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Ns from Col Fitzwilliam that Darcy has purposely separated Bingley and Jane only rather than. This starts out like any other JAFF You have ODC at Kent and Darcy is trying to propose but when Colonel Fitzwilliam tells Elizabeth about Darcy’s interference in Bingley’s love life Elizabeth tells him it was her sister Then everything changes Needless to say Elizabeth is honked at Darcy and he and Fitzwilliam leave for London without his proposal In London we have a dark and brooding Darcy and Bingley after he tells him about his interference Neither knows what to do and we struggle with them as they rail against each other and life in general Caroline is in rare form as Bingley rants at her and she ignores him He attempts to kick her out of his house and his lifeto no avail We then have Darcy and Bingley heading back to Netherfield in order to patch things up with Elizabeth and Jane When they arrive they encounter other men attempting to court their women This was a comedy of errors as everyone tries to outdo and skirt around each other Most of what I have written is general JAFF variation There were a few deviations from our usual story line and that made it interesting and exciting to read There was lots of drama between our couples and at times all seemed to be lost It was a real nail biterThen all of a sudden the tone of the book changed and it became very dark Several things happened that I’ve not seen in any JAFF that I’ve read There is a betrayal of friendship that was so shocking and devastating to a PP character It was such a surprise What a creative bent to a character that is usually portrayed as a beloved friend We were also made privy to an R rated reveal that was so very shocking I’ve never seen this used before I was stunned and read in horror of what went on behind closed doors I cringed in dread of what might next appear on the page I couldn’t put it down It was like watching a train wreckLady CatherineI’ve never seen her portrayed this way She was one sharp intuitive lady Her thought process on Darcy and his search for a brideor lack thereof was the most shocking creative take I’ve ever read She was perfectly resigned to her way of thinking and until she was proven wrong was willing to use Anne to solve the problem To her that was perfectly acceptable WOW I am still reeling from the gut punch the author delivered in that uarter Lady Catherine proved over and over that she was no shrinking violet She knew what needed to be done to solve the MAJOR scandal that hit HertfordshireMerytonLongbourn and nothing was going to stop her She was a powerhouse and she got things done I did not know how they were going to stop the scandal Toward the end the book lightened up a bit and ended the way we want a PP to end with our couples and their HEA The epilogue was creative and such a twist on our characters I can’t say anything because it will spoil the reveal This was a WIP work in progress and hopefully the errors will be addressed before publication

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Officious InterferenceGet sad she gets mad and goes to dine at Rosings anyway A Happy Assembly reuires registration. This is another great story by this author I've read a ton of variations and after awhile the plots all start looking the same Not so with this writer Stories I've read so far have all been very fresh with new perspectives So I am enjoying them I will say however that they are fairly high on the angst so I may need to take a break and read something a little lighthearted before coming back to her work

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Read & Download Officious Interference ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ [Reading] ➿ Officious Interference By Alex9903 – Per Author via AHAThis story starts with the walk in the park at Rosings where Elizabeth learns from Col Fitzwilliam that Darcy has purposely separated Bingley and Jane Per Author via AHAThis story starts with the walk in the park at Rosings where Elizabeth lear. This is a PP what if with a really seemingly simple change that causes splendid resultsBeginning at Rosings we get Darcy's perspective of his intention toward Elizabeth Bennet She is a young lady who isn't formed for ill humor; however when she is dining at Rosings; following her learning of Mr Darcy's actions to separate her dearest sister from Bingley she is uneuivocally cool in her refusal to Walk in the garden with Mr Darcy Upon his departure from Rosings Darcy is shocked to learn of her bad opinion of him from Colonel Fitzwilliam He had planned to propose at her Uncle's house but is frozen by shock and indecisionEventually he musters the courage to confess his interference to Bingley as the gentlemen plan their return to NetherfieldBut in Meryton the Bennet sisters have not been repining Lizzy has befriended Miss Mary King that nasty freckled thing and through her Lizzy and Jane have met two fine gentlemen Now Jane is still saddened by the loss of Mr Bingley and isn't as pleased with the gentlemen as Lizzy Nor is she pleased with Lizzy's endless hectoring over her need to get over Mr Bingley Lizzy is walking and talking with Lord Falmouth owner of an estate in Cornwall while convincing herself that she is merely allowing Jane to be courted by his friend Mr ScrippsWhen Bingley and Darcy return to Netherfield Darcy is transformed He is openly wooing and charming Miss Elizabeth Soon he is ready to beg her to be his wife; but he promised Georgiana that he would introduce her to in intended before he proposes And before he can it appear that Miss Elizabeth is compromised in the garden by Lord Falmouth The rumor is spread by one of Lizzy's trusted friends and is uickly a wild fire in Hertfordshire Further Falmouth refuses to deny the compromise hoping the Mr Bennet will compel Lizzy to marry himI have said in every review of this author that she is uniuely brilliant In every story I have read she has found a completely original plot point that I have not seen in any of the over 300 PP variations and seuels I have read The singularly best part of this wonderful book is why Lady Catherine wants Darcy to marry Anne view spoiler She thinks he is gay; he is a man of certain age who eschews women and spends time with his handsome young friend Bingley When she realizes he is merely self contained she resolves he cannot marry her delicate sickly daughter and destroy her with his 'needs' hide spoiler