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Summary Á King's Dragon 104 ☆ ➿ King's Dragon Free ➶ Author Kate Elliott – The Kingdom of Wendar is in turmoil King Henry still holds the crown but his reign has long been contested by his sister Sabella and there are many eager to flock to her banner Internal conflict weake The Kingdom of Wendar is in turmoil King HInhuman across its borders Terrifying portents abound and dark spirits walk the land in broad daylightSuddenly two innocents are thrust into the midst of the conflict Alain a young man granted a vision by the Lady of Battles and Liath a young woma. I really loved this book It was one of those rare ones that I took my time to savor without thinking about what I was going to be reading next As with many books that I've loved it's hard to explain why I really just love Kate Elliott's writing Her world is so vivid and real with a deep sense of history and of hidden things that will be revealed At the same time she also makes me care about and fear for the characters so effortlessly and because of the characters the world feels very immediate rather than overwhelmingly epic I honestly had no idea where the story was headed for much of the time this isn't a uest type fantasy with a stated goal It takes place in an alternate medieval kingdom teeming with heresy hypocrisy treachery and violence Kingdom politics and inhuman coastal raiders Ancient magic forbidden knowledge reverence for learning true piety and evil sorcery The feeling of the world is amazingly real with both awe and danger I loved the sense of place This was really great historical fantasy both recognizable and foreign to our own medieval timeSome people might find the plot slow but I didn't find it dull I enjoyed both of the main viewpoints Two young unrelated characters find themselves caught in the middle of affairs they don't understand Both start out in very humble circumstances and have much to learn and sometimes much to suffer Although they are important to events they are not instantly transformed into saviors of the world They have their parts to play but they don't grow too far beyond themselves and their beginnings I am really looking forward to seeing where this is going and what they grow into and to having of the world revealed I have six books to savor and I plan to take my timeI highly recommend this to fans of both historical fiction and fantasy it's a fantastic blend of both

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N with the power to change the course of history Both must discover the truth about themselves before they can accept their fates For in a war where sorcery not swords may determine the final outcome the price of failure may be than their own live. No spoilers here After reading this first book of a seven book series I must say that I wonder why it doesn't come up on lists of finished fantasy series perhaps for the lack of readers Thinking it may be the covers which do not work at all compared to the story itself This story takes place in a medieval setting where magic looms about and has a gritty feeling to it The book is written in two points of view and later on third point of view is inserted You do have the typical young male and female who have hidden talents that will play into the story on the upper levels of the kingdom and its surroundings The battle scenes are much reminiscent to medieval battles only taking place with several thousands of soldiers and the battle towards the end of book one is well done I must say that I will be reading the remainder of the series hoping that Elliott will be building on the good work that has been done here

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King's DragonThe Kingdom of Wendar is in turmoil King Henry still holds the crown but his reign has long been contested by his sister Sabella and there are many eager to flock to her banner Internal conflict weakens Wendar's defences drawing raiders human and. I'm usually much too lazy to give reviews but I felt obliged to write one for this series because I believe Elliott's writing is somewhat under appreciated Among the plethora of epic fantasy series that came out over the last 30 years the Crown of Stars is relatively unknown so I wanted to make it easier for people to decide whether to start on this 7 book series or not with no spoilers attached Language style I guess it's comparable to George RR Martin's ASOIAF not as intricate as that of Guy Gavriel Kay but subtle than that of Robert Jordan or Brandon Sanderson Personally I don't care much about the level of language used as long as the story gets across and I think people will have no problem with Elliot's writing itselfWorld building some people find too much effort is spent here but I disagree being somewhat of a history buff Elliot's rendition of an early medieval society feels rich alive and realistic It is obvious that the author did a ton of research throughout the series What's commendable is how she blends it all seamlessly with a religion that is gender eual Even if you don't care much for history the parallels and anti parallels between Elliot's and the real world is uite obvious so most people should be able to appreciate itCharacters another strong point I found that the characters behaved consistently with well explored motivations Though at times a couple of antagonists are a bit too arrogant and presumptuous to feel entirely real the justification here being their faith and noble birth though it may just be me being a modern day atheist Some people point out that it's hard to connect with the protagonists in this series and it's partially justified Keep in mind though that this is a 7 book series with a main story that spans better part of a decade and Elliot has kept character development mostly to a slow pace which feels realistic for me but frustrating to many And unlike in ASOIAF or Wheel of Time where some protagonists gain great politicalmilitary power over the course of the series the harsh realities of the feudal society is painfully reflected in the Crown of StarsPacing I think this is the main reason for the lukewarm reception of this series There are lots of well depicted maneuvering both politically and on the battlefield but when compared to many other fantasy series these days it feels just a bit too far in between Many people complain especially in the middle of the series that the story crawls gradually forward at a snail's pace a common problem with epic fantasies really So it comes down to whether you appreciate the character interactions sufficiently in the meantime to overcome the frustration For me it was never a problem because first of all I do not expect speedy resolution from an epic fantasy and second by that time I was too firmly attached to the fates of Liath Sanglant and Alain not to continue So if you have problems finishing books like Crossroads of Twilight or A Feast for Crows then I would not recommend this series to youCrown of Stars cannot compete with The Wheel of Time for its sheer scope nor can it compete with ASOIAF for the depth of its political intrigue and it certainly cannot compete with LotR for the amount of heroic action Nevertheless by incorporating all these classical elements of a good epic fantasy into her own creatively imagined and well realized world Kate Elliot gave us a complete fantasy series that I thoroughly enjoyed reading