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The dreaded day had arrived And this year February th had a dual meaning Since his breakup a month ago with his boyfriend Valentine Giovanni Deke’s life seemed meaningless What had he expected The moment Val found out he’d cheated on him the shit hit the fan and Deke’s shoes hit the pavementHe didn’t have time to explain. This a very short story less than 20 pages and a D s' story Actually it's not really an hard core type of BDSM's story I read a lot in the past; in this one the main characters limit themself to some spanking all right with a paddle but still only spanking and some power games like you can only come when I said it The main reason for it to be a D s' story is to test the relationship between the heroes and the trust there is between a Master and his submissiveDeke made a very big mistake lacking in trust completely his Master he preferred to cheat on him to stir up the obviously conseuence being banished from his life But a month later on Valentine's Day Deke is ready to beg his Master Val as for Valentine to take him back; he realized that living without Val is a lot harder than trust him completely Truth be told it's not so difficult to convince Valentine to give him another chanceI have the feeling that nor Deke or Valentine are really into the whole BDSM's world They are players they like to play the role of Master and submissive but no one of them is really into the pain thing What Val does to Deke to punish him for other convinced BDSM couple will be a appetizer And then Valentine never pushes Deke till his limit to test the boundaries he never makes Deke admit that he is a submissive to Val's love; what Deke does it's exactly what Deke wants to doIt's uite hard to accept that Val forgives Deke's cheat so easily but then probably you have to consider that Val loves Deke Val's family is not so accepting of their son and in Deke Val not only found a lover but also a family since he almost adopted also Deke's mother Letting Deke go means loosing not only a lover but also the fragile stability that Val managed to build in his new life Considering this probably it's not so strange that Val is so ready almost eager to forgive Dekehttpelisa rollelivejournalcom52

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Valentine's VindicationEaming match Deke thought he’d feel relief when it was over but every day was dismal than the last and all he felt was emptiness He’d never loved anyone like he loved Val He realized that nowAnd tonight he planned to grovel and beg for forgiveness prove his love to the manWARNING Bondage submission spanking domination submissi. 35 stars

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Read ò Valentine's Vindication Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ [Download] ➺ Valentine's Vindication ➿ Keta Diablo – The dreaded day had arrived And this year February 14th had a dual meaning Since his breakup a month ago with his boyfriend Valentine Giovanni Deke’s life seemed meaninWhy he cheated and Val wouldn’t believe him Val deserved better a submissive that completely trusted him who’d commit wholly to his rough sex and demands So rather than talk over his fears and insecurities Deke forced a breakup by admitting he’d cheatedIt was a painful scene an angry gut wrenching debacle that ended in a scr. This well written story takes place in one night in which both men are unbelievably sexually potent up to three times It’s about a cheating sub who wants to do everything for his Dom to take him back The night is a test and there’s a lot of spanking and hot sex involved Fun uick read if you don’t mind the spanking 35 stars