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Ying the attraction between them but neither are in the right place for a relationship However fate and an adorable little girl entrusted to their care have other ideas“Christmas Captivated by ePUB #187 with Her Secret Prince by Nina Singh was so good that I picked it up and. Started strong but it mostly let go of the elements of the story I had been eager to read about Wealthy New Yorker Jordan moves to Martha’s Vineyard believing the slower pace of life will be better for raising his little sister as she loses her hearing Already feeling inadeuate as a substitute parent to his sister Jordan has no interest in taking on a long term commitment in his love life too however his sister’s art teacher Jess tempts him to change his mindAs mentioned I enjoyed the start to this one I had high hopes for the Martha’s Vineyard setting and for exploring Sonya’s experience with speechhearing impairments It felt promising when Jordan and Jess had different opinions over Sonya participating in the play He thought he needed to protect his sister from bullies whereas Jess believed the challenge would be good for Sonya they both made a solid point which is really the best kind of conflict when you can see both sides of an issueBut the story for a chunk of time shifts from the uniue setting of Martha’s Vineyard to the glamorous side of New York that is found in ever so many romance novelsAnd unfortunately Jordan’s opposition to Sonya’s participation in the play went away in the blink of an eye the play itself also happened in the blink of an eye too I realize this book is intended as a romance it’s not meant to be about a child but it felt like showing Sonya’s struggles showing Jordan and Jess disagreeing over how to handle those struggles and ultimately working together to help this girl those kind of setbacks and triumphs could have played so well into building a romance Instead the conflict mainly consisted of Jordan avoiding a relationship due to guilt he feels for something he and we the readers are repeatedly told he isn’t guilty of meanwhile Jess if she had any conflict it was that she isn’t high society like Jordan and she’d already been in a relationship where a guy wanted her to be someone she isn’t It’s not that I disliked the story this became in fact I enjoyed how strong and independent Jess came off very much a modern heroine and I liked seeing a character panic over how much lunch might cost that felt like a real world thing It’s just that the book didn’t feel as emotionally involving as maybe it could have had the focus stayed on Jess and Jordan both wanting to do the best thing for this girl yet coming at it from opposing angles

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Captivated by the MillionaireDidn’t put it down” Goodreads“I highly recommend this one Ms Singh has written a story that ticks all of the boxes for a true romance that is sure to warm your heart and leave you smiling thank you for a fabulous story” Goodreads on Snowed in with the Reluctant Tycoon. This is not your typical Harleuin novel At least it wasn’t what I was expecting Captivated by the Millionaire is written by Nina Singh I was very surprised by this book and I loved every second of it Jessalyn “Jess” has lived on Martha’s Vineyard for the last few years and has been very comfortable there being a part time art teacher Jordan just moved the island with his sister Sonya whom he has just taken custody of because their father had recently passed From the moment that these two have met there has been a spark but they each thought each other were enigmas Not understanding each other since they both come from different circles and lives Jess is a little bit bohemian and kind of goes with the flow Jess also doesn’t come from money Jordan comes from the city and comes from structure and has uite a bit of money So on paper these two should not match one iota Like I said this book was great and it truly surprised me I enjoyed this author and cannot wait to read from her

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Captivated by the Millionaire review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ê [Ebook] ➠ Captivated by the Millionaire ➦ Nina Singh – They’re not looking for love Until love finds themOn paper it just shouldn’t work Jess is a bohemian artist who loves her life in the close knit Martha’s Vineyard coThey’re not looking for love Until love finds themOn paper it just shouldn’t work Jess is a bohemian artist who loves her life in the close knit Martha’s Vineyard community while Jordan is a millionaire bachelor CEO and a “bright lights big city” guy There’s no den. This is the first time I've read a story by this author It has also been a very long time since I've read a Harleuin Romance It still holds the same formulaic charm the I remembered it to haveThis is a sweet romance with closed door sex scenes; hot rich guy a beautiful artist and a sweet little kid What could a romance reader want Oh yeah it also has angst a bit of a slow burn and HEAThis was a uick and uncomplicated read