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Ugh tough biker bar with the mysterious HawkeTwo hot men one wicked night When this good girl goes wild who will make her erotic dreams come true the enigmatic billionaire or the tattooed bad bo I've been waiting over a month for Sinful Rewards 3 to be released and it was definitely worth the wait The I read the I'm hanging on to my seat ready to burst it to laughter at the chain of events happening If you haven't read 1 and 2 it's best not to skip them because you're going to be missing juicy details My biggest concern is are women just as Bee really that naive? She was frustrating me because she couldn't see past the justice of doing the right thing and making an embarrassment of herself by assuming her boss would even consider giving of given sex for doing the right thing I knew from book 1 she would be disappointed by the status of her job AlsoI find myself choosing sides when I said I'll keep any open mind Although you have Billionaire Nicolas Rainer I find myself intruded by Ex Marine tattooed biker Hawke I don't see Hawke as the bad boy; that is the vibe that Nicolas gives me So in rooting for Hawke and waiting to see who friendly truly is

Kindle Sinful Rewards 3

Sinful Rewards 3Bee Carter's carefully constructed world is tumbling down around her designer knockoff heels Pleasing others isn't working for this small town fashionista Bee decides to throw caution to the Chi Cynthia Sax tosses you right back into Bee's unknown world in Chicago Will see get the job? Who is Friendly? When will she loose her BFF Cyndi? Now don't expect Cynthia to answer all your uestions in the latest installment After all we still have NINE to go Cynthia's dueling love interests compliment each other so well you genuinely cannot decide from one page to the next Hawke offers this overwhelmingly protectiveness when he sees Bee hurting He's a dead man an achingly familiar voice rumbles His ability to read her like he has known her all his life throws her off balance He tastes of strong black coffee flavored with a hint of forever and I inhale drawing him deep into me This line stayed with me in such a strong way for a few reasons What would a hint of forever taste like? The barista in me played with this idea for FAR too longand contemplated going into my local Starbucks and ordering a tall coffee with a hint of forever and seeing what they thought I then thought ig nstead of Catherine they might write Crazy on my cup'Forever' was such a uniue description for Hawke Hawke is the one who doesn't offer Bee the potential of a stable man who will stick around Then you have Nicolas Rainer My handsome generous hardworking billionaire is my forever With Nicolas he is trying with her As awkward as it comes off it is endearing The small gestures Bee notices like the way he answers his phone now is intentional and shows how much her cares He turns Bee on just as much as Hawke does in my opinion just in an entirely different way Nicolas dips his head and skims his lips over mine slowly gently a brief teasing caress His breath brushes across my cheeks his warmth coaxing the fire inside me higher The scent of mint and expensive cologne tickles my nostrils filling my senses with him Cynthia's writing is flawless Not a single scene is nonessential Every tidbit of information is vital to the story at hand Before I knew it I was reading the page that said Want to know what happens next for Bee Nicolas and Hawke? Sinful Rewards 4 is available October 14 from Avon Red Impulse Just when I was relaxing back into Bee's little Chicago world Like my previous reviews of Sinful Rewards 1My Review for Part 1 and Sinful Rewards 2 My Review for Part 2 I don't do spoilers but I will leave you with some of my favorite parts of the book that will leave you wanting A piece of paper is set flat on the surface beside a silver spoon and an ice bucket I slide close and read the jagged script 'Call me if you need Your Friend N' I peer into the ice bucket Nestled amidst the perfect cubes of ice is a single serve tub of decadent chocolate ice cream My chest warms Nicolas's thoughtfulness delighting me His kiss was nice my double D's Cyndi slaps my shoulder the impact shaking my body That tongue tussle gave me a lady boner The man lifted you off the ground I got hot watching itI have my theories about who Friendly is about how Nicolas and Hawke are tied about who the envelope is from BUT this isn't my story to tell And I know well enough to leave it to the professional And Cynthia is just that A professional teller of these amazingly HOT HOT stories and she is a wonderful friend

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Sinful Rewards 3 Book ´ 100 pages Ä Cynthia sax Ä [KINDLE] ✾ Sinful Rewards 3 ❂ Cynthia Sax – Bee Carter's carefully constructed world is tumbling down around her designer knockoff heels Pleasing others isn't working for this small town fashionista Bee decides to throw caution to the ChiCago wind for one night and release her inner bad girl accepting a sexy challenge from an unknown texter exploring the backseat of a limousine with gorgeous billionaire Nicolas and entering a ro I was so ready for of Bee Nicholas and Hawke This installment of Sinful Rewards did not let me down at all The mystery keeps growing and things get steamier and steamierBee is ready to go with her new bag limo chits She is feeling a little let down that after the connection she made with Hawke he is nowhere to be found the next day But she is ready for the news that she is waiting forthat she got the promotion Well this is Bee we are talking about so things don't go as plannedEnter the battle of her two menNicholas who gives comfort the only way he can and Hawke who wraps her in his arms and holds her until she can dry her eyes The scene between Bee and Hawke at the club melted my heart and solidified how much I want those two to end up together I think deep down Bee knows it too she even admitted Hawke is my truthBee's antics later that night had me cracking up Then there was the way Hawke was protecting her and refused to take advantage of a very intoxicated Bee But there was also mystery given to Hawke via The Organization I loved that we got to see another side of this mysterious man I know the surface hasn't even really been scratched where he is concerned I liked that we got to see a bigger connection happening with them and then Nicholas has to go and charm her the next dayThat being said I am not entirely convinced at this point that either of the men are FriendlyI can't wait for the next installment in this crazy saga that has become Bee's life