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The Dark Heart of ItalyIn Tobias Jones immigrated Heart of Kindle #216 to Italy expecting to discover the pastoral bliss described by centuries of foreign visitors Instead he found a very different country one besieged by unfathomable terrorism and deep seated paranoia The Dark Heart of Italy is Jones's account of his four year voyage across the Italian peninsulaJones writes not just about Italy's art climate and cuisine but also about the much livelier and s. Murder bombings money laundering fraud conspiracies monopolies Fascism Communism the mafia wealth and an endless diet of prurient television This was Italian politics under Berlusconi in a nutshell This book prizes open the nutshell and gives us all the gory detailsIt also gives us fascinating insights into Italian culture generally and is for the most part absolutely riveting I had no idea that Italian culture was so very different from what we experience here in the UK I’d had a whiff that their politics were a tad outrageous – our newspapers regularly had Yikes I don’t believe it moments about Berlusconi’s behaviourbut I knew very little about modern Italian culture This book is a fantastic read for anyone wanting to get beyond the usual expat odes to Italy Most of us who have been there fell in love with the country but Tobias Jones is different Whilst there are aspects he obviously enjoys this is not a love storyTalking about reading herewith an extract from the book about the reading habits of Italians which I found amusing Jones is a Guardian journalist and in Italy he was teaching literature classes at a university – so his views may be slightly jaundicedview spoiler“Italy is unlike Britain a visual rather than a literary country Perhaps because there’s such a forest of legal and bureaucratic language very few people read newspapers even fewer buy or borrow books Research shows that a massive percentage of Italian adults don’t read one book a year On public transport in Britain half the passengers might be reading; in Italy they will be eyeing each other or else ‘reading’ the Settimana Enigmistica a magazine of riddles and crosswords There is one uickly notices no populist press and there will be an Italian bestseller Andrea Camilleri is the latest example only once a decadeReading when it’s done at all is done under duress None of my students I get the impression has ever read a book for pleasure” hide spoiler

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Summary The Dark Heart of Italy õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ö ❰Reading❯ ➶ The Dark Heart of Italy Author Tobias Jones – In 1999 Tobias Jones immigrated to Italy expecting to discover the pastoral bliss described by centuries of foreign visitors Instead he found a very different coPadre Nostro Our Father to Cosa Nostra the MafiaThe Italy that Dark Heart of Epub #217 emerges from Jones's travels is a country scarred by civil wars and illustrious corpses a country that is proudly visual rather than verbal based on aesthetics rather than ethics a country where crime is hardly ever followed by punishment a place of incredible illusionism where it is impossible to distinguish fantasy from reality and fact from fictio. In a readable style Jones discusses Italy and Italians He even manages to make the political situation clearer Anyone would enjoy this book who is the least bit interested in Italy

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Tranger sides of the Bel Paese the language The Dark Kindle soccer Catholicism cinema television and terrorism Why he wonders does the parliament need a slaughter commission Why do bombs still explode every time politics start getting serious Why does everyone urge him to go home as soon as possible saying that Italy is a brothel Most of all why does one man Silvio Berlusconi in the words of a famous song appear to own everything from. Easy reading overview of contemporary Italian politics with a bit of culture thrown in It's journalistic than literary and parses politics than a casual reader might hope for but Jones leaves some wonderful passages scattered throughout to keep one going And the book's now newly relevant with the recent reelection of Berlusconi if your first and final response to news accounts of Italian politics is what the hell this offers as good a place as any to start pulling apart the threads