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New Leather Free download ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ú [Read] ➵ New Leather ➼ Debra Varva – Bondage is not journalist Carl Guttuso's thing He has no need to tie a man up or beat the crap out of him and call it sexy No one is doing that to him either or so he thought During an interview thBondage is not journalist Carl Guttuso's thing He has no need to tie a man up or beat the crap out of him and call it sexy No one is doing that to him either or so he thought During an interview the charismatic BDSM Dom James Pauly asks Carl to be his submissive lover to learn about the lifestyle from within and Carl agrees to a six week contract James has not been romantically inv. Carl is a journalist needing background on a story he’s working on about BDSM lifestyle Really though he’s interested on a personal level And lucky for him he stumbles onto the perfect for him Dom in James who’s willing AND able to drop everything to fill Carl’s every needThis is a good entry level book on the genre for readers new to it Both MCs are likable and their story interesting if very predictable I did like how much as he tried Carl was not a natural at one thing in particular the two tried out in the playroom It was distracting that the author tended to use ‘dominate’ the verb when the noun ‘dominant’ was intended James was a fabulous dominate Else wise it’s a pleasant enough uick read

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Olved since his last sub left when James refused to whip him beyond what was safe In Carl he sees a second chance to connect with a man who wants than the pain James can give him He recognizes the sexual interest in Carl's eyes and thinks the handsome young reporter will be perfect Carl is surprised by the desire he feels for a man who admits to subjugating his lovers but the intens. I could be unkind and give this a lower rating for a number of reasons but the truth is I genuinely enjoyed itTo enjoy this sensitively written and well intentioned book about one man'a initiation into the BDSM lifestyle you need to do a couple of thingsgo back to a pre FSOG world before we all knew way too much about BDSM or maybe that's just me By virtue of necessity and plot the book is a bit of a primer on how or why of BDSM practicesget over the unfortunate use of Dominate instead of Dominant it doesn't appear on print often but still annoying and jarring Also a couple of mentions of tits I prefer nipples or pecs but maybe it's a way of the Dom thinking of his male sub as precisely that a SubOn to the bookIn order to gain insight into the BDSM lifestyle Carl a journalist enters into a contract with James Chef owner of a hot restaurant and also a Dominant for six weeks Each man starts the relationship for different reasons Carl is researching a story about a lifestyle he is sure is crazy and could hold no personal appeal for him James wants to prove a theory about what he calls Romantic Dominance by which he means that the gratifications of a Ds relationship are richer if there is an emotional investment between the parties and not the anonymous scene at a clubNeedless to say during the course of the weeks Carl comes to reassess everything he believed about himself in terms of his sexual proclivities and likes and James not only proves his theories but learns that to gain what he wants he must also risk what he fears to loseI liked the way the whole story was treated and if sometimes there was a bit of tell and not show or an ABC on BDSM that was okay and justified as a journalistic inuiryI liked that though the rug gets pulled out from under him Carl is not a whiny woe is me kind of guy He feels something new thinks about processes it and moves on I liked Carl's family and friends His mother is a superstar and Tony is delightfulAs usual for me the Doms have a higher bar to pass and James to me was the lesser of the couple He should count his lucky stars that Carl even likes him Yes he is a successful chef business owner and caring Dom However like most Doms in MM he is the insecure one the one who wants things without really opening up Towards the end he does redeem himself in how he relates to Carl and that is probably my favorite thing about this book It ends not in a hard and fast HEA but rather on an open door to a future full of possibilities and that's the best we can wish for in our own livesWhat a pity that this seems to be the only book by this author because I think there is real potential here She doesn't make either of these guys a chick with a dick as many MM books do and thank heavens

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New LeatherIty of the games they play becomes addictive and Carl wants much James dismayed by yet another sub's demands for pain refuses to be rushed He hopes to keep Carl past their contract but it may be all he can do to keep him for the six weeks For both men the arrangement becomes a journey of self discovery that could tear them apart in spite of their growing attractionApprox word count. Carl the gay reporter wants to do a piece on Leathermen His desire to do expose on the BDSM leather lifestyle had me wincing Would this be good or bad I am going to end up with a negative BDSM piece To my delight this story is done in a very good way and rather hot James is the Dom showing Carl the lifestyle It helps that Carl possesses submissive tendenciesThe bargain is 6 weeks every weekend Carl submits to James This is when he learns about what it means to submit and also how impact play works This story is a great one for New to BDSM readers It's gentle in it's teaching since it is a new to BDSM learning There aren't any heavy handed lectures which I appreciated The budding relationship between Carl and James was also sweet This was a nice erotic romance The only thing that bugged me was the author's usage of dominate Dominate is a VERB not a noun Several times she called James a dominate He's not He's a Dominant who dominates Picky yes but annoying and pulled me out of the story I recommend this book to mm lovers who want to try a bit of BDSM