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By day Angie a twenty year veteran of the tech industry is a data analyst at Tomo the world's largest social networking company by night she exploits her database access to profile domestic abusers and kill the worst of them She can't change her own traumatic past but she can save other women When Tomo introduc Thank you Netgalley and KOBO Writing Life for this arcIt must be me This book has gotten great reviews but I just couldn't handle it I made it 43% of the way before giving up entirely There was so much hacker slang and coding technobabble that I was reminded of the 5 longest years of my life supervising new hires at a CPA firm I couldn't say Good Morning to some of them without them babbling IRS Code Sections and FASB Statements VERBATIM back to me Yet if I asked them to DO something it would bring on a panic attack or they'd pee their pantsI also found Angie's character to be very dissonant and incoherent I just couldn't reconcile her actions with her history and ambitionsWhile the premise of the story sounded interesting to me the power of social media in our lives combined with domestic abuse I found the execution of the story excruciating DNF

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Kill ProcessEs a deceptive new product that preys on users' fears to drive up its own revenue Angie sees Tomo for what it really is another evil abuser Using her coding and hacking expertise she decides to destroy Tomo by building a new social network that is completely distributed compartmentalized and unstoppable If she I really enjoyed this book a lot It starts out with main character Angie killing wife abusers she finds by using her access to data at a social media company that seemed an awful lot like Facebook Then it switches to Angie creating an alternative social media company Then we learn that someone wants Angie ruined We also learn about Angie's past The story moved along at a uick easy to read pace and I hated having to put it down Now I anxious to read by this author

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mobi ç Kill Process Kindle Edition ä william hertling ä [Download] ➺ Kill Process ➿ William Hertling – By day Angie a twenty year veteran of the tech industry is a data analyst at Tomo the world's largest social networking company; by night she exploits her database access to profiSucceeds it will be the end of all centralized power in the Internet But how can an anti social one armed programmer with too many dark secrets succeed when the world's largest tech company is out to crush her and a no name government black ops agency sets a psychopath to look into her growing digital footprint Brad here nailed it There's nothing to addSome personal remarks regarding this bookAs a person with a comparable background and profession to the MC I can testify to the realism of the procedures software described This is not sci fi This is real It's one of the reasons I don't have a Facebook account and hide behind as much protection when online as possible The technology described and used isn't even new or exotic it's practically standardThere was a number in this book namely the occurence of domestic violence among members of the US police forces amounts to around 40% This blew my mind and since I don't believe anything I haven't checked for myself I went in search of data It's trueTwo studies have found that at least 40 percent of police officer families experience domestic violence in contrast to 10 percent of families in the general population A third study of older and experienced officers found a rate of 24 percent indicating that domestic violence is two to four times common among police families than American families in general Cops typically handle cases of police family violence informally often without an official report investigation or even check of the victim's safety the summary continues Source for the link to the studies scroll down It was obvious with Black Lifes Matter that the US has some severe problem with the psychological standards of their police force This number however signifies that the problem is much bigger than I previously assumedIt doesn't happen often but sometimes I'm glad I'm not a US citizen