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read doc â Archangel's Consort ☆ Kindle Edition Ý insolpro ✓ [Read] ➶ Archangel's Consort ➳ Nalini Singh – Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux and her lover the lethally beautiful archangel Raphael have returned home to New York only to face an uncompromising new evDers The omens are suddenly terrifyingly clear An ancient and malevolent immortal is rising The violent winds whisper her name Caliane She has returned to reclaim her son Raphael Only one thing stands in her way Elena the consort who must be destroy Buddy read with the UF lovers of Buddies Books and BaublesI'm pretty behind on reviews so this one will be shorterThe series is picking up for me now in this third book There is an old power rising and it is affecting the Angels in ways they didn't predict Elena must be there for Raphael to help him through some of his human feelings as the power rises and he has to decide whether to kill it or wait and see if the long sleeping Angel well be sane when it wakesI really liked the premise of this book and the unintended side affects Elena is really coming into her Angel abilities over time and I see her being a good match to Raphael He is changing a little and I think she helps his ability to empathize There relationship is growing and even though they have sex like rabbits some is now fade to black so of the story is dominant in this installmentStill this is the last book focused on them for awhile so I forward to seeing what some of the others deep dark secrets are

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Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux and her lover the lethally beautiful archangel Raphael have returned home to New York only to face an uncompromising new evil A vampire has attacked a girls’ school the assault one of sheer vicious madness and it is o Gosh how I enjoy reading this series Especially about Elena and Raphael They truly are one of my all time fav couples They simply support each other so well and their love is unbreakable Even when it at times seems that one might be in a bad and cold place the other doesn't give up and pulls till they see light again Their journey is amazing and this new adventure hits very close to Raphael's past and heart We also get to see of China's archangel who developed into something else than what we'd call a living creature Death is her friend and she will use it to get what she wants and in the end that is always going to be power There are some hints about how the story will continue in the six book and I already know that the action is going to be epic Besides her I loved Bluebell and the slight introduction to his mother so touching Also we get to see of Elena's past and family drama and what the Guild thinks of her new form of being I really loved the story and I cannot wait to get into the next story

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Archangel's Consort Nly the first act Rampant bloodlust takes vampire after vampire threatening to make the streets run with blood Then Raphael himself begins to show signs of an uncontrolled rage as inexplicable storms darken the city skyline and the earth itself shud This is a spoiler FREE review for book three Archangel's Consort but there are spoilers relating to the first two books in this seriesAlthough Elena is now an angel she is still very young in the immortal world With the help of her lover archangel Raphael and his Seven those that have vowed their loyalty to him Elena is getting stronger and wise in the immortal ways every day She is able to fly now although the vertical lift off and endurance still eludes her Now that she is stronger she has left the refuge and is back in New York City Since she is the first made angel anyone has ever seen she creates uite the spectacleAlthough she is now an angel she still has hunter blood in her and has gone back to occasionally helping The Guild track rogue vampires She would be working their full time but Raphael is scared to keep her out of his sights She is also still dealing with a father that disowned her many years ago and giving up her “normal” hunter life She has moved in with Raphael and although he accepts her and loves unconditionally everything is still new and rawTerrible storms and deadly weather events have been taking place all over the world Raphael knows this weather is no coincidence There is legend that talks of these extreme events when an ancient awakens – and that ancient that is coming to is his mother The archangel Caliane The rebirth of an archangel is on the horizon and it is disrupting everything and everyone The awakening process can take up to a year things slowly building until the unknown occurs When Caliane went under the Sleep she was insane Has her sanity been restored? Will this all power being cause mass destruction or take her place among the angels again?When a child is murdered by a vampire at the same school that Elena’s half sisters attend she knows the attack is aimed at her But soon they discover this is not the normal vampire that goes into bloodlust Someone else is pulling the strings As vampires rage and Caliane slowly awakens Elena and Raphael must turn to each other when family matters become overbearing and the love they share for each other deepens even I devoured Archangel’s Consort and it only makes me love this serious if that is even possible Where to start? First I loved the conflict in this one The idea of Raphael’s mother slowly waking possibly over a year is just an awesome concept As Raphael says “my mother is the monster that scares other monsters” As she wakes these tumultuous events occur all over the world wreaking havoc Vampires rage angels rage and of course there are twists thrown in that make it all that much fun in the endElena herself is still struggling Physically she is getting stronger every day mentally she is still playing games with Dmitri and the other angels trying to find her place I LOVE that Nalini Singh gives Elena such a hard road once she becomes an angel It is so interesting to read her about her immortality because it is such a struggle Her wings are heavy and ache she can’t lift off vertically which can be devastating during certain situations She must play these mind games with the other immortals always fearful they may take their hatred towards her one step too far She also faces with off with Raphael on than one occasion He is overprotective of his hunter and she doesn’t like to have babysitters In this one we get lots of good things with Dmitri Illium my favorite Blue Bell and the dark mysterious Jason I’m dying for those three books – their stories are so intriguing and I can not wait to learn about them We also learn from vampire Venom and the angel Aodhan Nalini Singh’s supporting characters are amazing in this series and add so much to these booksI saved the best for last – oh Raphael One of the most intense alphas I have ever read about There is no cracking jokes there is no goofing off He is alpha he is archangel and he means business In and out of bed Oh yes Although Raphael is ancient and extremely powerful he needs his little hunter He needs her on a level that is so intimate I think that is a good word to describe their relationship The romance scenes between Raphael and Elena are powerful raw intense dark – and so intimate Nalini Singh writes their passion on another levelThe way she writes the angels their flying landing taking off soaring in the skies – it really sets up for a beautiful book To offset their exuisite beauty the angels are so far from mortality that they are these creatures that are sometimes so abhorrent Mortals to many of them are just play things They can be so violent and cruel I love the contrastThis book comes out January 25th and if you have not picked up the first two books Angels’ Blood and Archangel’s Kiss I urge you to try this series All three books are about Raphael and Elena although in book two and three you also get Raphael's point of view They are much darker and intense than her PsyChangeling books This is a paranormal series not to be missed