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Bag of Bones kindle ¾ Paperback read ´ [Epub] ➛ Bag of Bones By Stephen King – Ünlü bir yazar olan Michael Noonan karısının ani ölümüyle adeta hayata küser Ne yaptığı işe ne de çevresine karşı bir isteği kalmıştır Tüm bunların yanında yaşadığı yalnızl Ünlü bir yazar olan Michael NoonaÜnlü bir yazar olan Michael Noonan karısının ani ölümüyle adeta hayata küser Ne yaptığı işe ne de Bag of ePUB #187 çevresine karşı bir isteği kalmıştır Tüm bunların yanında yaşadığı yalnızlık duyg Haunted read a bit long but the storyline was scary good and very intense paperback

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Usu beraberinde bunalımları ve kâbusları getirir Her gece Sara Laughs adını verdikleri yazlık evlerini rüyalarında görür Karşı koyamaz ve gider Artık yeni bir hayata uyanacağını düşünmektedir Ne var ki hiç I am enjoying what I think is perhaps Stephen King’s best novel everThe opinion on Stephen King’s best work differs depending on who you talk to; but for me it will always be Bag of BonesIt’s the one novel of Kings that I’ve read than any other nine times and each time it’s just as wonderful and beautiful and engaging as it was the first time I opened up my hardcover copy ten years agoI think it was the beginning of King moving away from horror and toward a literary style of writing Hearts in Atlantis Lisey’s Story and Duma Key his most literary works would come later but Bag of Bones was the beginning of something the capturing of time in the pages of a bookI remember when I first read Stephen King’s Bag of Bones I was on welfare at the time and living in a boarding house with nine other people It was this big sprawling Victorian house that still had the servants uarters in the attic and the servants stairs to the kitchen I remember going to the bookstore early in the morning and spending money than I had on the bookEven though it was fall I sat outside on the front porch of the big old house and opened my book to the first page I remember smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee; but I don’t remember much else except the wordsIt was the words the language that transported meI had thought that I was going to read a story of a writer haunted by ghosts In a sense that’s what the book was about But in reality Bag of Bones was and is about a man haunted by himself haunted by the pastIt was the most beautiful book by King that I had ever read I felt for and ached for Mike Noonan newly widowed writer of thriller novels Newly struggling with a writers block so intense that he could not write a wordI remember thinking when I brought that book home that it was so big that it was huge That it would take me forever to finish it and thus worth the fourty some dollars I had spent on itThe book lasted me three daysThree glorious days where I was held spellbound enraptured in rapture Bag of Bones for me was than a novel It was a gift While reading Bag of Bones I realized that I wanted to be a writer I wanted to see if I could write something as good as Bag of BoensI’m still tryingThat hardcover copy was lent out only to be lent out to someone else It was lost to me never to be seen again And so when the book came out in paperback I bought a copy I read that copy twice a year for many years always saving it for a dark rainy day It somehow seemed appropriate reading Bag of Bones when the rain was falling down around meIt would call to me on my shelf begging to be read I swear I could hear the book sigh with contentment when I took it off the shelf and held it in my handsNot learning my lesson the first time I lent it out to someone who either lost it or lent it out to someone else It was never clear what happened to the book Suffice it to say that I felt like I had lost a part of me After all it was Bag of Bones that showed me what I wanted to do with my lifeIt’s been a couple years since I’ve read Bag of Bones So imagine my surprise when I saw a trade paperback edition on the shelves in the bookstore yesterdayI had no reason being in the bookstore I had little money but when I saw Bag of Bones sitting there nestled in between other paperbacks I thought again of when I had first read the novel I looked at the cover 10th Anniversary EditionTen years That couldn’t be right I thought It can’t have been ten years But I counted back and indeed it has been Time flies when you’re having fun I picked up the book and stroked the cover lightly letting the memories flood back into my consciousnessIt was not lost on me that I found myself in much the same situation as I did ten years ago Staring at the gorgeous white cover with little money to my name but knowing that I would leave the store a few dollars poorer but all the richer with that book under my armAnd what a book it is Bag of Bones reads as fresh ten years later as it did ten years past What I love most about the novel I think is its gothic nature Mike Noonan trying to find the power to write again by delving into his past As a writer myself I identify with Mike with his struggle With his search for peaceThere is some bonus material enclosed we get to read an interview about why Stephen King wrote Bag of Bones and learn a bit about what he thinks of the novel We also get a short story The Cat From Hell from Kings upcoming collection of short stories Just After Sunset which will hit the shelves on November 11thBut for me it’s not the bonus material though great it is that makes the new edition of Bag of Bones so incredible For me then and now it’s about the story the language the power of words and redemption from the ghosts of your pastFor in the end we are all bags of bones

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Bag of BonesBir şey göründüğü gibi değildir O lanetli evde kâbuslarının birer gerçek olduğunu anlaması uzun sürmez Burası dünyanın bu cennet köşesi aslında hayal ve gerçeğin birbirinden ayrılmadığı bir cehennemdi Had you asked me a month ago what I thought of Bag of Bones I might have chuckled and shook my head I might have told you it is one of the worst Stephen King books there is that it is easily in my bottom five King reads down there with such piles of Kingly excrement as Dreamcatcher Wizard and Glass The Eyes of the Dragon and From a Buick 8 the latter being the pinnacle of Uncle Stevie's fecal production In other words friends and neighbors I hated this bookBut that was then and this is now What happened over the course of 17 years the timespan between my first read and this one Well I stopped doing Class A narcotics for entertainment purposes became a husband and a father of two grew up a little and all around dug my head out of my ass My change of heart could have something to do with one of those things or all of them I don't know But this is a gorgeous book A little heavy in the rear but absolutely beautiful My only complaint this time around is how long the book goes on after the denouement It's not annoyingly long but I feel a few uestions could have been edited out in the beginning half of the book so that we didn't have to sit around for twenty pages reading about two men chatting over whiskey about what happened in the past 710 pages I only say this editing could have been done because it is one of the things the made for tv movie gets right One of the toughest topics this book tackles is the subject of male lust how immediate and destructive a force it can be It took a heavy sack on King's part to speak honestly about something every man deals with yet most cannot explain King does not condone or make excuses here He explains This is how it is and there are men that find their own thoughts reprehensible Yes we all lust Yes we all imagine how wonderful it would be for our partners to say Do what you want but not all of us prefer that over love and tenderness Okay here's where you take responsibility By clicking on view spoiler you agree that you've read King's entire catalogue and will not hold me responsible for things being ruined because you're too damn inuisitive Trust me the shit hidden here is only interesting if you have read all of King's booksview spoilerObvious Tie insThad Beaumont The Dark Half oddly enough this is the novel wherein we learn of Thad's suicide He's mentioned as having had a divorce in Needful Things but this is where we learn of his deathWilliam Big Bill Denbrough is too ItRalph Roberts Insomnia has a pretty big role for a walk on character from another book Usually we're only given mentions of people but here Ralph sits down to coffee with Mike and chats for a whileAlan Pangborn Polly Chalmers and Norris Ridgewick Needful Things Alan and Polly are only mentioned but Norris has a walk on role as the sheriff of Castle CountyNehemiah Bannerman is obviously the gradfather of the ill fated sheriff George Bannerman who makes his first appearance in The Dead Zone only to meet his end in CujoThe storm of the century in you guessed it Storm of the Century is briefly mentioned as the stawm of the centuryRing Around the Tower Bag of Bones takes place in the same world as Insomnia In the final two DT novels King's vacation home Cara Laughs is mentioned Noonan's vacation home is Sara LaughsAnd yeah the recurrence of the number 19 in this book is kinda obnoxious It's fucking everywhere hide spoiler