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doc É Veronica ✓ read ☆ nattie jones ï [Download] ➶ Veronica By Nattie Jones – Veronica is a simple lady's companion who accepts her lot in life to sit on the sidelines and watch others have fun escapades and adventures After all she's stuck—she has no dowry it's incredible un VeronicaNe who would like receiving punishment as much as he liked dealing it But there's a very fine line between punishments and playful spankings in the bedchamber and Veronica finds it difficult to get one but not the other as well Will his attentions prove to be too much? Or will she yearn for his hand no matter how firmly he applies it to her bottom? Veronica is a young woman in Victorian England whose parents died and so she is working as a companion for a noble woman She has no expectations of a marriage but thanks to accidentally leaving her diary – with her desires about being spanked – where it can be seen by others she is approached by Jeffrey an unmarried Duke who reads the diary and would like to marry someone who has these interests He has been watching her and decides she is the woman he wants as a wife Needless to say their different stations in life going into the marriage create a lot of interesting dialog; as does their mutual interest in spanking The story is fast paced and both characters are energetic and committed to each other and it is fun to see the relationship develop despite a number of problems I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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Veronica is a simple lady's companion who accepts her lot in life to sit on the sidelines and watch others have fun escapades and adventures After all she's stuck she has no dowry it's incredible unlikely she'd ever marry But deep inside Veronica is the overwhelming desire to be disciplined Enough so that she writes sordid tales about punishment in This story seemed to start out very typical of other historical pieces where the girl has fantasy catches the eye of the lord of the manor and they end up wed Most stories end here with an implied HEA What sets Veronica apart is what comes next We see Veronica's battle with her own thoughts and feelings about being spanking and how see will real fit into the Duke's life She battles jealous feelings for her new sister in law and her relationship with the Duke The last third of the story deals with a careless comment from the Duke We see that Veronica has really grown and is a stronger woman and it will change but her life and the life of the Duke forever Well written historical with an interesting twist

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VeronicaHer diary which one day falls in love with the very duke that one of her stories is about Tired of demanding mistresses that don't appreciate his interests in spanking and discipline the Duke immediately singles Veronica out as a perfect solution to his problem he'd marry this woman and get everything he wanted; marriage to a beautiful woman and o Nattie Jones is a great writer and I will be purchasing of her books This is a classic erotic romance that made me wish I could trade places with Veronica Who doesn't want to be swept up by a Duke and live a live of privilege and pleasure?