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PDF ↠ BOOK Why We Fight FREE Ì [PDF / Epub] ☉ Why We Fight By Josh Rosenblatt – Insolpro.co.uk Finally we can talk about Fight CluborA physical and philosophical mediation on why we are drawn to fight each other for sport what happens to our bodies and brains when we do and what it all meansAny Finally we can talk about Fight CluborA phFinally we can talk about Fight CluborA physical and philosophical mediation on why we are drawn to fight each other for sport what happens to our bodies and brains when we do and what it all meansAnyone with guts or madness in him can get hit by someone who knows how it takes a different kind of madness a persistent kind to stick around long enough to be one of the people who does the knowingJosh Rosenblatt was thirty three years old when he first realized he wanted to fight A lifelong pacifist Why We ePUB #187 with a philosopher's hatred of violence and a dandy's aversion to exercise he drank to excess smoked passionately ate indifferen I wanted to like this book I love MMA I consume as much as I can through as many mediums as possible This book was not a tasty consumption First off the title reads weird “Why We Fight One Man’s Search for Meaning Inside the Ring” Usually we is two or people and one man is one man So I thought that to be a little of Plus it was his journey and his meaning inside the ring And many people fight fir many different reasons It should’ve been titled “Why I Fight” Secondly he seems to have major problems with the church Which is fine A lot of people do and I understand But it comes through in his writing way too much He even takes needless digs at it on pg 77 Not only that but he grossly misinterprets Scripture to for what he needs to make his point on pg 156 What he is uoting has nothing to do with the point he is trying to make It was a lazy way to try to get his point across Another thing is that I’m pretty sure he may be an alcoholic He has a whole chapter on the struggles to give up on alcohol You are 40 Aren’t you a little old to still be getting drunk But that isn’t even it Throughout the whole book he mentions his love of alcohol going out to get drunk the hardships he has with giving up Over and over again But he barely mentions his wife at all and what a struggle there relationship must be and the hardship of the sacrifice of his time to train on what he says will be a one off right That isn’t even mentioned really So it made it seem as if alcohol was the worst thing in the world he had to give up instead of the many other things that should’ve been way important The only other criticisms I have we that he book is way over philosophized and the almost whole page of a run on sentence on things he hates A while page One sentence

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Tly and mocked physical activity that didn't involve nudity But deep down inside there was always some part of him that was attracted to the idea of fighting So after studying Muay Thai Krav Maga Brazilian jiu jitsu and boxing he decided at age forty that it was finally time to fight his first and only mixed martial arts match all in the name of experience and transcending ancient fearsAn insightful and moving rumination on the nature of fighting Why We Fight takes us on his journey from the bleachers to the ring Using his own training as an opportunity to understand how the sport illuminates basic human impulses Rosenblatt weaves togethe 37 That's what I'd rate this book So why do we fight Even after reading the book I'm not certain But the author a writer turned martial arts decides to find out by signing up for a single official MMA fight in the cage This book follows his journey of what ensues beforehand He attempts to find meaning in what it means to go on a path of self destruction to engage in one of the most archaic behaviors that still continues to exist in our modern society The book is a marriage between the brutal simplicity of fighting in its essence and the philosophies behind it to find out what it really means at the end of the day Being someone with a history of combat sports there were parts that I could definitely relate to However there were others that really made you think about it What does it mean to get into a ring with someone where their goal is to inflict damage on you Unlike wrestling judoetc this is a fight where even so than not your life and will are both on the line I'd definitely recommend it to martial artists as I think they'd really be able to consider the information from a personal perspective

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Why We FightR cultural history criticism biology and anthropology to understand what happens to the human body and mind when under attack and to explore why he a self described cowardly boy from the suburbs discovered so much meaning in putting his body and others' at riskFrom the psychology of fear to the physiology of pain from Ukrainian shtetls to Brooklyn boxing gyms from Lord Byron to George Plimpton Why We Fight is a fierce inuiry into the abiding appeal of our most conflicted and controversial fixation interwoven with a firsthand account of what happens when a mild mannered intellectual decides to step into the ring for his first real showdown A memoir of an out of shape writer training for and fighting an MMA matchThis wasn't a bad book nor was it poorly written There's a lot interesting things in here about history psychology and physiology It was just that the author got a little to overdramatic with his descriptions and musings It became a little bit too self abusive if you know what i mean Listening to this book I couldn't help roll my eyes several times Regardless if you're into fighting and memoirs check it out