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Download Down London Road Reader À 373 pages ê [Read] ➵ Down London Road Author Samantha Young – Johanna Walker is used to taking charge But she’s about to meet someone who will make her lose control It has always been up to Johanna to care for her family particularly her younger brother Cole W Johanna WaJohanna Walker is used to taking charge But she’s about to meet someone who will make her lose control It has always been up to Johanna to care for her family particularly her younger brother Cole With an absent father and a useless mother she’s been making decisions based on what’s best for Cole for as long as she can remem 2 starsDNF at 60 % I think my pic is entertaining than the bookReview posted May 10 2013 As a side noteMy review of Down London Road is negative Recently I have been accused of bullying for posting another negative review Again reading and reviewing is a very subjective matter A review reflects my opinion It reflects my feelings and it will always reflect why I enjoyed a book or why I didn't like it Besides I'm living in a democratic country and if I remember correctly then we're living and breathing our statutory right called FREEDOM OF SPEECH With that said I would appreciate it immensely when those authors and readers who don't appreciate my take on a book would stop wasting their time by reading my reviews and posting vicious comments Thank youJust to make this very clear it was NOT Samantha Young who accused me of bullying however I wanted to add this side note to my review to point out that I have a right to express my honest opinion Jo's mother is unbelievable Enough said Maybe I could add that I'm going to dedicate a special shelf towhat's her name? Can't even remember her name any You can't blame me though because she is so forgettable My review contains spoilersI bought Down London Road on a whim and I must admit it was a mistake The first 10 % of the plot were incredibly BORING It picked up a bit but I never really got invested in the story When I read You were a lot louacious last time we spokeCam raised an eyebrow Louacious? Does someone have a Word of the Day calendar?A heads up Cam's deep voice washed over me So you're not too disappointed that Disney lied no matter how much you wish it I'll still be here when you open your eyesI forgot to say condescending I muttered unhappily Despicable judgmental self righteous obnoxious condescending fuckwit I really thought we were on the right path Was I ever wrong thoughLet's talk about inconsistencies Our heroine is twenty four years old however I wanted to yell at her to grow up already She is responsible for her wee brother's well being she looks after him and does a fairly good job as far as I can judge but at the same time she comes across as insecure whiny needy and totally immature She is even bad mouthing herself Can you believe it? It's just part of being in a relationship with a guy who has money I'm not good at many things Joss I'm not a scholar like Ellie or a writer like you I'm a girlfriend I'm a good girlfriend and my boyfriend likes to show his appreciation by being generous with his moneyOne There's much to you than that Two Do you realize you pretty much described yourself as a glorified whore? Why she felt a sting of tears in her eyes is beyond me when she belittled herself all the time Grow a pair alreadyRiiiight So our heroine who has a major history of hooking up with rich men is not good at many things but she is a good girlfriend Not a bit of it The money issue bugged me Granted Malcolm didn't pay her bills but there's no getting round to state the fact that the money was on her mind I felt it was some kind of golden parachute; the dough just kept lurking in a corner of her mind Well I guess you need to keep 'em warm right? rolls eyesI don't know why anyone would call his lover boyfriend if you are not in love with him Let's be honest I call that an occasional fck buddy Come to think of it she doesn't even spend the night with her boyfriend because after the deed is done she is leaving his flat to go home to her brother and mom They tell each other I care about you UmI care about my nice furniture as well And I swear I really did care about my hamster when I was a kid Sorry for being a tiny bit sarcastic but there is a difference between caring for someone and loving someone It was very obvious that she didn't love him and she didn't want him any She was however way too chickenshit to address the issueI must admit the mental cheating was crap tastic Congrats Jo you outdid yourself Seriously? The sex must have been very boring or the man when you need to think about another guy to get off Can't remember that I've had another dude on my mind while in the throes of passion Besides she hasn't dumped her so called boyfriend and yet she has no shame whatsoever to spend time and have fun with Cam Plus she was shamelessly lying to herself and to her friends all The Time Does she not have any self respect? PATHETIC Of course that goes the other way round too Right Cam? My own hand smoothed over my stomach slipping under my pajamas and knickers so I could bring myself to climax fantasizing about Cam screwing me against Su's deskI muffled my moan as I came and once the tremors stopped I curled into my side guilt cascading over me once againI was a terrible girlfriend I couldn't agree I did the unthinkable I closed my eyes and imagined CamI came each timeMalcolm took this to mean he and I were back on track and whatever had been bothering me before was dealt withI was an awful awful personYup My world was full of color Red for want Yellow for shame Green for jealousy I have to admit there are times when I truly feel ashamed to be a part of the female species when I have to make the acuaintance of women the likes of Jo Imagine Jo is jealous of Becca She'd rather mind her own bloody business shakes head disbelievingly I coughed up the lie uite easily these days Of course I'm with Malcolm Why?Because it definitely sounds like Cam's too busy shagging some noisy bird to want to have coffee with usMy whole body froze as I stared at my brother my heart pounding a horribly uneasy feeling in my stomach as jealousy seized hold of me Friendly advice Jo if it's not to your liking any then call it uits But Please Act On It Don't wait until the situation is escalating Stilted drama anyone? Honestly and then when they did split up at 45 % poor Malcolm who I really liked up until that incident told her he would be waiting for her when the other guy would dump her He seriously told her he would take her back WTF? Does he want to be her doormat? serious headdesk moment It's safe to say that my appreciation for Malcolm went down the drain at that very moment He must have been incredibly desperate to articulate such nonsense Uh huhdump him and jump the other guy's bones withinhmmmhow many minutes? Is this woman for real? She deserves a fing gold medal And Jo should spare me her guilt trips insert major eye roll moment Shortly after Jo and Malcolm happily exchanged texts in secret Cam cocked his head to the side Female logic It needs its own decipher code I sure as hell need a decipher code to understand JoThe long legs and the hardening tightening and pebbling nipples were all over the place And let's not forget that bloody fake giggle Repetitiveness much?What I liked Be Caledonia That was lovelyOverall the book was a huge disappointment It provided too much stilted and forced drama an extremely unlikable heroine an even extremely unlikable mother yes I need to borrow Lenore's gun and the sex didn't do anything for me At All Additionally I didn't feel their chemistry the plot was mostly boring and the writing rather uninspiring In conclusion I'm going to return the book to for a refund because I didn't get my money's worth I'm not willing any to pay Euro 852 for a bad ebookThis might as well be another case of It's not the book it's me Though it's safe to say it wasn't my cuppa Just read it and I hope you'll end up enjoying it Good luck

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Ber She even determines what men to date by how much they can provide for her brother and her not on whatever sparks may or may not fly But with Cameron MacCabe the attraction is undeniable The sexy new bartender at work gives her butterflies every time she looks at him And for once Jo is tempted to put her needs first Cam is just 10th November 2012 THERE IS MORETHERE IS MORETHERE IS MORETHERE IS MORETHERE IS MORETHERE IS MORETHERE IS MOREMORE BRADEN MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE Trying to push Brittany back into her holeWhen I saw On Dublin Street #2 9th January 2013Soooooo I was just minding mah business just chillaxin Doing nothing really important Then I receive a notification that someone liked me review of Down London Road and I am all WTF??? I aint read or wanting to read a Down London Road clearly not knowing a title had been given So I have a look and I see not only does the 2nd installment have a title but also a BLURB Now I was absolutely heartbroken that it was not a continuation of our Bray Bray But I don't doubt Samantha Young at all and I know she will captivate us as she did with On Dublin Street I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THE CHARACTERS MEETING FOR THE FIRST TIME The Taxi scene was one of my all time best scenes for 2012 So I know this gotta be goodMiss Young totally awesome And THEN I see release date for May 7th IT'S MAH BIRTHDAY I think this will be the best birthday gift EVER 8th February 2013WE HAVE A NEW COVER

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Down London RoadAs obsessed with getting to know Jo but her walls are too solid to let him get close enough to even try Then Cam moves into the flat below Jo’s and their blistering connection becomes impossible to ignore Especially since Cam is determined to uncover all of Jo’s secrets even if it means taking apart her defenses piece by piec spoiler free apart from a few direct uotes When you meet Johanna Walker what will you see? We first met Jo briefly On Dublin Street what I saw was a gorgeous confident young woman but a gold digging money grabber who worked at Club 39 with Joss and when she wasn't pulling pints she was basically trying to pull any rich bloke who could kit her out in all the latest fashionsWell thats what I sawWhat does Cameron MacCabe see? Camthe sexy hot cocky tattooed guy he's seen Jo's type before the type that latches on to wealthy men the type that use their bodies to get anything they wanted the type with the annoying fake laugh and the fluttering eyelashesWell that's what Cam sawBut it's funny how in life you meet some people who build a mirage around them and if you really stop to look at them if you really stop to peel back the layers you'll find that what you thought you saw was really just an armour and underneath that armour is something else entirely So this story is about Cam peeling back Jo's layers peeling back through her insecurities which are a result of the abuse she faced as a child through her need to protect her 14 year old brother from their abusive alcoholic mother through her fear of not being able to provide for her family fear of being hurt of being left behind fear of being her true selfYou know the world will always try to make you into who it wants you to be People time events they'll all try to carve away at you and make you think you don't know who you are But it doesn't mater who they try to make you or what name they try to give you If you stay true you can chip off all their machinations and you're still you underneath it all This is one of those books that you pick up you read the blurb you think you know what you're getting but when you start to read you uickly see that you were wrong So you keep reading and reading and all these emotions and memories hit you at once suddenly real life fades into the back ground and it might be three in the morning but all you have to do is get to the end of this amazing story and as uickly as possible Yes this is one of those stories This is Jo's story a girl who's seen so much pain a girl who will do what she has to do to protect the one she loves even if that means people never seeing the real Jo In Jo's story Samantha Young managed to make me experience nearly every possible emotion Personally for me it was one of those books that brought such raw emotions to the fore front of my mind I lived Jo's pain when she was helpless when she was anxious when she felt worthless when she was lost But I was also there when she felt hope when she felt strength when she felt safe and when she felt lovedNo one had ever told me I was smart or talented or brave or that I deserved than what I'd asked for After reading 'On Dublin Street' I was expecting to like this book what I wasn't expecting was how much I was going to absolutely freaking love it Right from the first chapter I loved learning everything there was to learn about Jo the shadows that mark her past her loyalty to her family her determination to protect what is hers I loved being immersed into her heartbreaking story and watching as Cam tried to get under her skinAs well as getting to know Jo I also loved reading about the characters I fell in love with in On Dublin Street Joss Braden Ellie and Adam Yes the team are all back as well as some new characters who uickly endeared themselves to me Although there were a few who I wanted to throttle The writing was beautiful Samantha Young is an amazing storyteller who is able to breath life into her characters and really make you feel like you are their with them rooting for their happily ever after I was glued to the pages from the very first chapter and OMG the sex scenes were amazingly erotic in fact i'll be honest I was not expecting anywhere near the amount of steam this book delivers Definitely needed a cold shower at a few points in this book It's a beautiful powerful and at times heart breaking love story about seeing behind a persons armour its about not judging a book by its cover letting people in taking chances and learning to trust 5 amazing and well deserved stars a book I would highly recommend Thanks to Netgalley and Penguin books UK for providing me with this amazing Arc in exchange for an honest review