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Be Very Afraid Zebra Romantic Suspense review Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Be Very Afraid Zebra Romantic Suspense Author S.K. McClafferty – Liz Moncrief still blames herself For getting involved in the first place For putting her carrer at the FBI ahead of eLiz Moncrief still blames herself For getting involved Afraid Zebra ePUB #9734 in the first place For putting her carrer at the FBI ahead of everything else For being just too damned obsessed with catching the serial killer who buried his young victims alive But the Cemetery Man eluded her and murdered Be V. I liked the banter between the two main characters It was a real nailbiter but I guessed who the culprit was way before the ending darn it

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Ery Epubher daughter Something in Liz died that dayand two years alter the pain is just as raw Jake English FBI Special Agent is faced with an impossible task protecting an ex wife who loathes him Who won't listen He's on his way Liz And he's killed two kids in Very Afraid Zebra Epub #180 less than two mont. uick easy read Very creepy but good

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Be Very Afraid Zebra Romantic SuspenseHs The uantico H put Jake in charge of the case but he knows that Liz is the one with the gift the only one who possesses an intuition finely honed enough to get into the mind of the monster And she must Because Jake is certain the twisted sadistic game the Cemetery Man is playing can only end one wayin dea. Ugh Honestly re reading the synopsis makes me dislike this just a little bit Because it’snot uite accurate Close butnot uite It’s like it was written before the novel itself or somethingThe prologue pulled me right in because I’m a sucker for a good villain intro But then everything promptly lost me I very nearly gave up on this book so many times because I just couldn’t get into it I’d been reading it for 2 3 weeks and hadn’t been able to make it past the first 75 pages But then our power went out for 33 hours and I had nothing better to do so I sat and I read and it got interesting enough to finish But I’m still pretty “meh” about itJake is introduced first and I didn’t care for him very much His intro was just toolong for lack of better description Liz’s intro pulled me back in a bit and I started to like her but as the novel progresses I kinda started to dislike her and feel for Jake Really the only thing that kept me reading was the interaction between them That’s the best partThere are a fair few glaringly obvious and annoying grammar punctuation and spelling errors in this that make me cringe from a writer standpoint A character’s name even changed in the span of a single sentence once It made me wonder how it got published in such a stateOn top of that I didn’t really care for the constant change in character pov More than once it would change and I would actually need to stop and re read and try to figure out who I was following now There’s really no rhyme or reason for each change and it can be distracting at timesThere was one time where I was on the edge of my seat fearing for what might happen to a characterbut it didn’t last long I fear the ending was meant to have that same effect but it didn’t Not for me anyway Actually I found the villain reveal to be pretty disappointing It’s revealed to the reader a lot faster than it’s revealed to the characters so it DOES have the effect of the reader screaming “Don’t do that That’s the villain” But the villain’s motivation isn’t really explained in a satisfying manner I still have no idea why the victims were chosen and pursued especially the main one in the novel It annoyed me I felt like I’d stuck with it this long and gone on an adventure and not learned anything by the end Alas I had a feeling this would happen as I hit the last 10 pagesand then 5 pagesand nothing had really been explainedIt’s a shame because this had so much potential It just needed loveable characters and a better ending