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A Dark and Stormy KnightIon in battle and his imperturbable strength But as a boy he was someone else A twin a thief and a murderer until tragedy reshaped himNow he stalks the A Dark PDFEPUB or night in search of redemption and retribution vowing to never give into temptation as it's just another form of weaknessUntil temptation lands uite literally in his lap taking the form of Prudence GoodePrim and proper Pru is expected to live a. This should be Callum and Allison's story I just discovered Kerrigans books about a month ago and have since read the entire Victorian Rebels series She has uickly become one of my new favorites Please hurry with another one and keep up the great writing You're AWESOME

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review A Dark and Stormy Knight 103 µ [PDF] ✅ A Dark and Stormy Knight By Kerrigan Byrne – This Knight of the Crown is driven by a painful past and a patient fury and his entire life is a lie Sir Carlton Morley is famously possessed of extraordinary will singular focus and a merciless sense This Knight of the Crown and StLife of drudgery but before she succumbs to her fate she craves just one night of desire On the night she searches for it she stumbles upon a man made of shadows muscle and wrath And decides he is the oneWhen their firestorm of passion burns out of control Morley discovers too late that he was right The tempting Dark and Stormy ePUB #9734 woman has become his weaknessA weakness his enemies can use against him. I’ve read all seven books available in this series in seven days yep you read that correctly it matched my reading mood perfectly and I just couldn’t put them down and now I think I might have fried my brain a bit because once I finished the last one I fell into a mother of all reading slumps I don’t want to pick up anything so I will finish writing all the reviews and then just take a break from reading in general for a while This is a very emotional and intense series of historical romances to read definitely keep that in mind going in it varies in different books but all main characters suffer from some sort of trauma so depending on which installment you pick up there are trigger warnings for torture rape physical and mental abuse assault most of it happens not on the actual pages of the stories but nonetheless has a huge impact on everything be prepared for themes like that before picking them upAs much as each book in this series works as a standalone it’s best to read them in order cause most of the characters in it are somehow connected to each other trust me on this the sixth book in this series was my very first ever Kerrigan Byrne book I’ve read and I liked it immensely better once I read the first five stories so I will have one short paragraph about how amazing this series is in general and then below you will find a few sentences about each story published in it so far cause I read them so uickly one after another that they are all a blur in my mind right now The writing style is absolutely spectacular and that is saying something for me because these stories have some of the themes and tropes I am not only not a fan off but ones I actively try and avoid in the books I read and yet she somehow made it work not gonna lie maybe once I reread these stories in the future I will be able to read them critically but as of now all of them were 5 stars reads for me yes the stories are very intense and emotional they deal with some dark topics and for some of you the relationships may seem rushed but I just I couldn’t help but love all of them the heroes of these books are usually the troubled ones with darker pasts and when they love they love with everything that’s inside themeven the darkest parts of them they love fiercely and passionately and I just inhaled all of it don’t get me wrong the heroines are no wallflowers either the relationships are always intense and never easy usually they develop pretty uickly but they always feel well built and complex enough there’s action surprising twists and turns some gaspworthy moments and some drama but also some sweet moments not to mention an absolutely swoonworthy hot and sensual ones as well like I said before this series perfectly fit into my reading mood ; below is a little bit about each book hopefully once I reread them in the future I will be able to write coherent reviews about each story The highwaymanStory about two people with a surprising connection in their past and a marriage of convenience all wrapped up in an additional mystery add a scarred hero and a badass heroine and I was sold immediately aside from the main relationship we have some side ones forming as well which I loved with all my heart it’s a very good introduction to the whole series with some hints and foreshadowing about future main charactersThe hunterThis one took me a moment to get into because a killer for hire who is fascinated by a woman who he was hired to kill can get tricky especially since he’s not the best at communicating his thoughts outside to other people but to surprise of no one I ended up in love ; The highlanderThis one might be my favourite out of them all and I’m not sure why it has some Beauty and the beast vibes as well as some Jane Eyre ones the romance develops over a bit longer than usual amount of time so that might have been a factor in my love for it even if she’s pretending to be someone else I saw some of the reveals in advance but it was still super enjoyable The dukeThe synopsis of this one is a bit misleading so let me clarify for you our heroine works as a nurse and serving maid she meets a duke and they spend a night together as in he pays for a night with her one year later he shows up in her hospital not remembering her and with some great injuries and THEN she goes into a marriage of convenience to a wonderful older man and we skip forward a couple of years to when she is now a widow again this one has some themes I don’t like hidden identity and whatnot and yet I loved it aside from that we have a killer mystery to which reveal I did not see coming The scot beds his wifeAnother story with a hidden identity and uite a few other themes I don’t like in books and yet I absolutely could understand why it had to happen like that a lot of dramatic and surprising turns of events and a romance between very reluctant two people which worked out surprisingly well in the end The duke with the dragon tattooI loved this one immensely better the second time around I remembered one big reveal about our hero who doesn’t remember his past but aside from that nothing else and now that I read the books in order I appreciated that much all the familiar couples that make appearances in this one The dark and stormy knightThe last currently available books went by very fast I was curious about reading about this particular hero for a while and his story definitely did not disappoint what’s even better Pru our heroine has three sisters and a spin off stories all about them is gonna be published within the next year I may or may not already preordered all of them ;XOXOA

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This Knight of the Crown and Stormy eBook #8608 is driven by a painful past and a patient fury and his entire life is a lie Sir Carlton Morley is famously possessed of extraordinary will singular focus and a merciless sense of justice As a man he secured his fortune and his preeminence as Scotland Yard's ruthless Chief Inspector As a decorated soldier he was legend for his unflinching trigger finger his precis. Sir Carlton Morley is Scotland Yard’s Chief Inspector the epitome of respectability However he has a secret nighttime persona the Shadow of Night who seeks a different kind of justice from conventional law enforcement On one particular night while following a potential suspect he finds himself on the grounds of an unconventional brothel where women contract with men for services He stumbles upon Prudence Goode the daughter of a baron who has decided to seek one night of pleasure before her marriage to a man she recently discovered has no plans to remain faithful What was intended as an accidental one night encounter ends up having much longer term conseuences I’ve looked forward to this story since learning Morley was much than a Scotland Yard agent His origins are tragic and my hope was that he’d find an interesting partner who would appreciate the man Pru Goode was delightful and resourceful who wasn’t intimidated by him but admired his ualities The circumstances that reunited them was unexpected and led to an even interesting angle of the story However so much of the related investigation was behind the scenes and I missed being part of that discovery Some of the best moments however are between Morley and the other Victorian Rebels The dialogue is often sardonic and witty providing much needed comic relief The romantic aspects are over the top steamy but completely in character with Pru and Morley I continue to relish the audiobook version as Derek Perkins just owns these stories and characters He’s pitch perfect in all areas While the ending felt a little rushed I still enjoyed the story as a whole and am satisfied with Carlton finally getting his moment at happiness Thanks to Tantor Audio for my complimentary copy All opinions are my own