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Read & Download Imagine Love ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ç ✰ Imagine Love Epub ✶ Author Katherine Stone – Imagine moonlight and roses And London and Paris And the intoxicating magic of a Louisiana bayou Then journey with master storyteller Katherine Stone on this breathtaking voyaDay of the year to inflict his lethal terrorBut neither Sarah's past nor the killer stalking her are as terrifying as Jack Dalton the FBI consultant determined to save Sarah's life Jack needs Sarah's help in his exhaustive careful search for clues But remarkably and infuriatingly Sarah resists Sarah will not tell Jack the intimate information he needs to know She cannot And yet it is as if he already knows her anguished secrets cares for her than he should and wants from Lady Sarah Pembroke than she can ever giveImagine Love is an enthralling read a beautifully crafted tapestry of suspense and love of surprises you won't imagine and of men and women you will never forget From the Hardcover editio. Picked this up at a book saleit's about 20 years old Very sweet romantic suspense involving 3 separate couples that have intertwining lives I would have enjoyed heat but this is a closed door romance Loved the bayou setting and the history between Claire and Cole

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S found a private peace such a fragile one that Cole's very presence shatters her precarious serenity And now Cole is asking her to do the impossible to come away with him to London Claire knows he will break her heart again But she will be with him she has to be for as long as she can bear the painClaire's is not the only endangered heart in London A murderer has sent Lady Sarah Pembroke an engraved Valentine invitation to her own death And is Claire's girlhood friend afraid of the knife wielding monster Hardly The Global News's star correspondent the woman who feels oddly sane amid the madness of war has her own private demons memories far fearsome than a murderer who chooses the most romantic. To tell the truth I bought this book because a retired friend told me he and Stone went to medical school together and the he told me the curious I became about reading some of her books I started with this one because the e version was cheap It is also one of her earlier books so it's probably safe to assume that her writing has improved since thenNot that it needed much improving She has a real talent for spinning intricate interwoven tales She also created memorable characters and stuck them in the middle of a murder mystery with a few hearty side dishes of romance Yep this one has a little bit of everything It's also fast reading and designed for sheer entertainment Some grammatical errors here and there but not enough to become objectionableMy only issue was the way in which the setting and POV hopped around within the chapters but that may have been partly due to the formatting A clear break between the changes would have made the transitions much obvious and palatable In some cases a chapter would abruptly introduce brand new characters in brand new situations and at first I wondered if it was a runaway chapter from some other book But in due time all the pieces fell into place and the interconnections became clear in a most satisfactory wayWill I read any of this author's books Absolutely Since this was one of her earliest books I can hardly wait to see how much her writing prowess advanced I'd rate this one three very strong stars

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Imagine LoveImagine moonlight and roses And London and Paris And the intoxicating magic of a Louisiana bayou Then journey with master storyteller Katherine Stone on this breathtaking voyage of danger courage and loveThey met beside the brilliant blue bayou She was an innocent girl and he was a reckless and angry boy Claire Chamberlain believed in dreams and Cole Taylor believed in nothing at all Cole had no reason to believe until her They pledged their love beneath the silver winter moon But the hopes of Cole and Claire were destined to be drowned in bloodNow twelve years later Cole has returned to Harlanville He has found fame as a singer of love songs And Claire Her life has changed irrevocably yet she ha. I really enjoyed this book Don't judge me Romance novels are not normally my thing but I loved the characters the suspense the use of multiple narrators and the way everything is interwoven I don't care what anyone says I love it