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The Bride Wore Scarlet review Á 3 ☆ [PDF / Epub] ❤ The Bride Wore Scarlet ✅ Diana Hamilton – Scarlet brideThe first time Daniel Faber met Annie Kincaid he knew she was a danger to his bachelor status Mistaking him for someone else she'd thrown herself into his arms dressed provocatively in sc Scarlet brideThe fiSelf into his arms dressed provocatively in scarlet silkThe The Bride eBook #9734 next time they met Daniel was convinced that Annie was not only his broth. Adorable It made me feel all lovey inside It was definitely a great novel if not a bit emotional

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Er's secretary but also his mistress Whisking her off to Italy Daniel intended to persuade Annie to wear scarlet silk again but this time as a wedding dres. sweet and a very light holiday read I loved the heroine

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The Bride Wore ScarletScarlet brideThe first time Daniel Faber met Annie Kincaid he knew she was a danger to his bachelor status Mistaking him for someone else she'd thrown her. Re The Bride Wore Scarlet Diana Hamilton goes the HUGE GIGANTIC Big Misunderstanding route in this one and fair warning the continual Tarty Trollop Shaming in this is MASSIVEI suspect DH was meaning this book to be funny but if she did it fell remarkably flat This H was so full of double standards and so misogynistic that I was lighting candles to the HP Deity's for Toilet Seat Meteor to the Head Strikes for 182 pages of the 185 page book and that was only cause the first three pages did not have the H in themThe backstory on this is that the h is a sweet girl with a taste for vivid and figure hugging clothing She is a fashionista h and loves to show off her savoir faire of high fashion style Unfortunately the h lives in England and is not mixing with the high fashion type She works with and at the beginning of the book is engaged to the conservative business Captain of Industry but seekritly skanky dude typesThe prologue is the h going to a party with her ambitious and womanizing fiance She wears a daring scarlet dress that hints at than what it actually reveals but this is really of a test for her fiance It seems Mr Fiance that seekrit Lothario is looking to advance in his career and wants the h to conform to the staid boxy power suited career woman typeThe h and he have words prior to the party regarding the fiance's sudden demands that the h change her fashionista ways but the orphaned h has spent a lifetime being abused by her Aunt guardian for her failure to conform and her utter lack of manageability and how she can't seem to control her happy kind impulsesThe Aunt guardian is dead now after leaving her vast fortune to the local church But the h learned long ago not to bow to someone else's insistence that she tame her vivid and happy vibrantly dressed ways for a conventional outlook The h is also a unicorn groomer but continually runs into the sexist view that if she dresses flamboyantly she must be the epitome of a Trollopy TartThe h feels kinda bad for fighting with her fiance so when he abandons her at the party she goes to find him and kiss and make up She thinks it is her fiance outside on the balcony and she goes running out in true Gypsy Rose Lee style and flings herself into the man on the balcony's arms There is a big roofie kissing moment and by the weakening of her knees the h realizes that in the dark and the shadows she has just kissed the wrong man She runs off and later finds out that the man she kissed with such contrite enthusiasm was her fiance's boss The fight between the fiance and the h on the way home that night marks the end of the h's engagement she believes life is much to short to put up with a domineering probably cheating bully who only wants to make her into something she has no desire to beThe H is the guy the h kissed on the balcony and two things are relevant about him First he is the half brother of the h's new boss and five years earlier he and his half brother got engaged to the same girl via her gold digger tarty scheming manipulations DH gives us too much of the H's POV in this the gold digger tarty scheming manipulation denigrations are straight from the H's thoughts This led to some tension between the two men and now the H's mother wants her other son the h's boss to marry the girl next door but the h's boss has no intention of submitting to his mother's meddling marital arrangementsSince the H and the half brother boss's mum's birthday is coming up the h's boss asks the h to accompany him to the parental country home for a weekend visit The boss wants to give the impression that he and the h are a couple mainly because the woman his mother has picked out for him has b