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Burnt author Karly Lane summary Ï eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ [Read] ➪ Burnt By Karly Lane – Insolpro.co.uk Sebastian Seb Taylor and Rebecca Whiteman were high school sweethearts dreaming of a future together when one terrible night forever changed their destinyEighteen years after the tragedy Rebecca has b Rt and an annoying heavy breather who refuses to stop calling The last thing she needed was her first love to make a sudden reappearance in her lifeFrom bestselling author of Morgan's Law and Bridie's Choice comes a story of love forgiveness and bravery that will touch your hear. 45 starsI was expecting the average run of the mill girl meets boy cute rural romance but I was taken aback by the stories content not what I was anticipating from a Karly Lane novel at all The author touched on topics such as domestic violence and mental illness two sensitive topics that are always hard to read about they’re highly important issues that need to be told and talked about and not swept under the rug Rebecca and Seb were two awesome central characters very believable and very well written But the most memorable and gripping part for me was the second half of the novel which read like an action packed military thriller oh my gosh the suspense I loved itBurnt is set in Macksville NSW the authors hometown Hubby and I have driven past Macksville many times well it’s now on the ‘places to visit and explore’ list

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Elite SAS soldier in the Australian Army has returned home injured angry and grieving to face a town that hasn't forgotten and a father who has never understood himRebecca has enough problems of her own without adding Seb Taylor to the mix a failed marriage two children to suppo. Also posted HEREThere are only a few authors who I’ve been following from their first book through their development as an author Karly Lane as Karlene Blake Mowle sent me her early ebooks for review years ago and I liked her work thenNow years later it’s incredible to see how far she has come I think this is far and away her best book and apart from her excellent development as an author I think it helped that her love of her hometown – the setting of this book – shone through from start to finishI absolutely love suspense books and books involving the military However for the past few years I’ve been mostly reading historical fiction and other similar genres because my favourites have become mockeries of themselves The term “Navy SEAL” has become a joke Suspense has become clichédSo it was really nice to see an author who created a Special Forces Australia’s SAS soldier who actually ualified for his job and an author willing to incorporate the realities of that jobThis is not the main focus of the story however But I enjoyed the other well researched aspects of the story and the realistic characters actions and behaviours For example the heartbreaking flashback to the car crashAustralian small town romances have become a bit tiresome predictable and offensive to people in cities and downright boring for me recently and I’ve turned down a number of review books in the genreIf authors wrote books like this I’d definitely be interestedBut sorry I definitely cannot agree Lee Kernaghan is a total bogan not sexy I actually worked in one of his dressing rooms a few years ago and ripped his name off the wall with a lot of satisfaction Review copy provided by NetGalley

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Burnt author Karly LaSebastian Seb Taylor and Rebecca Whiteman were high school sweethearts dreaming of a future together when one terrible night forever changed their destinyEighteen years after the tragedy Rebecca has brought her children back to the town she left behind to start a new lifeSeb an. The terrible accident which changed Sebastian Taylor and Rebecca Whiteman’s lives forever was still as much a part of them as it was when it happened eighteen years before Seb had gone on to become an elite Australian SAS soldier and had just arrived home to recuperate from the dreadful injuries he’d received on his last tour of duty Rebecca had returned home with her two girls Sarah and Natalie to her parents’ home recovering from a bitter divorce Rebecca’s first realization of Seb being home came when he arrived at the hospital to have his dressings changed; it fell to her in her capacity as a nurse to attend to him The shock they both felt when they were confronted with each other was intense Living in the rural community of Macksville in northern NSW there wasn’t much chance of avoiding one another – the extremely tentative friendship they both needed seemed fraught with memories neither of them could forget But there was danger in their midst; odd things were happening – was it worth worrying about was it just Bec’s imaginationI love Karly Lane’s work and this was no exception The suspense throughout this book is gripping making it very hard to put down If you enjoy the romantic suspense genre this is definitely one for you Highly recommended