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Deadly Sight Code X #3Ayson's training to stay focused as he and Deadly Sight ePUB #187 Sam uncover a dangerous high tech conspiracy Because he can't risk the conseuences to national securityor the woman who's jump started his will to liv. it was a great book

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St assignment yetSam a distractingly sexy operative with supersensitive vision will need Gray's nearness than she's willing to admit But will their combustible chemistry compromise their missionIt will take all of Gr. I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewDeadly Sight is the third book in a series but it reads as a standalone so I didn't feel I was missing anything important for not having read the previous books Grayson is a man with nothing left to live for so he takes it one day at a time giving everything he has to the job And now his job is to figure out what's happening inside the NRZ National Radio uiet Zone – a real place where technology is banned and people live a life very close to the 50s where his friend Jeff the owner of Winston Enterprises has an infiltrated man who has failed to check in as agreed Enter Gray and Sam an employee of Jeff and a subject of his project HIVE Human Improvement Via Engineering Sam has been genetically enhanced and now has super sight a talent that proves very helpful for surveillance in a place where electronics are unusable They are to find out what happened to the inside man and try to find out what's going on inside the cult of apparently innocent hippies but who Jeff suspects may be up to no goodI really liked Sam cause despite her tragic background she still keeps a positive attitude about life She was like a mixture of tough chick and ray of sunshine I kept picturing her as a red haired Abby Sciuto from the TV show Criminal MindsGray has one of the most tragic backgrounds I have ever read and I could appreciate the effort he made daily to just keep living And I liked that the author didn't choose to “erase” his past with his happy ending I felt the chemistry between Gray and Sam and I liked how they didn't lose track of the bigger picture I thought the romance and the suspense were well balanced and I'd like to read the other books from this series

Summary Deadly Sight Code X #3

Deadly Sight Code X #3 Summary Ò 108 ´ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☆ Deadly Sight Code X #3 Author Cindy Dees – I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with youSince Grayson Pierce's family was murdered loyalty to Code X—and a death wish—is all that keeps him going But now the hardened agent is facing his ri I have I have no idea what I'm supposed to Code X PDF #204 do with youSince Grayson Pierce's family was murdered loyalty to Code X and a death wish is all that keeps him going But now the hardened agent is facing his riskie. Grayson Pierce is a man living on bargains and borrowed time Ever since his wife and children were brutally slaughtered and he arrived home to find their bodies he’s been balanced on a knife edge When his old college friend calls and asks a favour of him Grayson can hardly say no After all the man has gone above and beyond in Grayson’s time of need doing everything he can to keep him alive and sane It seems like a small favour Grayson is to help employee Sam Jessup investigate a strange cultSam is deeply loyal to her boss and even though she’s going in to this operation without all the facts she’s determined to give it her best She knew she’d be working with Grayson Pierce but she goes in not knowing anything about his tragic past She sees a haunted guilt in this man’s eyes and knows that under his intelligent capable obviously secretive government employee persona he’s a man that has experienced something utterly horrific As they need to pose as a couple in order to infiltrate a conservative technology free community she does a little digging into Grayson’s past and is utterly sickened by what she findsGrayson also knows that there’s to this than meets the eye and he’s curious about the appearance of Sam until he learns that Sam has taken part in a deeply secretive genetic engineering experiment Her eyes have been altered to give her the type of vision that has to be seen to be believed She can see sharply and clearly for up to a mile including in the dark That comes in handy for snooping around a heavily patrolled compound where they can’t get close The downfall is her eyes are incredibly sensitive and normal daylight is incredibly painful for her unless she takes strict precautions Her eyes are also bright gold and in public she must tone them down with specially created contactsGrayson and Sam really get into their cover story – the attraction is there between them but Grayson is also dealing with his guilt over feeling something for a woman other than his wife He throws himself into finding out what is going on in this small town behind the locked gates of the compound Grayson is taking life one agonising day at a time bargaining with himself that if he doesn’t feel better in 30 days then he has permission to end his own life His work gives him a purpose but Sam just might give him something to live forDeadly Sight is from Harleuin’s romantic suspense line and I’ve been loving the romantic suspense novels that I’ve been reading recently – it’s become one of my favourite genres or sub genres I’m hopeless at categorising correctly I reuested this one from NetGalley as a holiday read and although I found it uite easy to read and zip through in a single sitting I didn’t really love itGrayson is a male lead that is damaged almost beyond repair He’s suffered through something so incredibly horrible it’s almost unimaginable and he’s still standing and still functioning although sometimes it seems that he doesn’t know how nor does he want to be His guilt is all consuming and he suffers from terrible nightmares reliving the moment he discovered the mutilated bodies of his wife and children over and over again He’s expecting a man named Sam to work with and the Sam he gets is definitely not what he was expecting The fact that an attraction is stirring in him for her only makes him somewhat difficult with her because it adds to his guilt There are times where it seems that Grayson forgets himself and actually relaxes around Sam or is playful with her or allows himself to enjoy a kiss or a moment with her in the name of their cover But he’s also incredibly overprotective unable to bear the thought that he may let someone else in his life down just as he let down his wife and children by not being there when danger cameSam is intrigued by Grayson and she snoops around in his past to find out what bothers him even though the idea of Grayson knowing her past is abhorrent to her which was something that I found a little difficult to understand Grayson’s past is far painful than Sam’s I’m aware that she didn’t know what she was going to find when she went looking but she knew he worked for a 3 letter organisation and she knew that he was harbouring a deep pain and guilt so she knew that whatever she did find was going to be bad but yet she doesn’t want him to really know anything about it even though she holds an unfair advantage over himApparently this is the second novel in the Code X series which I didn’t know when I read it I did get the feeling as I was reading that I was missing a few things and I checked Goodreads but it wasn’t listed as being part of a series and the author had a backlist I had to wade through in order to find the first one I’d say I might’ve enjoyed this one a little if I’d realised what I was reading was part of a series and if I’d read the first novel in it which probably explained about the secret genetic engineering that’s going on That was a huge chunk of the story that I didn’t really “get” The other thing I had trouble buying was Grayson’s about face at the end which felt really abrupt I understand that he began to see that he didn’t need to end his life and that things might slowly get better for him but he just seemed to go from desperate to in love with Sam and everything was fine now