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Maintain her sense of self she remains fiercely protective of her mute brother Hagos each sibling resisting the roles gender and society assign Through a cast of complex beautifully drawn characters Sulaiman Addonia uestions what it means to be a man to be a woman to be an individual when circumstance has forced the lo I loved it I loved the writing style which I had to read slowly because there’s something about it that forces you to pay attention to let it sink in I loved how the author wrote his female characters and I loved the story

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Silence Is My Mother TongueSs of all that makes a home or a future Addonia has written an insider's view of the textures of life in a refugee camp Both intimate and epic this subversive tale of transgression dissects society's ability to wage war on its own women and explores the stories we must tell to survive in a broken inhospitable environmen We all have wounds but some are just visible than others

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epub ↠ Silence Is My Mother Tongue Paperback read ☆ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Silence Is My Mother Tongue ❤ Author Sulaiman Addonia – Insolpro.co.uk In a time of war what is the shape of love? Saba arrives in an East African refugee camp as a young girl devastated to have been wrenched from school and forIn a time of war what is the shape of love? Saba arrives in an East African refugee camp as a young girl devastated to have been wrenched from school and forced to abandon her books as her family flees to safety In this unfamiliar crowded and often hostile community she must carve out a new existence As she struggles to The reverberations of  life in the refugee camp in which 'Silence is My Mother Tongue' dominate the novel; the feeling of suffocation as the characters are stifled by the never ending feeling is misery and poverty This is coupled with however Addonia's deep rooted sense of humanity and powers of perception his innate sympathy for women whether it is the prostitute Nasnet punished like so many women by men for the desires she arouses in them and the heroine of the novel Saba Addonia is able to render the innate poetry of Saba throughout the novel from her purple hued thighs in the sepulchral light of dusk to her allure as glimpsed in the azure hued hill top view of the voyeuristic narrator The world which Addonia conjures up is one of baleful beauty of the scarlet incandescence of dusk or the glare of the sun and the interplay of light and shadows it creates so that the images he creates are ones of desperation hope and beauty and the illusions and mirages which a work of fiction necessitates Moreover 'Silence is My Mother Tongue' does away with a large number of gender conventions and sexual tropes; from the relationship between the powerful businessman Eyob and her mute twin brother Hagos to the sympathy coalesced with romance experienced between Nasnet and Saba as the former is subjected to a sexual assault by one of her clients sensuality resonates from every page of the novel but relationships often play it in ways in which the reader would not expect passions are left unexplained desires unexplored as the characters writhe under the heat of the passions they experience beneath the never ending glare of the Sudanese sun What stands out most however is Addonia's sympathetic exploration of the emotional lives of the women in his novel All of the women including ones who the reader would find it difficult to sympathise with such as the mid wife who enforces FGM are portrayed with sympathy and depth although the same could also be said for the male characters as well'Silence is My Mother Tongue' is a darkly poetic masterpiece and a brilliant distillation of Addonia's humanism and aesthetics