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Mobi Ö The Blacksmith's Son Mageborn #1 ´ 386 pages Á Insolpro ✓ ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Blacksmith's Son Mageborn #1 By Michael G. Manning ✩ – Alternate cover edition of ASIN B005A1JBB8Mordecai's simple life as the son of a blacksmith is transformed by the dHt As he journeys to understand the power within him he is drawn into a dangerous plot to destroy the Duke of Lancaster and undermine the Kingdom of Lothion Love and tr Excellent narration but very weak writing style The premise is good and I want to go easy on a debut novel but Gah The POV changes from 3rd person to 1st person nearly a writing taboo and back again within just a few pages This occurs throughout the novel Disorienting See one excerpt below This is 3rd person Penny Asking for help would only ruin her friends but the other option was to take the opportunity to make what remained of her life count for If she had to choose one other person to spend her life on the choice became simple Having made the decision she felt a calm come over her and she began to planSuddenly switches mid page to Mort in 1st person POV I was still talking to Marc and Dorian when Penny returned and I was glad to see her Dorian was busy trying to convince me that beer would speed my recovery and Marc was offering to have several pitchers sent to the room We were young and hadn’t had much experience with strong drink so the thought of drinking to excess was a new and exciting conceptOn top of that the modern slang destroys the medieval atmosphere getting laid pissed off scared the living shit out of me etc etcThe characterization is absurd The blacksmith's ordinary son took sudden magic and money in his stride Everything was too easy for him Teenage Penny was molested nearly raped so she would cover herself protectively at the very least right Nosoon after the rape scene she can't even be bothered to put on a night gown or a bed sheet before letting two people into the bedroom While she remains naked and nonchalant

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Son Mageborn PDFEPUB #195 Alternate cover edition of ASIN BAJBBMordecai's simple life as the son of a blacksmith is transformed by the discovery of his magical birthrig Mordecai was adopted He has known it his entire life and he loves his adpoted parents dearly He knows nothing of his birth parents but that won't stop the things he inherited from his birth father from completely changing his life Mordecai has magical powers and nothing will ever be the same for himThe Blacksmith's Son first and foremost feels like a young adult novel It's jam packed with standard young adult tropes He's an adopted boy who learns he's special and from a noble family His specialness will change the world The story is chalked full of absurd dialogue that may entice a younger audience but made me roll my eyes I wish the book was simply listed as young adult so I knew what to expect immediatelyThe story engaged me uickly with an action and panic filled prologue It is told from Mordecai's birth mother's perspective on the events that caused Mordecai to live with the Eldrige's The only unfortunate part about this was it ensured that the story would have little mystery as the reader learned about Mordecai's past before he did It also made the book's title largely irrelevant as there is no point when the reader thinks of Mordecai as simply the blacksmith's sonThe magic system in the book was at times shaky First I'd have to say the magic in the book is convenient overall Different people discovered there powers at just the right moments to save the day It runs somewhat contrary to the idea the story provided that mage's needed to have a teacher to learn magic That was true at times but clearly untrue at other times The point of views in the story were challenging The point of views switched uickly at times with little indication they were switching All the characters except Mordecai were telling the story in first person present while Mordecai was a strange mix of first person present and past In than one occasion I imagined a somewhat older Mordecai reading this book to someone and inserting comments along the lines of boy was I foolish There are than a few such instances in the bookThe Blacksmith's Son is an imaginative story that could have used some additional editing

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The Blacksmith's Son Mageborn #1Eachery combine to embroil him in events he was never prepared to face What he uncovers will change his understanding of the past and alter the future of those around h First I barely read 100 pages or so of my edition before giving up A book has to be pretty bad for me to put it downI could not stand the vulgar humour and lewd bends in conversation These alone would have been enough to make me never recommend the author or pick up the rest of the seriesThen came the graphic rape scene No Sure the idea of an abandoned boy brought up by foster parents suddenly displaying magical powers is a neat idea but a lot of books use that idea To make a good story the idea needs to be carried out well While the prologue was very nicely done with Mort's mother I disliked most of the story about Mort And there were freuent punctuation errors which were exceedingly distracting