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DOWNLOAD Insider Exodus End #1 î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ô [KINDLE] ✾ Insider Exodus End #1 Author Olivia Cunning – Toni wants to be an insider Logan just wants inside her She’s finally ready to rock Toni Nichols set aside her dreams to raise her little sister but now she's reaching for the Toni wants to be an insider Logan just wants inside her She’s finally ready to rock Toni Nichols set aside her dreams to raise her little sister but now she's reaching for the stars as the creator of a revolutionary interactive biography about Exodus End She’s on tour with the rock band to immerse herself in their world but how will she ever Insider Exodus Epubg. 5 Stars What are you going to do to meLamb the uestion you should be asking is what aren't you going to do to me No one and I mean no one can write an erotic rockstar romance uite like Olivia Cunning This book served as the perfect reminder of why I fell in love with her writing and characters in the first place when I first discovered her Sinners series years ago But this book This gloriously sexy and make you laugh out loud like a loon book This is easily my favorite book by this author to date Coming in at over 500 pages I never wanted it to end Yes it's long but never once did it drag never once did I want to skim and never once was I bored Never I can safely tell you that Insider was very much worth the 2 year wait because it was just that goodSo what did I love about it Everything But I suppose I can give you a list since I'm generous like thatFirst there was Toni Nichols the adorably naive virgin with the heart of gold and a uirky habit of collecting mismatched socks I cannot even begin to tell you how much I loved her character and I'm usually not a reader that enjoys reading about 25 year old virgins But Olivia Cunning managed to create such an incredibly endearing heroine with her that you can't help but love her right away I could also understand how growing up the way she did with a mother that's wrapped up in her job losing her father young and caring for her special needs sister would explain her current hymen challenged issues She was just adorably clueless about everything And while normally that would annoy me here I just couldn't get enough of it With her mother owning the company she works in she never uite felt like she belonged But then she gets the job of a lifetime going on tour with Exodus End in order to create a revolutionary interactive biography about the famous rock band This of course lands her right in the path of Logan Schmidt; adrenaline junky manwhore and the band's super sexy bassistThe chemistry between them is instant and absolutely sizzling And soon Toni begins to get the lesson of a lifetime in ways than one You're sensitive he murmured to her belly button I can't wait to latch on to your clit I'm going to suck it until you come so hard you screamToni's knees clamped shut again he was going to do what to her whozit I loved how naive and clueless Toni was about most things and Logan's ways of teaching her I just loved these two together They never failed to spice things up but with a signature humor to it all that made this book absolutely unputdownable I can't wait to keep you in my hotel room for an entire day and show you all the dirty things I want to do to this body he whisperedEyes wide Toni's body stiffened She wasn't sure if she should be excited or nervous by the prospectYour pussy tastes so sweet he said I'm going to start you off by licking it for hoursOkay excited it was Logan was everything I love about rockstar manwhores Seeing him slowly begin to realize that his relationship with Toni is much than he had intended What's that they say The bigger they are the harder they fall And when Logan falls he definitely falls hard It's impossible not to fall for someone like Toni While Logan introduces her to the dirty side of things she never loose her sweet disposition that draws everyone to her like bees to honey I also loved that no matter how much sex this book had and it had uite a bit it was ALWAYS sizzling hot and I never got tired of it Olivia Cunning is probably one of the very few authors I know that can actually pull off this much sex in a book without it taking away from the story It just fit I didn't skim one scene in over 500 pages And it never failed to make me uncomfortable aroused with how hot it all wasThe humor is really what took this book from a solid 4 stars straight to a glorious 5 stars for me It was uirky self depreciating and so much fun Logan is like a teenager with ADD most times but it just worked I just loved him to pieces So whose idea was the cleavage cam he askedMine It's impossible to get anyone's attention when Max is aroundTell me about it Logan grumbledSo I figured if they wouldn't talk to me maybe they'd talk to my boobs Okay who's next she called outLogan leaned toward her chest I'm Logan Schmidt and I've been a fan of Toni's boobs for almost a day now I also fell hard for the rest of the members of Exodus End Miss Cunning manages to give each of them a background full of depth that will captivate the reader from the very start and leave you panting for their story And let me just tell you if you've been impatient for Dare's book before This book will probably put you over the edge Holy mother but do I need his book something fierce We also get peeks at the members of the Sinners which was great; particularly my favorite threesomeInsider is a uick paced funny and absolutely sizzling sexy read that I loved from beginning to finish Logan and Toni together never failed to make me laugh oddly enough mostly during their sexy times Which really just added to their appeal for me Raw means without a condomIt doesWhat did you think it meantWellI thought it mean you'd do it to me until my vagina got soreDo what to youPound me Seriously I think I had practically the entire book highlighted with their banter Ouch There's a gearshift in my assOh sure you barely know this car and yet you're already giving it privileges you won't give meNot inside my ass It poked me in the hipYou got me all excited for nothing Back seat I read the entire book with a huge goofy grin on my face when I wasn't fanning myself like a maniac of course This had to be have been one of my all time favorite rockstar romance books that I've read in a long while Fans of Olivia Cunning will fall for Logan and Toni just as uick as I did It's impossible not to I'm positively obsessed with this series already and I already know it's just going to keep getting better and better I'm so excited to be getting Trey with the next book because let's be honest you can never have enough Trey But I also cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of the boys of Exodus end; Dare Steve and Max all have such intriguing history that I already know their individual books will suck me right inIn short I fucking LOVED this book HARD If you're a fan of super sexy rockstars this is one book that you definitely don't want to miss Read it Loved it Thank me after Trust me ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews visit

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Ain the trust of four veteran superstars who've been burned by the media before Nobody said this was going to be easy Then again good things can come in hard packages He's always ready to roll Adrenaline junkie Logan Schmidt lives for the rush of playing his bass guitar before thousands of screaming fans When he's not performing onstage or in the bedroom he's looking. Where do I beginFor those who know Olivia Cunning's books I'm sure you were all dying to get Insider and I know most of you have waited for such a long time but be assured that it will all be worth it ^^This book will meet ALL your expectations To me Insider is probably the best book she had ever written You can find all the ingredient that you've known in Olivia's book; Rockstars smashing heroine bad boydirty talker sexiness steam a lot of steam sex a lot of sex PERFECTIONToni Nichols has THE chance of her life She has the opportunity to go on Tour with the famous band Exodus End and put together information backstage images and behind the scenes revelations to create an interactive book for the fansEven if some people and in particular one doesn't believe in her and think that she got the job only because of her mother is the company's boss Toni is determined to succeedShe was a pleasant character to discover The you know her the she reveals the you get attached to her She has sacrificed most of her teenage years so she can help raise her young sister BirdieBecause of it Toni is oblivious to a lot of things and mostly when it comes to men relation with them and of course sex “If you keep staring at it like that I’m going to come all over your face”Did penises really do that Could he ejaculate just because a woman stared at his cock Or would he need a little stimulation She took a steadying breath leaned forward and kissed the swollen head Logan Schmidt is one hell of a rockstar He has the good look the attitude and the skillsTalking about skills I'm almost certain you don't need a reminder of how much sex there can be in Olivia Cunning's book and if it's your first time reading welcome in the erotic world of Ms CunningInsider is no different Logan is sex on a stick and of course the ladies can't resist him The meeting with Toni is electric and the girl is seduced right awayTheir relation uickly intensifies and I'm not the one to complain about how much magnetism and how sex appeal or sex period there are in hereWhat appeals to Logan is how Toni seems innocentAs a virgin Toni takes every experience she has with a refreshing enthusiasm The only woman I want is you” “Even though I’m inexperienced” “Hell I think it’s because you’re inexperienced It’s refreshing Even other women who don’t have much experience sure don’t make it known” But Insider is so much than only Toni and Logan's relation and sexual encounters It's also an incredible occasion to get to know all the members of Exodus EndI know a lot of us are craving for Dare's book and with this book you will want it than everDare has a soft side that only asked to be exposed You will discover a little about his secrets and you will be eager to know all the detailsMax is probably the most mysterious and the one who attracted me right away I can't wait to be in his headI don't know which one will be the most emotional but I feel something deep for both of themSteve was the one I wanted to slap most of the time Not because I didn't like him but because he kept tempting Logan It's going to be an immense pleasure to see his manwhore fall hard Don't read the spoiler if you didn't read Insider it's about Steve and I don't want to ruin anything view spoiler Who think Steve might be gay Or bi I won't complain if something is happening with Zack p I don't really want a second chance story with his wife MM is appealing to me p hide spoiler

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Insider Exodus End #1For his next thrill in extreme sports So why does a sweet innocent journalist get his heart pumping and capture his full attention Is Toni the real deal or just digging up dirt on his band Logan’s eager to rock Toni’s world and roll her in the sack but when she starts to get too close to his heart she takes her insider look to a place he may never be willing to. 4 I'm in love with a rockstar stars Toni is a completely naïve clueless girl who has been the guardian of her little sister ever since their father passed away Because of her sister’s health issues she decided to be home schooled and now it's finally her time to prove to everyone that she’s worthy of being a journalist not just because her mother is the owner of a big company but because she's worthy On her uest for recognition she decided to make an album about a band’s life and the band can’t be other than Exodus End a rock band with sexy rockstars who don't seem to trust her enough Logan is the bassist of the band and for some reason he hits on her immediately He wants to get in her pants and help her get experience in her sexual life Somehow her innocence draws him in and even though he tries to keep a distance between them he can’t seem to stop being possessive over her but he also can’t seem to be able to give to her what she really wants If you’re familiar with the Sinners then you’re familiar with Olivia Cunning’s writing The woman is a master when it comes to rockstars And not just that but she can write some really steamy scenes For me erotica rockstars hottest books ever Olivia Toni was so clueless that it ended up being funny and somehow I could picture myself in her shoes She was a realistic character with insecurities eagerness and with the excitement of having new experiences but also mature and self conscious She could be annoying at moments but who is perfect anyway Oh Logan was perfect ; He was exactly the type of man that I would love to have by my side Caring and lovely and funny and adventurous He was truly amazing Amen Olivia Thank you for giving me the pleasure of knowing Logan SchmidtAlso Birdie was such an adorable character I immediately felt connected to her because of her CHD condition and then she won me over with her bubbly personality her cute speeches and her actions She was simply adorable and made me feel so much emotion that I definitely didn’t expect from a book like this one You're crazyWhen it comes to you I don't know how to be sane My only issue in this book is the feeling of the insta love Even though the book was huge and it wasn’t instantly heart and flowers I felt like everything happened so fast view spoilerThe fact that she was a virgin but within an hour she was eager to open her legs and get laid the fact that she wanted to be loved by him and felt betrayed when he wouldn’t confess his feelings even though they were knowing each other less than a week these were the things that made me lower my rating hide spoiler