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read kindle ✓ Single White Vampire ´ Mass Market Paperback â [PDF] ✑ Single White Vampire Author Lynsay Sands – SWM Lucern Successful biographer of family books recently categorized as paranormal romance Something of a recluse Hates crowds aggressive women Doesn't like sunbathingUld take off from it The tall dark handsome writer just needs to be taken to several romance conventions and introduced to his fansand stopped from acting so strange in public Dislikes difficult rude obnoxious pig headed writers Currently unaware she's met the man of her wildest dreams OH DE Third book in the series and I am still addicted The Argeneau of focus in this one was Lucern and he played the role of the curmudgeonly old vamp over 600 years old who was growing tired of life Enter his editor Kate C Leever Kate took over handling Luc when his old editor died of a heart attack Growing increasingly annoyed at his lack of communication she finally in a desperate bid flew to his house in Toronto to make him commit to an interview or a book tour or just to giving her a phone number so she could contact him The funny is that Luc writes paranormal romance novels which of course are actually non fiction chronologies of his families lives but are sold as paranormal romance Reminds me of a certain JR Ward Anywho Kate gets to Luc's house and of course slap stick comedy and misunderstandings abound Finally Luc agrees to do the RT Thing just to get Kate out of his house and out of his life Poor Luc didn't realize he agreed to 5 days in New York at the Romantic Times Convention I know And Kate doesn't know he is a Vamp at this point so you just know it's gonna be all kinds of goodnessIt was fun following Kate and Luc's misadventures and steamy adventures while they wondered what that ringing was It's the Clue phone people answer it Seriously though it was very enjoyable and I am already slowly ingesting the 4th book in the series to see what Argeneau Vampire will end up in the Love Seat next

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Red lips Stronger than ten men and can vanish in the blink of an eye Currently unaware he's seeking a woman to share eternitySWF Kate C Leever Newest editor of Romance at Roundhouse Publishing Perky fun Has recently discovered a legacy author just dying to be broken out In fact her career co This is #3 in the recommended reading order for the Argeneau series of 30 paranormal romances so far but it was the first Argeneau book to appear in September 2003 In it Lucern Argeneau age 612 and the oldest of Marguerite's kids finds his life mate at long last in his editor Kate C Leever Now bear with me 'cause this gets complicated In the first third of this book Lucern's kid brother Etienne age only a bit over 300 gets married to Rachel Garrett and the story of how he got together with his bride wasn't told until the preuel Love Bites came out in January 2004 Then in July 2004 the world got the real seuel to Lucern's story in which the middle brother Bastien Argeneau finds happiness with Kate Leever's cousin Terri That's Tall Dark HungryFinally in November 2005 than a year later the youngest of the Argeneau siblings Lissianna a mere 202 years old is the first of the four of them to find a life mate in A uick Bite I've been reading the Argeneau books in the author's recommended reading order which tells the siblings' stories one after the other first Lissianna then #2 Etienne #3 Lucern here #4 Bastien to come Curiously they fit together seamlessly except for a few little tells for example the whole thing about your life mate being the only one whose mind you can't read or control isn't fully developed yet in Lucern's storyThese are all paranormal romances and they involve the nicest vampires you could ever hope to meet all because of the author's brilliant idea nanobots Vampires are from the lost continent of Atlantis where advanced science developed self replicating nanobots to heal injuries uickly when injected into a person's bloodstream; they also cured all diseases and prevented aging and all they need is some of the person's blood which of course needs to be replenished freuentlySo there's a touch of science fiction for the backstory and a feeble attempt in this book to explain what wasn't clear in #1 or #2 in the recommended order mind not publication order why the vamps developed mind reading and mind control which is what lets them live undetected among us Not too convincing something about nanobots in the brain HmmThe vamps aren't uite immortal because they can be killed by anything that completely overwhelms the nanobots for example if there's a major injury and no blood sources around the nanos will exhaust the vamp's own blood and that's it Also as in this book what a stake to the heart does is to stop the blood circulation so the nanos can't do the uick healing pull out the stake get the heart beating again and the vamp heals right upAnd sunshine is avoided as much as possible because it makes the nanos work overtime and use up blood; so a nocturnal lifestyle is pretty much preferred but not totally necessaryThe first two books in recommended order were light hearted comfort reading with a bit of action and danger; this one is all that but it's also full of uproariously funny scenes with one delightful mishap after another It even takes meet cute up to the level of slapstick comedy Big laughs for me And the awful plot devices of romance novels are somewhat muted here misunderstandings arise rather naturally from the personalities of Lucern and Kate who are well developed as self doubting introvertsThere's meta humor too because Lucern is a famous writer of vampire romances which were just biographical barely even disguising names of his family; he is the fictitious author of A uick Bite and Love Bites and Kate is his editor who with Marguerite's help manages to persuade Lucern to attend a romance magazine's annual five day convention I suspect I've read a glorious parody of such affairs if you've been to one you might enjoy this book even than I did

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Single White VampireSWM Lucern Successful biographer of family books recently categorized as paranormal romance Something of a recluse Hates crowds aggressive women Doesn't like sunbathing garlicky dinners or religious symbols Likes old fashioned values; spicy Mexican dishes; warm nice smelling neck; and plump This book was so funny and so cute like Lucian ugh my heart lil baby “Would she make him the happiest man on God's earth or the most miserable man that ever existed? He was hoping for the happy optionI love youThat was a good start Lucern decided” Luc is the writer of vampire romances which he bases on his own life events because he is drum roll a freaking vampire Kate is his new editor who was weirdly 3D and developed for such a short novel And like this book got so real on life it kinda hurt “That's why they pay me the big bucks He gave her a winkKate laughed None of them got paid big bucks They were underpaid overworked and stressed out most of the time” Ouch babe i feelKate is trying to save her career and publicize Luc’s book but they didnt totally get along for the first few weeks and clashed a couple of times “She was only halfway down when she spotted him She immediately paused blinked then scowled You aren't readyIt was Lucern's turn to blink His angel was bellowing She was also frantic The serene vision was gone” And what good modern vampire book wouldn’t critiue Buffy and her stake happy nature?? “He was still ranting about writing to whomever was in charge of the Buffy show and straightening them out when Kate returned” The slow burn of the two people learning about each other trying to be professional but attracted was hilarious especially Kate’s POV “And she would act professionally even if that's all it was an act and she really wanted to rip his designer suit off and plaster herself to his naked bodyOhhhh This wasn't good” And then when Kate found out his vampirism secret they broke into a blood bank together and I was laughing so fucking hard “In your years of living she began in a strained tone I don't suppose you learned anything about burglary did you?A thing or two Lucern admittedGood She sounded relieved Because all I know about it is what I've seen on TV” Overall a funny entertaining read with cute scenes and Luc is my anti social bookcrush baby “She'd forgotten to tell him that his book was nominated in three different categories She winced when he turned an accusing glare on herYou're nominated That doesn't mean you'll win Kate said soothinglyAnd the winner is Luke Amirault for Love BitesMerde Lucern muttered”