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Plague of Shadows The Aldoran Chronicles #2Ah before the Black Watch catches him Joined by Rae her daughter Suri and a former captain in the Black of Shadows The PDF #10003 Watch the small band makes their way north hoping to keep ahead of the white riders Little do they know who has been sent to track them downMeanwhile Kira and the Warren underground continue their search for Reevie as they attempt to discover the reason behind the strange disappearances in Aramoor However the answers they seek are disturbing than anything they could have imagin. The second book in the series seriously shifts the perspective from which the events are told while the first book made you feel Ty was the main hero we see very little from his perspective The little I saw from his perspective was about as appealing as Harry Potter in the order of the Phoenix The changes in personality are understandable but lack appeal Ferrin‘s escape is going on leading so far only to character development The adventures of the former guardian protector are forming the action heavy part of the book The part that would have really interrested me on how the political shenanigans are going to continue seem to be mainly the topic of coming booksI think being locked into s infrastructure is going to hurt the authors prospects in the long run I have bought the audio books but would have preferred to by the paperbacks from a local store

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G with a pair Rhivanni tinkers as they Plague of Epubhead east toward Sidara Then a plea for help from a young rover boy leads them into the middle of a horrific bloodbath at the hands of an enemy no one has seen in over a thousand years If they aren’t stopped of Shadows The Aldoran Chronicles MOBI #10003 these creatures will spread across Aldor leaving nothing but destruction in their wakeAs the first prisoner to escape the clutches of the White Tower Ferrin’s only concern is reaching his sister Myri. This one was almost to much for me It just spent so much time with the bad guys who are dark and over whelming It seemed long and hopeless

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READ & DOWNLOAD ð Plague of Shadows The Aldoran Chronicles #2 í [PDF / Epub] ★ Plague of Shadows The Aldoran Chronicles #2 Author Michael Wisehart – As magic's influence spreads across the five kingdoms the White Tower's reach extends with it No place is left untouchedIn his uest for vengeanceAs magic's influence Shadows The MOBI #9734 spreads across the five kingdoms the White Tower's reach extends with it No place is left untouchedIn his uest for vengeance against the witch Mangora Ty stumbles across a curious book he believes might help But its pages hold a dark secret that threatens to unravel everything his family and friends have been fighting for The he reads the addicted he becomes to the knowledge it offersWith no memory of who he is or where he came from Ayrion finds himself travelin. Book had so much promise Unfortunately the entire book amounted to what should have been a uarter of a larger thorough book The main characters were never really developed and the story went no where The story line ended a tiny bit farther along from the first book There were a ton of inconsistencies in the characters and their growth Overall a meh 2nd book that felt like it was written to ensure you buy the third book Unfortunately I am not sure how the 3rd book could wrap up anything described so far so you’d need to buy the third and fourth and however many Very disappointing as the book story and characters show real promise