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Coltrane characters ☆ 5 Â ❮BOOKS❯ ✭ Coltrane Author Paolo Parisi – 'My music is the spiritual expression of what I am my faith my knowledge my being' John Coltrane rose from a hard and impoverished childhood in North Carolina to become one of the greatest jazz musici 'My music is the spiritual expression of what Ation inaugurated a new movement in music Positioned at the beating heart of the s and s jazz world Coltrane and his uartet created some of the most innovative and expressive music of the age including the hit album My Favorite Things and the landmark work A Love SupremeJuxtaposing scenes from Coltrane's personal life his military career addi. Coltrane is a biographical graphic novel written and illustrated by Paolo Parisi It is a concise graphic narrative of jazz musician John Coltrane from humble cotton picker to famous jazz musician and anchored by his album Love SupremeJohn William Coltrane was an American jazz saxophonist and composer Working in the bebop and hard bop idioms early in his career Coltrane helped pioneer the use of modes and was at the forefront of free jazz He led at least fifty recording sessions and appeared on many albums by other musicians including trumpeter Miles Davis and pianist Thelonious MonkThe graphic novel starts with his humble beginnings as a deprived child spent among the cotton fields of North Carolina and then launching his career as a session musician in Philadelphia until eventually meeting and teaming up with Miles Davis Glimpses of Coltrane's musical history alternate with scenes from his personal life with uotes from interviews and articles set against the backdrop of a good chunk of 20th century American history Coltrane is written somewhat well Separated into four parts Acknowledgement Resolution Pursuance and Psalm Parisi based the biography on Coltrane's album Love Supreme – perhaps his best known By doing this Parisi abandons a pure chronological order in favor of using the musical division of the album Parisi did his best to put jazz rhythm on the pages and could practically hear syncopation improvisation crescendo and decrescendoAll in all Coltrane is an uneven biography of one of the greatest jazz musicians – John Coltrane

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Ctions political activism and love affairs against snapshots of his major recordings Coltrane evokes an extraordinary life and the momentous historical events that formed its backdrop It is a graphic novel that echoes his work in its structure and style and forms a testament to a pioneer and legend whose music continues to inspire to this day. This was my first Graphic Novel Drawings were great and while I have loved Coltrane and studied his music in college I did not connect him to the civil rights movement in the 60's While graphic novels are uick perhaps even superficial reads I really liked that the end has a discography and bibliography that may cause people to want to read and learn

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Coltrane'My music is the spiritual expression of what I am my faith my knowledge my being' John Coltrane rose from a hard and impoverished childhood in North Carolina to become one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time From session musician to band member of Charlie Parker Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis his raw talent and passion for experiment. This is a brief look at John Coltrane's life told in short sporadic bursts that flit in a nonlinear way through the events history and records that he witnessed and experienced This kind of jazz storytelling is interesting but could have been just as effective if his story had been told in a cradle to grave style of most biographiesThe main problem with the book is its silence It's a comic book about one of the great jazz musicians of the 20th century and yet just seeing him playing and seeing musical notes in bubbles isn't nearly the same as listening to the music itself And that's the limit of this artistic medium when trying to express something approaching another artistic medium it falls shortWhile the book is good at recounting the events of Coltrane's life it just tells you things about Coltrane and doesn't come close to expressing what this man means to so many To do this listen to his music his records were and continue to be the best biography of the man anyone could ask for as it's the truest expression of who he was