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With the GrainA little knowledge about trees goes a long way toward improving your woodworkingYou don’t need a degree in dendrology to build a desk But you do With the PDFEPUBneed intimate knowledge of how our raw material grows and – importantly – how it responds to its environment after it has been cut and driedThis knowledge allows you to tame the wood into the shapes that you have envisioned in your head And it ensures that your furniture will endure the seasons and age with grace and aplombThat is we are particularly pleased to announce the latest book from Lost Art Press “With the Grain A Craftsman’s Guide to Understanding Wood” by Christian Becksvoort This is the book about wood that we wished we’d had when we started woodworkingIt is above all succinct easy to understand and perfectly suited for t. This is a must read book for woodworkers There are so many woodworking books that I check them out from the libary to read This is one that I'll buy after having read it for the wealth of information it contains which I will look back at and as well as to suport the work of one of woodworking's great authors

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He furniture maker As important as what is in its pages is what is not It’s not a detailed analysis of cell growth It is not a heap of tables and euations for figuring truss loads in residential construction It is decidedly not a scientist’s approach to the materialInstead “With the Grain” contains the facts you need to know at the lumberyard in the woodlot and in the shop It gives you enough science so you understand how trees grow It explains the handful of formulas you have to know as a furniture maker And it gives you a hearty dose of specific information about North American species that will inspire you Becksvoort encourages you to use the trees in your neighborhood and makes the case that just because you cannot find catalpa at the lumberyard doesn’t mean it’s not a good furniture woodY. Great resource for woodworking especially as a general wood guide Identification uses wood notes It took me a long time to finish it because I wasn't interested in the cabinetry section at the end But everything else was just super compelling and useful and interesting Including a nice section on steam bending And woodlot management

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review With the Grain × eBook or Kindle ePUB ê ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ With the Grain Author Christian Becksvoort – A little knowledge about trees goes a long way toward improving your woodworkingYou don’t need a degree in dendrology to build a desk But you do need intimate knowledge of how our raw mateOu’ll learn to identify the trees around you from their silhouette leaves and shoots And you’ll learn about how these species work in the shop – both their advantages and pitfallsBecksvoort then takes you into a detailed discussion of how wood reacts to it environment – the heart of the book You’ll learn how to calculate and accommodate wood movement with confidence and precision And you’ll learn how to design furniture assemblies – casework drawers doors and moulding – so they will move with the seasons without crackingThere’s also a chapter on how to manage a small forest or copse of trees – how to care for them encourage them to thrive and harvest them You’ll learn the basics of cutting stacking and drying the wood if you should ever have the privilege of harvesting your own lumbe. Paper Another great compendium on woodworking techniues and philosophy along with a fantastic resource on species of trees