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The Feros The Vindico #2 review ↠ 103 » ❰Read❯ ➬ The Feros The Vindico #2 Author Wesley King – After using your newfound super powers to defeat the most evil villains on the planet what could you possibly do for an encore After defeating their villain mentors the Vindico James Hayden Sam Emily AfterAfter using The Vindico PDFEPUB #194 your newfound super powers to defeat the most evil villains on the planet what could The Feros PDF you possibly do for an encore After defeating their villain mentors the Vindico James Hayden Sam Emily and Lana Feros The Vindico Epub #218 are finally ready to join the League of Heroes But as their induction into the League draws near. Probably of a 4 45 but I'm feeling generous ;When trying to sum up why I love this book and its predecessor The Vindico I finally came to an apt comparison superhero movies When they're done well I love love LOVE superhero movies The Amazing Spider Man the Iron Man trilogy The Avengers okay DC I loved Nolan's Batman movies too but those aren't uite the same And superhero movies like these are great because they have great characters a nice blend of action and development and uite a bit of humor That's what reading these books is like Nothing deep or literary or life changing but a hilarious fun ride nonethelessThe Feros wasn't uite as good as The Vindico by tiny margins but it was definitely relaxing No Hayden getting the snot beaten out of him with tree branches and Emily getting her heart broken In the end though I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not because one of the strengths of The Vindico was how much empathy I had for the characters That's still there and I still love them though so it was a minor detail I do wonder where the series will go from hereThese books would very easily make movies Take note HollywoodI need to buy my friend some chocolate or something for showing them to me Definitely recommended especially if you dig superheroesPS Sometime I need to go through this book and write down every line Hayden said that made me crack up I love him with all my fangirl soul

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They are framed by a group of rogue Heroes and given life sentences on the Perch  Thunderbolt the League’s leader is the only one who can clear their names but he is missing To make matters worse the Vindico are mysteriously let out of prison and a group of strange Shadow people start trailing the teens’ every move Unsure of who to trust or where to go the teens p. When I finished reading The Vindico by Wesley King I was so happy to find out that there was a seuel This book was really good I just didn't want to stop reading it There are parts where you can get confused but it all comes together This book was really good definitely a favorite

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The Feros The Vindico #2Ut their new skills to the test once as they fight to save themselves and their families from an unknown foe But how will they defeat an enemy they can not see School Library Journal  called Wesley King an author to watch and now he follows up his darkly funny super hero debut  The Vindico with this high octane seuel delivering even humor and super powered action   ?. The FerosThis book is fantastic it is action hero book that focuses on the main idea of teamwork and courage and how those two things will make you and the people around you likely to succeed Let me start with a brief summary of the novel It started off with the main characters from the previous book The Vindico trying to meet up for a reunion after 6 months of not seeing any of each other The only exception being Emily and Hayden since they were the two kids that were abandoned by their parents to fend for themselves The kids were reuniting after battling the villain group called the Vindico who had abducted them and forced them into a training program which granted them with outrageous abilities such as superhuman strength speed and telekinesis The kids were supposed to be new recruits to the hero league after six months of probation in their home towns When the kids tried to meet they were followed by mysterious figures who were later named The wraiths As the story went on a few heroes sent to supervise the Feros attacked the kids which sent the children on a mission to find out what was really going on After they stole the rogue hero's ship they went on searching for answers about what was happening in the midst of all this a villain group began to rise that under the noses of the Feros and the good heroes Then while they were searching something happened that would turn the tides in the book but to find out you will have to read the book Now let me speak about the 5 main characters in the book ill start with the leader of the Feros James James is the oldest out of all the kids and was also the first character introduced in the vindico Being one of the kids abducted by the Vindico James was granted awesome power his ability was super strength He was also mentored by the muscle head of the Vindico Torturer His power was one of the biggest things to look out for in this book since it is only now that he is reaching his full potential Next up is my personal favorite Hayden Hayden is the sort of like the comedian of the group though he is arguably the most powerful His personality is something that really helps glue the group together in harsh situations Hayden was granted with the ability of telekinesis though he actually had the power naturally and it was only awakened by his mentor Leni Now we have Lana is Hayden's girlfriend who has PTSD from what she did in the first book Lana has superhuman agility and enhanced strength that is second in the group only to James She was mentored by the bloodthirsty killer Avaria who beat her senseless when she didn't perform up to expectations Now is Sam the youngest of the bunch who is just homesick even though he has the potential to defeat all of the Feros himself He is a telepath with abilities that no super of the same power was ever able to accomplish such as shutting down an entire battalion of soldiers with just his min alone or when he controlled Gali one of the strongest heroes and made him clobber himself in the jaw He was mentored by silver the only telepath in the entire vindico Last but maybe least is Emily Emily has no super powers so you may be wondering what's special about her than I'll tell you what She is an infamous hacker that was able to crack into the league's system and a feat like that is usually only done by groups of pros She is also a weapon specialist and was trained with an assault rifle an ion pistol and many weapons She was trained by Rono like her he had no superpowers per se but his mind which made him stand out to the vindico as an optimal targetI would think that the recommended age groups for the book would be anywhere from 10 15 The book does feature some mature themes like violence and romance so keep clear from younger kids Though I don't think that this kind of adventurous heroic themes would be interesting to most adults Another reason I think it's directed at this age group is that the main characters are also teens with relatable problems such as stress from and family life The first book that came to mind when I was reading this book was definitely Loki’s Wolves One huge similarity between the two stories is that the main is super powered kids just one of them is superpowered kids that have the abilities from experiments and the other was that they were given the abilities of there ancestors which were Norse gods Another thing is that they are both action and adventure so they both set out on journeys to solve there own mystery I would Definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes action adventure and mystery The reason I enjoyed this book so much was that even when one subplot was solved there was always still room to infer I also really liked the book because I can relate characters to kids I know and that makes you have a connection to the book and that connection makes you hold onto characters rather than just shrugging off their death Overall this is probably my third favorite book series behind lord of the rings and the Blackwell Pages I really think you should read it