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Between the Vines Summary Ï eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ ❰Download❯ ➶ Between the Vines Author Tricia Stringer – She's given up everything for love it could be the biggest mistake of her lifeTaylor Rourke wants to change her impulsive ways when it comes to romance and not fall for any mA woman in the past That's not the only source of conflict Pete has a dream to save the family vines Edward's dreams lie elsewhereAs the lies and deceit grow matters come to a head in the vibrant and demanding vintage season Will Taylor's dream of a new life and love between the vines come true Or is there only heartbreak ahead Set in the beautiful Coonawarra vineyards a wonderful feel good rural romance from best selling Australian author Tricia String. As I am travelling to the Coonawarra region in April this was the obvious pick off my shelf of backlist books to read I have read Tricia's latest offering The Model Wife and enjoyed that so had no hesitation in choosing Between the VinesTaylor is single with a couple of failed relationships behind her She is the designated driver for her friends who head to Coonawarra for a hens weekend One of the wineries they visit is a small winery called Wriggly Creek wines whilst there she meets the two brothers who co own the winery She is immediately taken with Ed and vice versa After returning back to Adelaide she is fired from her job and decides to return to Coonawarra and see if a relationship with Ed has any merit She finishes up being offered a casual job working at the winery where she learns all about the growing and production of wine She finds that working with the brothers has its challenges and when they start arguing between themselves about the future of the winery she is caught between the two I would describe this book as Women's Fiction rather than Rural Romance as it had a compelling story which touched on romance but had its share of drama too I was immediately captivated by the plot and I loved the descriptions of the Coonawarra region and I learned about the process of making wine in the other red centre of Australia

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She's given up everything for love it could be the biggest Between the MOBI #10003 mistake of her lifeTaylor Rourke wants to change her impulsive ways when it comes to romance and not fall for any man on a whim but then on a hen party trip to a Coonawarra vineyard she meets Edward Starr Gorgeous and charismatic Edward is enough to make any girl give up her flat and job in Adelaide and move to the countrySo it's something of a shock that when she gets the. This is my first time reading something by Tricia Stringer and I really enjoyed this story

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Between the VinesRe Edward is nowhere to be seen Not wanting to admit she may have made a mistake and return home in disgrace Taylor accepts the job that Edward's younger brother Pete offers her and throws herself into her work keen to learn as much as she can about the wine tradeTaylor is thrilled when Ed returns but she uickly discovers he may not be the man she thought he was Her growing friendship with Pete causes tension between the brothers who have fallen out over. 'Between the Vines' by Tricia Stringer disappointed me It had a weak plot limp characters a non sizzling romance and dragged on for many pages However the description of winemaking seemed realistic and the Coonawarra wine region is depicted in loving terms I thought it a bit strange that in the notes at the back of the book the author says that most of the places are fictional; however she mentions all real life towns a number of times Naracoorte Penola Robe Casterton Keith and I only spotted a couple in passing that may have been made up Perhaps she meant the wineries I thought Taylor's motives for moving to the winery and then cooking for everyone seemed silly The two brothers she gets involved with were just basically nice people and had absolutely no oomph to them Wishy washy