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review ☆ The Cowboy's City Girl ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¾ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ The Cowboy's City Girl ✍ Author Linda Ford – Bride on the Ranch   Beatrice Doyle came to Montana to escape her father's marriage plans for her—not to lasso herself a cowboy YEr But opening her heart would mean sacrificing her uest for independence After The Cowboy's ePUB #187 being rejected by the girl he hoped to marry Levi vows never to love again Nevertheless he's drawn to big city girl Beatrice In her the half–Native American r. racism alcohol The plot was okay but the ending dragged I did not like that most of the characters with American Indian parentage in this book were drunks andor troublemakers I also did not like that the male lead kept berating himself for his American Indian parentage The ending of the book was also awful and contrived view spoilerHe goes to catch the people causing trouble but gets caught himself They go to do trouble but he escapes and gets back home before them He finds out the female lead went to town but instead of then going to town to turn the troublemakers in he decides to go off on a few day journey of self discovery Meanwhile the female lead decides to marry someone she just met and doesn't love despite the entire book being about how she wants independence and not this sort of life She keeps the guy an extra week even though he claimed to need to leave town with her immediately but when the male lead shows up to save her he just walks out of the wedding without a word Then her father shows up from the city just to tell her she was disinherited something we already assumed hide spoiler

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Bride on the Ranch   Beatrice Doyle came to Montana to escape her father's marriage plans for her not to lasso herself a cowboy Yet she can't ignore the sparks that fly between her and Levi Harding while she's at his family's ranch caring for his injured stepmoth. I liked this book but I would have preferred for it to have wrapped up in a different way I felt like it kind of set Beatrice's journey back She had finally accepted that she was fearfully and wonderfully made and then she made the decision to marry so she could keep Dolly On the one hand I understand it but on the other she had her family and she was friends with Levi's family I feel like her first plan of action would have been to ask her aunt and uncle to adopt Dolly or Levi's siblings even if she didn't think Levi loved her I don't like that she had accepted herself for who she was and then she decided to be a stand in wife and mother for the other man The two actions were at odds and should have been reversed if the marriage part was necessary with Beatrice realizing she had other options to keep Dolly other than marrying

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The Cowboy's City GirlAncher sees himself someone a little bruised a lot lonely And when the two join forces to care for an orphaned girl he yearns to heal their fractured hearts and form the family they all long for Montana Cowboys These brothers live and love by the code of the West. This is the third book in the Montana Cowboys Series I love Linda's stories so I was excited when I received this one in the mail This book is well written humorous and heart warming I really enjoyed the cast of characters their flaws and disappointments from the past I know you will really enjoy this bookBeatrice Doyle is sent to her aunt and uncle's home in Montana when she refuses to do her duty and marry a man to become the heir of her father's estate She is determined to show that she is valuable and to become independent even though she doesn't know anything useful Her aunt finds her a job to care for a woman that had been hurt She must also take her place in running the home and fixing meals Beatrice can't even make it to the ranch without getting into trouble; she gets stuck in the river and must be rescued Already she had failed how was she to continue Maybe her father was rightLevi Harding is out following someone causing mischief on his families ranch when he comes across a beautiful woman stranded in the river He finds out that this is the woman who was to care for his mother How could this city girl care for his mother and run the home when she couldn't even drive a wagon He takes her home and is convinced this will be a really long recovery when she burns the meat and the potatoes are only half cooked How could his mother care for this citified womanThese two people had both had relationships that had almost destroyed them They are attracted to each other but refused to trust the other one until they found a little girl that had been recently orphaned wondering around in the woods Could they find the way to make a family with three broken souls God has a plan for these three a plan for a hope and a future God has a plan for you too Just give Him control of your mess and watch Him turn your life around