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DOWNLOAD ç Enon By Paul Harding ↠ [Download] ➹ Enon By Paul Harding – Für »Tinkers« wurde Paul Harding mit dem Pulitzerpreis ausgezeichnet Nun schreibt er die Geschichte der Familie Crosby die in dem Städtchen Enon in Maine lebt fort Er erzählt vom Enkel George Was Für »Tinkers« wurde Paul Harding mit dem PulitzSich um die Außenwelt nicht mehr kümmern zu sehr nimmt ihn sein Innenleben gefangen Gegenwart und Vergangenheit durchdringen sich Erinnerungen an den verstorbenen Großvater lange Spaziergänge und Vogelbeobachtungen in den Wäldern von Maine die Geschichte von Enon und auch von Salem das ganz in der Nähe liegt und seinen Hexen in früheren Zeiten – all das bestimmt seine Gedanken und sein Sein Vor allem aber sind da immer wieder Erlebnisse und Gespräche mit seiner über alles geliebten Tochter Entwürfe verschiedener Leben die er mit ihr hätte erleben wollen Denn er kann und will ihren Tod nicht akzeptier. This is a tough book to recommend though it could very well be the best book of the year I think this is a better book than Tinkers and that Paul Harding deserves to win the Pulitzer Prize again for EnonThis book will gut you take you into some very dark and terrifying places At its core this it a book about grief unraveling a man to the point of near madness At the same time this book will dazzle you with exuisite pure imagery and language and it will crack open your heart to acknowledge the frailty of the human condition Steeped in nature and the lore of a New England village Enon is about being born into a place dying in a place the unstoppable flow of history and the blessings that enter our lives and fly away from us with no notice


N Ich bin die Ausnahme Mein einziges Kind Kate wurde mit dreizehn von einem Auto angefahren und getötet als sie mit dem Fahrrad vom Strand nach Hause fuhr« Damit beginnt die Geschichte von Charlie Crosby aus Enon von seinem Weg durch die Hölle und vielleicht wieder zurück Denn seine Trauer ist so maßlos so allumfassend und unversöhnlich dass sie sein Leben immer mehr zerstört Seine Frau verlässt ihn bald nach dem Tod der Tochter und Charlie der sich in einem seiner Wutanfälle die Hand gebrochen hat ernährt sich seitdem mehr oder weniger von Schmerztabletten und Alkohol und verwahrlost zusehends Er kann. I didn't do it on purpose but having read Julian Barnes' Levels of Life right before this it was as if I had a primer on grief as background for this novel Enon also reinforced the idea I had from the Julian Barnes book about the use of metaphors as perhaps the only way to describe feelings and emotionsHarding's descriptions of what his first person narrator sees go beyond the norm His character sees into the very core of things and there are uite a few objects that are symbolic of this When he sees into the past of his town I was reminded of Erpenbeck's VisitationAs expected of the writer of Tinkers the writing is extraordinary Though the prose is straightforward here than with his first novel there are still long lovely lyrical sentences especially past page 80 or so His imagined scenarios are breathtaking Some of the surreal passages reminded me believe it or not of Neil Gaiman; and I imagined Mr Gaiman's reading this novel thinking ah yes and understanding completelyFinishing this book has made me want to reread Tinkers

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Enon By Paul HardiFür »Tinkers« wurde Paul Harding mit dem Pulitzerpreis ausgezeichnet Nun schreibt er die Geschichte der Familie Crosby die in dem Städtchen Enon in Maine lebt fort Er erzählt vom Enkel George Washington Crosbys davon wie Charlie Crosby seine Familie verliert und fast auch seine Existenz Grandiose Sprachbilder intensive Naturbeobachtungen visionäre Träume und immer wieder Erinnerungen schmerzhaft und süß bestimmen diesen herzzerreißenden Roman über Zeit und Sterblichkeit und den Verlust eines geliebten Menschen»Die meisten Männer aus meiner Familie machen ihre Frauen zu Witwen und ihre Kinder zu Waise. It is an ominous sign when your trusted steady flow of empathy tapers off into a reluctant drip while you were making your way around the misfortunes encountered by a fictional parent rendered newly childless Are you being too coldly practical perhaps mentally asking this grief addled father to pick up the pieces of his heart and kickstart his life like a pre programmed cyborg Is your work tired brain refusing to let you feel an intense pity for this man who resorts to tripping himself up on drugs to have a daily hallucinogenic rendezvous with his dead daughterI dearly wish I could nip such nagging doubts in the bud by answering all these uestions with a 'no' But I can't My feelings for this book are as vague as the state of the protagonist's chaotic inner world post his daughter's demiseThe themes of trauma and tragedy permeate literature of any merit right down to its bones ever so often that it's hard to come by a new treatment of the same old soul crushing sadness While some authors add an outer gloss of dignity and self restraint to their psychologically broken characters others deftly interweave unforeseen outwardly manifestations of repressed grief with the ennui of carrying on with the daily routine And this is where Paul Harding does things differently He kills Charlie Crosby's carefully organized world in an instant shoving him right down the gaping hole of nothing Charlie has no story to tell any no purpose left in life except giving us prolonged glimpses of the tendrils of darkness that coil around his waking moments threatening to choke him to death He only pulls us along for this turbulent ride as he traverses the distance between the edge of utter madness and a saner place between losing himself in the futility of preserving any and every remnant of his daughter's short lived earthly presence and finding his footing in the treacherous bog of loss And this is fine really But what is his justification for pushing away his co mourner his wife There's only a thin line of difference between grieving for a loved one and internalizing that grief to the point where you begin using it as an anchor keeping you tethered to the reality that was stolen from you to the extent the sadness which was gnawing away at your insides bit by bit became so fattened on your weaknesses that it pushed out every other thing from your head to make space for itself And Charlie treads on this thin line barely holding on to his balance often crossing over into the territory of no man's land I could not stop myself from stepping over the same dark threshold night after night trying to follow her into the country of the dead in order to fetch her back even though she visited me in dreams and never left my waking thoughts I do not claim a kinship with most kinds of life threatening sadnesses especially a grief so fatal as the one entailing the loss of a child not yet anyway But I have lost a parent at 14 So I hope Paul Harding forgives me for judging Charlie Crosby the way I didMaybe I have never felt important enough to accord my grief a higher place over all the other terrifying griefs many of them unknown to me which befall fellow humans and compete for priority every second in this mystifying drama of life Maybe it's a personal foible to revere the ones who carry the ineffaceable marks of psychological damage yet muster the courage to wake up every morning and put in their share of effort to keep the world's engines running Maybe it's a puerile thing to care for tortured emotionally scarred righteous heroes like Rust Cohle who find an all encompassing nihilism to be the answer to the inherent unfairness of life yet battle with that nihilism every moment with hope Whatever the actual reasons maybe I could not sympathize enough with this hapless father's 'magical realist' tendencies to keep his daughter frozen in the amber of his dope induced daydreams Even Harding's thoughtfully wrought ornate sentences chronicling Charlie's memories of the small rural town of Enon which witnessed the birth and death of his daughter couldn't help me establish that intense emotional connection I was expecting to form with this story without a story In some of the narrative's most lucid yet hazy moments during the course of Charlie's scarily accurate depiction of despair in its rawest form the terror of waking up from a nightmare where your loved one was constantly slipping away from your grasp I came close to developing a sense of solidarity with his pain But then these moments of sporadic brilliance were interspersed with numerous other iterations of similarly themed moments which gave rise to nothing other than indifference in meOn occasions like these I wish I could align my reviewing methods with Jan Maat Fionnuala and Steve's who never rate books but simply move on after recording their experiences with it Because how do you rate a grief stricken father's lamentThis is why I am trying to believe that the noticeable absence of 2 stars will only underscore my apathy for infinite extrapolations of the aftermath of tragedy paraphrased again and again until the reader becomes too jaded to care and not my disregard for mourning as the key resonant theme Because the latter assumption couldn't be further from the truth