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Nown entity who is using old magic to commit gruesome murders And if that’s not keeping him busy enough an investigator recruits Gage to help her track a killer who might be targeting tattoo artist. It was my own fault but I hadn't realised that this book was actually the first of a series which was the last of the original series in other words a whole lot of things had happened before the events in this book However the only issue with that is a personal one as I hate reading series out of order but I really enjoyed this It was nice to read another UF with a male protagonist and although there were hints of Harry Dresden in Gage's personality the world was different enough that I didn't draw too many parallels I definitely think I'd like to go back and start at the beginning of the series though as I am really curious as to how Gage got to where he was and what the whole idea behind the tattooing and the Towers was all about But this was well written and imaginative and a good uick read


Demon's FuryJocelynn Drake continues her successful urban fantasy series Asylum Tales with Demon’s Fury set in a world where elves faeries trolls werewolves and vampires walk free among humanityPowerful warloc. Even though these are three separate installments to the series I am going to review them as a whole because they all start right where the first left offAs some of you may know I was taken by surprise with this series when I first picked it up last year Not only is this told entirely in the male point of view Gage's which is fantastic is also a lot rough because of it Gage doens't hold anything back He is who he is and you take it or you leave it I was so excited to learn that book three wasn't the end of his Trixie's and Bronx's tale because I wasn't uite ready to let go of them yet One of my most favorite uotes from the collection of shorts was from the first book Demon's FuryTrixie was my heart but Bronx he was my rockIt shows jut how close this friendship is and how much they love and respect each other Which in there world is rather uniue considering they are all different species One a feared wizard another an elf and the third a troll It is funny how you don't even realize how much you can miss a world a book a series until you see another book is coming out and all those feelings and memories come flooding back to youThat is what happened to me with The Asylum Tales I missed Gage and the dark gritty world that Drake created and I didn't even realize how much so until Demon's Fury was in my hands and I dived right back into the world she had created And even if I did guess early on some of the things that were going on I still had a fabulous time with these reads and I can't believe that then end of the third book Inner Demon is all that is left to the story In fact it can't be I just won't accept it I need to see everyone settled and safe and together againI am keeping my fingers crossed that it wasn't the end and that Drake will once again surprise us with a fourth book or even so shorts because I truly would love to see it happen

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READ ð Demon's Fury Ë ❴KINDLE❵ ❄ Demon's Fury Author Jocelynn Drake – Jocelynn Drake continues her successful urban fantasy series Asylum Tales with Demon’s Fury set in a world where elves faeries trolls werewolves and vampires walk free among humanityPowerful warlock Jocelynn Drake continues her successful urban fanK and tattoo artist Gage has managed to escape the magical Ivory Towers who terrorize the rest of humans and monsters – but at a price Now he must join forces with his nemesis Gideon to stop an unk. Why you should read it Who doesn't like an awesomely fierce tattoo artist This series is fun to read and each can be read as a stand alone though I do recommend reading them all The whole world is very well and fully written and I like the entire secondary cast even the baddies Like Dresden I like Gage because he isn't the typical perfect hero He's got rough edges and a bad past that keeps catching up with him Readers and Gage also get a little bit of romance and I like how book three of the Asylum Tales is broken up into three parts The next is Demon's Vow which comes out Oct 21 Also the audio version is excellent — I like how Michael Urie portrays GageHead over to the HEA Blog to see what was the sexiest tattoo Jocelynn has seenhttpwwwusatodaycomstoryhappyev