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Summary ✓ Imaginary Landscape Making Worlds of Myth and Science ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ñ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☆ Imaginary Landscape Making Worlds of Myth and Science Author William Irwin Thompson – In a demythologized world William ThoIn a demythologized world William Making Worlds PDF #197 Thompson finds that the power of myth is ironically being restored at. I checked this book out of the UCLA Library in my attempt to find bridges to Rudolf Steiner since I was soon to start a new job at a Waldorf inspired school and was doing my best to understand this visionary whose ideas I had trouble acceptingThompson the founder of Lindisfarne and father of Evan Thompson appreciates Steiner and I appreciate Thompson so I thought I might find some insightI don't think I actually finished this book before it was due But I enjoyed Thompson's mind jazz flights of imagination He finished this book around the same time his son and Francisco Varela were working on early parts of The Embodied Mind 1991In his prologue Thompson credits Varela James Lovelock Lynn Margulis and Ralph Abraham for helping him synthesize a fourth mentality In his typology the first mentality is arithmetic simply counting The second is the geometry of Pythagoras and Plato where the ideal is unmoving geometry The third is dynamic Linear euations allow us to grapple with motion as did Galileo Newton and DescartesAnd the fourth is the understanding of chaotic complex aperiodic phenomena made possible by non linear euationsElsewhere in the book Thompson interprets the Rapunzel myth as in one level of interpretation a story of the evolutionary conflict between asexual and sexual reproduction Mind jazz indeed

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The leading edge of science This book surveys the present from Post Modern theory to a science encompassing Chaos theory and th. This guy sounds like a fruitcake to begin with but I went along with it and eventually found that he linked myth and science or knowledge of the natural in a very interesting and unusual way If you are at all interested in mythfolklore and biology I'd recommended this book highly

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Imaginary Landscape Making Worlds of Myth and ScienceE Gaia hypothesis and Imaginary Landscape Epubfinds in it the threads out of which a future conceptual landscape might be woven. this one was a bit over my head