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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Wake Me Up ✓ [EPUB] ✺ Wake Me Up ✽ Michelle Horst – This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00GDOP3NTwenty two year old Emma runs from a devastating life Wanting to escape her demons with the help of her crazy friend Chloe she travels halfway acro This is an alternate cover edition for ASINWn of Chapel Hill North Carolina She doesn't let anyone near her until Aiden Aiden gives her a glimpse of what love really is like but then their little world is shattered when their lives collide and Emma gets caught in the middle Will Aiden cross an ocean Wa. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewWake Me Up is a heartbreaking story of abuse and second chances Emma has fled her home in England to the southern part of the United States to escape the mental abuse of her mother Little does she know how much her life is going to change especially when she meets undercover detective Aiden He helps her escape a potentially dangerous situation she finds herself in when she goes to a bar the first night in town Aiden becomes an important part of Emma’s life after this first meetingThe book is not your standard boy meets girl and all is right with the world Their romance and chemistry moves very uickly but there are huge obstacles that they have to overcome And it won’t be easy Emma is a very complex character and there were times she really got on my nerves with her hot and cold attitude with Aiden I just wanted to shake her and tell her “Look at this awesome loving man standing in front of you who wants to save you Are you an idiot” However I realized this was what she had been conditioned to do This became very evident to me when she made the statement about love“Love is such a petty thing Aiden It destroys”At that point I hurt so bad for her She was being torn down by the woman who was supposed to protect her with her life her mother I liked the comparison made with the eagle in relation to her situation I LOVED Aiden and his family He was a broken man as well losing his sister the way he did But he had such a loving family to get him through that and they were so open and accepting of Emma I also liked the dual POV’s; I enjoy knowing what’s going on in both characters’ minds While I really enjoyed the book I felt like it ended too soon for me I am hoping this isn’t the last we will get to see Emma and Aiden I feel there is so much left to tell about the two of them especially Emma She hasn’t overcome all of her issues by any means However in my opinion the author was staying true to Emma’s character There is no way she could tie up all of Emma’s issues so uicklythat would not be realistic I am looking forward to reading from this author


Ke Me PDFEPUBfor Emma This is a stand alone novel told from dual POV's both Emma British and Aiden American in The Tainted Ink SeriesThis novel is intended for mature audiences over the age of only It contains graphic scenes of sex violence and strong language. After reading the Valbaara series I thought nothing can top these two books but this one literally was the cherry I basically have sucked in this bookThe story of Emma and Aiden made me smile laugh and almost cry I felt so deeply for Emma especially the flashbacks were written so heart wrenching realistic that I wanted to grab and just save her And Aiden is not just the most stunning heartthrob bloke first I've been really confused by the word 'bloke' but now I love it but a REAL man Exactly the one Emma needs by her side I never know what to write in a review without giving too much away of a wonderful story but I can tell I have enjoyed this book so much I fully recommend it because the sensitive topic and the way this awesome love story was written around it deeply touched my heart As always this is a book written with so much heart blood and palpable lovePersonal note Thank you so much for Aiden and those hidden Easter eggs Michelle ;


Wake Me UpThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN BGDOPNTwenty two year old Emma runs from a devastating life Wanting to escape her demons with the help of her crazy friend Chloe she travels halfway across the world Alone Emma must make a fresh start in the small to. WAKE ME UP is FREE US UK If i had wings I'd fly I'd soar on high where only eagles dare I'd let them rip I'd let them tear untill all that remained was me bareThis book was definitely a pleasant surprise I didn't know what I was getting into when I started reading it and I loved every minute of it My Emma 22 years old British VirginMy Aiden 27 years old Southern boy undercover detective FighterEmma ran away from home in England to chapel hill to escape her mother Throughout her life She did not lived and now she wants to experience new things starting with getting sloshed and one night stand of shagging She met Aiden and sparks were flying It's been two years since he held a woman and it didn't bother him until Emma But he is not cooperating with her ​​plan he is too good he keep an eye on her all night while she gets drunk and takes her to his apartment When they get there a big surprise waiting for them both Because of identity confusion Emma and Aidan are now roommates Things sure are getting interesting D I open my mouth to speak and he leans in closer pressing me lightly into the tiles The words get lost in my throat and i tighen my hold on his shirt Be carful what you ask of me Emma I'm trying real hard hereEmma Walker I can't let her leave until I've figured out why i don't want her to leaveAidan Sigh This bloke is Perfect He is her rock He is patient with her he cares for her he understands her he listens to her he sees her he stand beside her and not in front of her He's just the whole package I fell in love with him Instantly It was hard not toIt's the longest i've ever taken to make coffe but i didn't want it to get cold I place her mug a few inches from me This way she has to come closerI loved the combination of British and American language all the different words and the fact that they used Google to translate some of the words it was cute DI scroll down the long list of words taking in a few as I look for 'French letter' and then I laugh Really Where do y'all get these words from Why not just call it a condom I keep scrolling down until I find 'rumpy pumpy' Sexual intercourse I'm struggling not to laugh I have a one track mind because all I'm thinking is the course I'd like to inter with her sexually She makes me feel InvincibleEmma Went through mental abuse by her drunk mother She's a very complex character She's weak trying to avoid confrontation and pleasing everyone She doesn't know what love is She doesn't think she can be loved Her mother certainly did a number on her She Screwed with her head completely Imagine what it's like to live your whole life in fear BUT I will not lie there were times I wanted to get into my Kindle and shake herYou okay he asked gentl Why are you so nice I sniffle even and wipe frustrated at my cheeks You're crying because i'm nice He asked confused No yes Both You're holding me You've been so nice since we've met people aren't supposed to be niceShe formed a certain patterns over the years to avoid conflicts with her mother and now it's very hard for her to break free from her normal behavior she developed Aidan tries to teach her ​​how normal people live and behave It was not easy and he was very sensitive and delicate with her Like i said PerfectWhen Aidan Take Emma to one of his fightings something happens I was so proud of her Finally she showed some fire that caused him to blow his cover and tell her he is a cop he investigates the disappearances of girls who are missing in their area by a group of students that he mingle with and are shoiwng interest in EmmaTheir relationship develops uite fast with all that they are roommates and the instant attraction between them Aidan try to make clear that she is sort of taken I don't care about being in public any or how she might feel about it I slip my hands into her hair pull her face to mine and i kiss her not like i've been kissing her the last past few days No uick brushes of hot air I crush her lips until she opens them for me and then i fall Dammit it feels heavenly to fall into her I drop my hand to her back drawing her body tightly against mine and i let her sweetness fill my mouth Their first time was Awkward BUT I'll let you guys read it for yourselfs lolWhen both work out their dispute they become a couple D Love is such a petty thing Aiden It destroys His grip on me tightens Wait Let me finish What I feel for you goes way beyond that petty word I'm consumed by you I feel defensive of you I desire you His eyes caress my face and follow the tears that I can't keep back any Love is really such a petty word to describe what I feel Don't ever ask me to say it Love You call her loveToo much I askHe nods She has a name use itHe lets me go and i wink at him before turning back to Katia she who has a name the one whom i shall not call love again I roll my eyes Who would've thought Aiden would be jealous of a womanWhen Emma tries to help Aiden with his investigation things go wrong and her Safety is in Aiden handsI had a problem with the view spoilerKidnapping hide spoiler