could had been explained in the world building and what was really going on What's I was very mad and sad about Aid's mother because she couldn't talk with anyone and was unable to communicate even with her husband because she speaks French I somehow find the thing about Aid's mother loving his father uestionable There was also way too much crying and spanking in the book I felt this was rushed in the end There were just too many loop holes in the story about the green men who kidnapped Melissa and other things What other planets are there in the universe Where does Aid and the others came from Don't they live in a planet How do they divide the universe How come Earth is part of Aid's boundary What happened to the ueen namely Aid's mother Not even sure if she had a name in the book Have they ever kidnapped women from Earth before because his mother was a French woman from Earth What is the difference with our physiueEspecially when Melissa was pregnant in a week and gave birth in just a few days After giving birth to her son she was pregnant again so soon when she wasn't supposed to get pregnant while lactating I did enjoy the flow of the story and Aid in the beginning but somehow lose interest in him in the end so I will not read this again especially with all the grammar error