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review La dieta della longevita 103 ☆ ➤ [Epub] ➞ La dieta della longevita By Valter Longo ➮ – Can what you eat determine how long and how well you live The clinically proven answer is yes and  The Longevity Diet is easier to follow than you'd think The culmination of 25 years of research on Can what you eat deCtor of the Longevity Institute at USC and the Program on Longevity and Cancer at IFOM in Milan designed the FMD after making a series of remarkable discoveries in mice then in humans indicating that specific diets can activate stem cells and promote regeneration and rejuvenation in multiple organs to significantly reduce risk for diabetes cancer Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Interesting take on dr Longo's own research on diet and longevity I like how he takes a pragmatic approach on what we should actually do for instance taking a multivitamin not every day but once every two to three days because being nourished is good but some studies have shown that certain vitamins can be toxic Also the amount of protein we actually need is not as high as most resources online would tell you could be detrimental so better to stick to relatively low but also high enough for building and maintaining muscle mass he says to stick to 30 grams after a strength workout So to sum it all up Eat mostly a plant based diet adding fish low in mercury only three times a week Get 031 to 036 grams of protein per pound of body weight Multivitamin mineral and omega 3 and omega 6 supplement every 3 days Eat twice per day plus a snack do periodic fasting if you can walk fast one hour a day do strength training keep your mind sharp finish that goodreads challenge However in the book you can see how there is no 'one size fits all' solution So if you are interested in this sort of things it might be a good read for you

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Can what you eat determine how long and how well you live The clinically proven answer is yes and  The Longevity Diet is easier to follow than you'd think The culmination of years of research on aging nutrition and disease across the globe this uniue program lays out a simple solution to living to La dieta PDF or a healthy old age through nutrition The key is combining the h. There appears to be a major disconnect between Dr Longo's work and this book It's as if someone decided there needed to be a popular book and it was all or partially ghostwritten and sent off to the printers Boom done His work and that of his team is brilliant but this book is poorly organized full of contradictions judgmental and badly executed It also goes on and on about how amazing and generous and intelligent Longo is So either he has an ego the size of a major university or he didn't write those partsThere are tons of charts Great right Except that a lot of them don't present the information in a way that makes sense Sometimes an axis just has numbers but no unit of measurement Other times it's not really labeled at all One chart appears to have the two groups reversed Sometimes they're in the wrong chapterThe book espouses very mainstream dietary advice including stuff that isn't current Unless it's something Longo has studied it's included with little evidence Salt is bad Carbs are good Saturated fat is evil the only evidence given for this are general studies where we don't know the item that caused the changes and mainly just one study that shows dangers of saturated fat and transfatsas if they were the same thing and the results would apply to both evenlyThe author has a vendetta against lowcarb railing it against it on several occasions He defines it as high protein and seems to think it's just protein and fat While many do do lowcarb that way it's not how most of the diets are presented and it's not necessary Yet he never once says that lowcarb in and of itself can be useful for anyone if the elements of his diet lowmoderate protein and plenty of vegetables are met He'll say in some places that keeping carbs low is necessary for some but he never has one decent word to say about lowcarb as a dietary system Compare this to his words about lowfat diets which he also is writing against because he talks about how important good fats are Yet he praises or is neutral about lowfat diets only mentioning how they need to be changedAnother issue I find very troubling is how he insists that people who want to do a fasting mimicking diet which is one of the major topics of the entire book should never do it on their own and should only use the Prolon program he helped develop While he says he doesn't benefit financially from these sales it's not uite true The sales finance his work Prolon doesn't allow people to talk about price directly but you can find out indirectly It's something on the order of 400 for a 5 day supply of food The food is all packaged and while it's vegan and gluten free and has no artificial ingredients it doesn't mean everyone can eat it I can't eat large portions of it for example and would be paying lots of money for food I have to come up with on my own anywayProlon is an at home program and while they give advice they aren't really monitoring you So to say you must use it for your own safety is rather disingenuous Fortunately there are websites that tell you the specs garnished from his medical journal articles and share recipes that meet them I've done the FMD a good half a dozen times with excellent results My doctor approves mightily I see no reason why I can't do this on my own After all this book gives advice with details down to a 2 week meal plan on how to do the Longevity diet the bit you're supposed to do every day you're not doing a FMD which is only a 5 day cycle every 1 6 months depending on your circumstancesFortunately hidden in one of the chapters there is a chart showing the caloriemacronutrient breakdown of the FMD It is slightly different from his journal article versions other versions he's published and other FMD details in this actual book in other chapters But close enoughBecause of the poor organization it's not easy to go back and use the book as a reference But it does give a decent overview of the programs and how they're changing dietary advice in medicine Especially for cancer patients but also for others The work is excellent It's the book that is lacking

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La dieta della longevitaEalthy everyday eating plan the book outlines with the scientifically engineered fasting mimicking diet or FMD the FMD done justtimes a year does away with the misery and starvation most of us experience while fasting allowing you to reap all the beneficial health effects of a restrictive diet while avoiding negative stressors like low energy and sleeplessness Valter Longo dire. This book is an eye opener with respect to the FMD fasting mimicking diet but the actual Longevity Diet falls short for me for a few reasons Valter says that the two things that will age one uickly and cause problems in the body are too much protein and too much sugar I agree but when I read his daily suggestions for his Longevity Diet I was shocked that he recommends eating dried fruit pretty much every day Dried fruit is loaded with sugar and even though he has you eating only 18 cup at a sitting which is barely a taste by the way why not eat the real thing For instance for the 18 cup of dried blueberries he allows you could have a whole cup of fresh blueberries for 13 less calories carbs and sugar and double the fiber content I don't think he really knows all that much about nutrition especially when he admits to eating beef once a week growing up in Italy the same town where he studied a couple of centenarians but then admonishes eating any kind of animal protein except low mercury fish Another thing that I just can't get over is a couple of paragraphs where he talks about how ridiculous it is to eat in moderation After giving eating advice to a lady one time she concluded that it would be best to eat in moderation His response was to ask her if she would fly on an airplane that she had designed herself I'm sorry but those two topics aren't even remotely associated and this leads me to believe that Valter doesn't even know the definition of moderation Designing an airplane with limited knowledge about how to go about it is not an act of moderation; it's a gamble He even admits that he doesn't even know what eating in moderation means How about eating beef on SundaysBut aside from his lack of nutrition knowledge I think his development of the FMD is super cutting edge He has stats to back up his findings and FMD seems like a definite positive breakthrough