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The uarter Boys Michel Doucette Sassy Jones Mystery #1 characters Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook î ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The uarter Boys Michel Doucette Sassy Jones Mystery #1 By David Lennon ❤ – The day that a tourist is discovered murdered in a guest house in NOr a fresh start Little does he suspect that Joel's life depends on his finding the killer or foresee the personal sacrifices he'll have to make to succeed The uarter Boys is the first in a series of novels featuring detectives Michel Doucette and Sassy Jones The second book Echoes won the Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Myste. Great start for a new series I am looking forward to reading book 2

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Boys Michel PDFEPUB #190 The day that a tourist is discovered murdered in a guest house in New Orleans' French uarter Joel The uarter PDFEPUBFaulkner an innocent year old from Mississippi arrives in town hoping to start a new life When he uarter Boys Michel PDFEPUB #234 meets homicide detective Michel Doucette he feels uarter Boy. There is something I like than gay romance and that is a good gay mystery with romance thrown inAnd I like it when I come across an author that is new for me and find that he has a series It is so exciting A bit like finding an undiscovered country Reading then becomes an adventure as I discover new people new stories and new lives It is just so exciting Did I say that beforeI know this might sound nerdy but I don't careAnd here is a new author for me with a series of six murder mystery books set in New Orleans Detective Michel Doucette and his partner Detective Alexandra 'Sassy' Jones work together to find the serial killer stalking New Orleans French uarterAnd along the way Michel finds attraction and possibly love but he finds this amongst the seedy world of New Orleans drugs prostitution and men who seek relief from their daily lives in the anonymity of the CityThis was a great beginning to this series The story was excellent and introduces characters for the rest of the series The mystery felt real and kept me guessing The attraction wasn't rushed and the characters felt rich I could really feel their many different layers and the complexities in their personalities and livesI also loved the fact that there is a black woman in this series A fiesty black woman who is a detective and who holds her own whilst also showing compassion and support to MichelI recently finished the Henry Rios series and now I have another series to wallow in I am ecstatic Plus it is shaping up to be a great series too Good reading and lovely mysteries lie ahead

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The uarter Boys Michel Doucette Sassy Jones Mystery #1S Michel Doucette Sassy PDFEPUB or his life is finally coming together but soon he finds himself being uarter Boys Michel Doucette Sassy PDFEPUB or drawn into a world of drugs and prostitution and directly into the path of the killer When Michel and his partner Alexandra Sassy Jones are given the case Michel sees it as a chance f. What a good mystery I love that it took place in New Orleans my favorite place to want to visit Love the cast of characters from Sassy to Lady Chanel and of course Michel Joel I was on the edge of my seat and this novel is really suspenseful I only have to say that what happen to one of the characters I didn't expect and it left a lump in my throatI'm on to read the next book in this series and I can't wait to read the next 2'I re read this again and it's just as good as reading it the first timeJust a wonderful start to a great mystery series with a great cast of characters 21017