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Marriage for possession or passion Luciano Peretti may still be the The Italian's PDF handsome and hot blooded man she fell for six years ago but now Skye wants nothing to do wi. I read this a second time and just cannot get over the H and his behavior I hated when they talked about all the women he had while apart but of course it was always her and nothing ever compared Barf And I truly hated his parents Even at the end They could not redeem themselves I just hated the whole book I didn't like the whole premise of the story actually It was just blah Would not read again If I had remembered I had already read it I wouldn't have put myself through the boredom and dislike of it again today Plus it was six years and she never moved on Oh but he did of course Lots and lots of it I wouldn't want her to have moved on either but I just wish once that a guy could keep it in his pants It is just annoying me again Just thinking about it pisses me off First of all why didn't he trust the h If he would have just investigated the picture or the supposed cheating scenario it would have fallen apart She was a virgin when he met her For crying out loud just trust her I need to go read another story and get this POS out of my brain Did I say how much I hated this book

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The Italian's Stolen BrideHandedly poverty stricken but proud But Luc is determined to take back the bride and the child who were stolen from him and there's one uick and effective way to do it marriage. What sets this one apart is that for the majority of the book it's the hero and heroine against the world or specifically against his family Normally in the world of HP the conflict is between the Hh This book had a bit of that in the beginning and a few minor confrontations during the course of the book but the majority was the couple united to protect their little family from the enmity of his family Nice change of pace

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Read ☆ The Italian's Stolen Bride Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ❰KINDLE❯ ❆ The Italian's Stolen Bride Author Emma Darcy – Marriage for possession or passion Luciano Peretti may still be the handsome and hot blooded man she fell for six Th him She can't forget Luc's rejection of her then or how she refused his wicked family when they tried to bribe her to end her pregnancy Since then she's raised her son single. I wish I'd been shot before I picked up this bookview spoilerThis book legit made me SAD and it took a while before I could write down why I figured I had to get it off my chest or else it would just sit there like a heavy lump So the author goes to great length to drive the point that the HEA is only arrived at because the in laws from hell finally reluctantly accept their daughter in law The reason for this grudging acceptance is that she has produced an outstanding grandchild who can already read at the age of 5 as well as showing above average athletic prowess The in laws were stunned because they figured that any child born out of a woman with such low breeding as they consider their daughter in law would have been of eually poor stock So their world view and I am afraid the author's world view is that children are only worthwhile if they are perfect If they have special needs physical or mental disabilities or a learning disorder they are not as worthwhile and it is evidence of poor genes and or poor parenting I was really shocked to see the kind of thinking expressed here that would not be out of place in Hitler's Germany or in the laboratory of some eugenics scientist The author is selling us an HEA whereby the formerly vilified heroine was able to win over her in laws by producing an heir worthy of them because he is above average intelligent and physically strong so they can be proud of him If she hadn't produced such a fine specimen it would have confirmed the in laws' view that not only their daughter in law is worthless but their own grandson is worthless And the heroine is pushing pushing pushing for a relationship between her son and these evil amoral grandparents It honestly made me sick hide spoiler