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Viper Wine summary ✓ 8 Í [Download] ➹ Viper Wine ➾ Hermione Eyre – At Whitehall Palace in 1632 the ladies at the court of Charles I are beginning to look suspiciously alike Plump cheeks dilated pupils and a heightened sense of pleasure are the first signs that they h At Whitehall Palace in the ladies at the court of Is married and her “mid climacteric” approaches all that adoration has curdled to scrutiny and she fears her powers are waning Her devoted husband Sir Kenelm Digby – alchemist explorer philosopher courtier and time traveller – believes he has the means to cure wounds from a distance but he so loves his wife that he will not make her a beauty tonic convinced she has no need of it From the whispering court at Whitehall to the charlatan physicians of Eastcheap here is a marriage in crisis. Viper Wine is a 2014 Crown publishing release I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review The synopsis for this book caught my attention a while back because I thought it was historical fiction which I usually enjoy but with a slight fantasy slant which seems like a very interesting combination Reading as much as I do I am often on the lookout for something outside the box maybe a little unusual in order to keep me from burning out Well you know what they say about being careful what you ask for I did indeed get an imaginative historical novel and then some but it was a very hard read and I struggled with it for a long while Set in the 1600’s products and beauty rituals were actually dangerous and pretty outlandish When Venetia Stanley a woman so beautiful she became a muse for poets and painters marries she begins to experience an obsessive fear of losing her good looks prompting her to take desperate measures to maintain her youth and beauty Employing an apothercary to sell her a ‘beauty potion’ it looks like she’s made a good choice as she receives the desired results But a horrible price will be paid in the end as unforeseen side effects take hold This story is based on the real life Venetia Stanley but is pure fiction of course I’m not sure what the author’s precise goal was in writing this novel Was it a commentary on the beauty industry masked by historical details where the desperation to remain youthful and relevant is as important now as it was in the distant pastHas anything really changed in all this time The mentality seems to still exist with dangerous practices prevailing even now with too many surgical procedures and needle injections and chemical peels not to mention all the products on the market promising firmer skin and a younger looking complexion Yet the author’s approach was odd The combination of fantasy and history mixed in with a kind of dark humor suggesting the book is somewhat satirical kept me confused and it was very hard to stay interested in the bookIt took me a very long time to get through this book I stopped and started it countless times but finally managed to complete it despite the temptation to give up on it Overall this a very ambitious undertaking and I can say it is certainly unlike anything else I’ve read so there is that But ultimately it was not my kind of thing although I did appreciate the message I think the author was trying to convey and I give the author kudos for writing something uniue So that leaves me with the dilemma of how to rate this book After some hemming and hawing I think 25 stars is fair Rounded to 3

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At Whitehall Palace inthe ladies at the court of Charles I are beginning to look suspiciously alike Plump cheeks dilated pupils and a heightened sense of pleasure are the first signs that they have been drinking a potent new beauty tonic Viper Wine distilled and discreetly dispensed by the physician Lancelot ChoiceFamed beauty Venetia Stanley is so extravagantly dazzling she has inspired Ben Jonson to poetry and Van Dyck to painting provoking adoration and emulation from the masses But now she. A friend of mine refuses to read fiction instead contenting himself to tomes of history and philosophy His case against fiction is that authors take too long getting to their point and that sometimes they never get to a point at all In fact based books he argues the author’s argument is swiftly made clear and the book stands or falls on how well he or she makes that argument unless of course the argument is obviously bat shit crazy at the outset although even then there’s pleasure to be gained from reading something so ludicrously wrong headed Fiction because it doesn’t immediately state where it’s going fails for himObviously I disagree as a uick glance at my reading list will confirm But there are some books which are so meandering and besotted by their own cleverness that they are completely unconcerned with whether their point has been made well made or adeuately made a couple of hundred pages back ‘Viper Wine’ is one such novel and if I was to hand it to my friend he would have a gleeful field day with itSet in the reign of Charles the First but incongruously taking in such items as The Beatles Neil Armstrong Jeremy Paxman and other such modern day paraphernalia this is a book about beauty It’s a book about the pursuit of beauty the preservation of beauty the craving of lost beauty More specifically it’s about female beauty and what some women will do to maintain that aura of beauty The title refers to a tonic that women of the court drink to restore their youth and since its poison based the book doesn’t have to strain hard to liken it to Botox Along the way we get renaissance plastic surgery and all kinds of other treatments potions victuals and ablutions designed to keep our central lady a fictionalised version of the aristocrat Venetia Stanley fresh in the eyes of her time travelling husband Sir Kenelm Digby and the wider worldIt’s entertaining and does expertly conjure its pre civil war world but the points it makes about chasing beauty and how the pressures women go through today aren’t so far from the trials of our foremothers hundreds of years back is well made by about half way through – yet the book just keeps going on lost in the bliss of its own artfulness cleverness and loveliness It’s vanity in a way but then I guess that’s an appropriate vice for a book about beauty

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Viper WineAnd a country on the brink of civil war The novel takes us backstage at a glittering Inigo Jones court masue inside a dour Puritan community and into the Countess of Arundel's snail closet We see a lost Rubens altarpiece and peer into Venetia’s black wet obsidian scrying mirror Based on real events Viper Wine is rendered in Pop Art prose a place to find alchemy David Bowie recipes for seventeenth century beauty potions a Borgesian unfinished library and a submarine that sails beneath the Tham. BeautyVanityRumourAddictionAn inspired controversial glimpse into an era wrought with conspiracy and flamboyancyIn an England on the cusp between magic and science VIPER WINE delves into the deliciously evocative world of Venetia Stanley whose position in life is so markedly notable Set in 1632 the court is dazzled by the captivating beauty of such an astute woman Surrounded by alchemists explorers philosophers and time travellers the company in which Venetia finds herself encapsulates diverse eccentricity and divergence She inspires Ben Jonson to write poetryShe inspires Van Dyck to paint AndShe provokes adoration emulation and gossip in eual measure This tantalizing tale of temptation indulgence in all extravagance and innate creativity is an explosion of brilliance and genius Hermione Eyre writes with such vivacity and captures the exuisite ambience in all its glorious detail and precise historical fact Anyone interested in Charles I and the court will devour this book that’s a potent tonic of social charade with a country on the brink of Civil War This novel transports its readers into the heart of a puritan community whilst also touching upon very real events that occurred in the seventeenth century and a turbulent time Richly detailed and wonderfully realised this deftly woven narrative is clever and assured Incorporated within the text are various images of Venetia in 1619 and Kenelm and Gresham College as well as various other portraits of interest This historical novel is a sensational story told with enthusiastic flair and uniue originality I won a Free Uncorrected Proof copy of VIPER WINE by Hermione Eyre through a Goodreads first read giveaway 45 STARS