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A Pussy A Pirate and Poachers Read & Download ☆ 104 î [Reading] ➸ A Pussy A Pirate and Poachers By Kassanna – Insolpro.co.uk Milla's week was bad a lot harder than usual for an importexport expert Alex couldn't believe he'd found his mate Too bad she's a smugglerMilla didn't know who or what she pissed off but she Milla's week A Pirate PDF #180 was bad a lot harder than usual for an importexport expert Alex couldn't believe he'd found his mate Too bad she's a smugglerMilla didn't know who or what she pissed off but she was having the worst week of her life Her ship had sunk during a freak storm Luckily she'd gotten her crew and most of her cargo off But somehow she end. This is a fun sexy story The author adds humor action and some smoking hot sex I loved the plot and the characters but wanted passion between the character and I wish the author would have gotten deeper into the story All in all this was a good read and I would still recommend it because you don’t find many pirate paranormal romances I do have to warn those who are not into the anal sex; this one has anal play and sex

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Didn't until he got a good whiff of her Now all he could Pussy A Pirate ePUB #180 think about was mating her That alone was ridiculous she was human What made it worse was her penchant for illegal activities As an ATF officer he was geared and ready to take her down for smuggling Now he found himself doing anything to protect her And she thought her day was b. I just finished reading A Pussy A Pirate and Poachers by Kassanna I have to admit some aspects of the story are phantasmagorical But once I suspended all of the beliefs I personally carry for the paranormal it became a fun journey The story is a lighthearted read with some conflict and a lot of lovingOur heroine Milla is a female pirate She is ballsy and than a bit brash in flavor But her true colors are easy to see from the start of the novel Essentially Milla finds herself shipwrecked with a boat load of exotic animalsIn all honesty she seems of dubious character at first as the ship is filled with animals poached from their natural habitat However she redeems herself by refusing to leave the animals trapped on board the sinking vessel Not to mention she sends the rest of the crew away without herThe last animal she is able to save before the ship sinks is a panther But the panther is much than he seems in fact the panther is really a shape shifter caught in the wrong place and in the wrong skin The real spice however starts when the panther returns the favor and saves her life in the treacherous ocean by treading water with her the entire nightThe panther’s name is Alex and when they find land all seems to be well Until the pair stumble onto a nefarious plan in paradise masterminded by a kingpinThis story is filled with passion and the lovemaking melded well with the attention catching flavor of the mystical Kassanna has yet to disappoint me whenever I want something outside of the usual box of romantic suspense Not to mention I wouldn’t mind having a cat if it were just like Alex Reviewed by Jennifer

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A Pussy A Pirate and PoachersEd up on an island with a A Pussy ePUB #187 neurotic cat a black panther to be specific Her week from hell culminates when they land on an island owned by an ex drug lord with security issues Then there was one little issue she didn't see coming Ole pussycat wasn't a panther at allAlex had no clue why he didn't want to leave the infuriating woman At least he. A Pussy a Pirate and PoachersBy KassannaReview by Linda Hays Gibbs Milla is a pirate and a poacher She is losing her ship to a storm when the story opens Milla is trying to release a panther from its cage while the storm rages and suffers several terrible swipes by the beast but she doesn’t give up She finally releases the cat and they fall into the sea She is about to drown when the cat rescues her They swim to an islandAt first she is afraid of the cat but realizes that he only wants to help her He leads her to water and feeds her with fish She is just getting used to these circumstances when they find themselves captured by other pirates on the island Alex is the panther and he is a shifter He is a man one moment and a panther the next He finds that he is totally in love with the woman She has captured him and he finds he is her soul mate He goes with her into captivity with the pirates and shifts in the middle of the night into a man He tries to comfort the lady by laying beside her as she is having terrible nightmares He finds he cannot keep his hands off her and they make love and demolish the bed The pirates come into the bedroom and see the man change back into a panther and leave They decide the panther is worth a lot of money and try to capture him He is baited to come back by using Milla She is mistreated and he attacks her attackers He tries to rescue her several times and they run into great difficulties It is an endearing tale I loved the shifter part and the great love scenes between the two It is rather erotic and tantalizing The humor was fantastic too I really enjoyed this story and wish it would have been longer It was way too short I give her five stars out of five It was an enjoyable read and I would love to read of her work Great job Kassanna This review is for The Romance Reviewsposted by Linda Hays Gibbshttperotictheromancereviewscomvhttperotictheromancereviewscom