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REVIEW Î Lion in the White House A Life of Theodore Roosevelt ½ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Lion in the White House A Life of Theodore Roosevelt By Aida D. Donald – New York State Assemblyman Assistant Secretary of the Navy New York City Police Commissioner Governor of New York Vice President and at forty World affairs putting a temporary end to American isolationism And he won the Nobel Peace Prize the only sitting president ever so honored Throughout his public career TR fought valiantly to steer the GOP back to its noblest ideals as embodied by Abraham Lincoln Alas his hopes for his party were uashed by the GOP’s strong rightward turn in the years after he in the White House A Epubleft office But his vision for America lives on In lapidary prose this concise biography recounts the courageous life of one of the greatest leaders our nation has ever know. Great book an even greater life

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New York the White PDFEPUB #235 State Assemblyman Assistant Secretary of the Navy New York City Police Commissioner Governor of New York Vice President and at forty two the youngest President ever in his own words Theodore Roosevelt “rose like a rocket” He was also a cowboy a soldier a historian an intrepid explorer and an unsurpassed environmentalist all in all perhaps the most accomplished Chief Executive in our nation’s history In Lion in the White House A Life Lion in PDF or of Theodore Roosevelt historian Aida Donald masterfully chronicles the. Theodore Roosevelt was an original American Badass He was an accomplished naturalist historian and author but he was also a cowboy explorer and soldier He won both the Medal of Honor for military valor AND the Nobel Peace Prize for almost single handedly ending a war a completely absurd and almost certainly never to be repeated again combination At one point he was shot in the chest by a would be assassin right before giving a speech but he just went ahead and gave the speech anyway and didn't bother checking into the hospital until afterward I have also heard a rumor that one time he traveled forward through time and kicked Chuck Norris's ass just for fun but this has not been substantiatedOh yeah he was a decent president too Roosevelt devoted his time in office to castrating major corporations improving the conditions and rights of laborers increasing income and inheritance taxes on the rich putting huge chunks of wilderness under federal oversightprotection phasing out nepotism in government in favor of meritocracy and various other progressive endeavors like that because he considered these to be fundamental and guiding values of the Republican Party Perform double take here Despite his aristocratic background he was far and away the closest thing this country has ever had to a socialist president especially when one considers the era in which he lived and yet he's on Mount Rush ZoundsSo yeah Theodore Roosevelt was a pretty awesome dude However this is a not very awesome book about him The author presents Roosevelt's life and accomplishments in extreme fast forward with no logical transitions between many of the events and themes doubling back unexpectedly on some freuently she does not seem to realize that she covered the same topic earlier and leaving gaping holes in others And rather than discussing her subject in the balanced fashion that is appropriate to a biography of such an influential historical figure the author enthuses about Roosevelt in uncomfortably purple prose strewing embarrassing adjectives such as glorious heroic unmatched and worse with reckless abandon while devoting only the occasional afterthought ie no actual discussion to the less laudable aspects of his persona for example his my way or the highway attitude toward political compromise his abusiveness toward his enemies and his bloodlust toward megafauna that contributed just as much to the sum total of the man The book's bias is evident not only in the author's prose; lengthy passages of many chapters consist primarily of letters from Roosevelt to his friends or vice versa that discuss his accomplishments not exactly objective reportage especially considering Roosevelt's arrogance and incapacityunwillingness for introspection The one sidedness of the evidence presented is of particular concern given that the author rarely makes arguments of her own or performs any analysis; she merely parrots what Roosevelt or his friends themselves said When she does bother to put forth an argument or attempt to put a particular accomplishment into context this often consists of no than a single sentence All things considered the author's historical method and prose style are comparable to those of an intelligent but intellectual lazy and overexcitable college junior indeed this read a lot like a number of term papers I wrote for my college history classes; it just happens to have been expanded to book length and has much better cover art I'll admit The point being a litany of accomplishments puffed up with uotes from the subject himself or his friends presented within a framework of ain't it cool authorial prose but no actual analysis does not constitute actual historicalbiographical substance and thus this book is really only appropriate as a very crude introduction to Roosevelt I'm tempted to give it two stars because books like this do serve a valuable role in presenting important historical figures' lives in a shorter easily digested and thus approachable format than your David McCulloughs Doris Kearns Goodwins etc and most of what I know about Roosevelt beyond the historical caricature of him I will admit that I did learn from this book However the second star would only for the book's function which is a uality not of the book but rather of its genre And the book considered on its own merits is really poor


Lion in the White House A Life of Theodore RooseveltLife of this first modern president TR’s accomplishments in the White House A Epubin office were immense As President Roosevelt redesigned the office of Chief Executive and the workings of the Republican Party to meet the challenges of the new industrial economy Believing that the emerging aristocracy of wealth represented a genuine threat to democracy TR broke trusts to curb the rapacity of big business He improved economic and social conditions for in the White Epub #224 the average American Roosevelt built the Panama Canal and engaged the country in. I love Teddy but thiswas a little blah