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Sofie Cecilia review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Read] ➲ Sofie Cecilia ➮ Katherine Ashenburg – A surprising rich and beautiful first novel about women's friendship for readers of Paula McLain and Elena Ferrante by a bestselling non fiction author who has brilliantly turned her hand to fiction I A surprisA surprising rich and beautiful first novel about women's friendship for readers of Paula McLain and Elena Ferrante by a bestselling non fiction author who has brilliantly turned her hand to fiction In Sofie Cecilia beloved non fiction author and journalist Katherine Ashenburg draws upon her formidable skill and maturity as a writer to craft an extraordinary and splendid debut novel This is the story of a lifelong female friendship set in the fascinating art world of Sweden between and just as modern art and the beginnings of the Scandinavian mid centur. Why do people grow these cruel things she complainedFor their beauty Cecilia said This was such a wonderful book It reminded me of Eva Stachniak's THE CHOSEN MAIDEN which I also loved Ashenburg expertly weaves a story of love friendship yearning and art in early 20th century Sweden No this is not a high speed plot But the magic here is in the atmosphere The first half of the novel is from Sofie's perspective and everything from her Askebo house to her art projects were vividly conjured Sofie was far from a perfect character; her passiveness in regards to Nils and her evasiveness were borderline irritating but weirdly enough I appreciated it It make her feel real and added another layer of conflict to the plot The second half belonged to Cecilia The clever part of this structure enabled Ashenburg to show us each woman through another's eyes so we can unravel some of their POV bias However the loop did slow the plot down and make it feel slightly repetitious I enjoyed Cecilia's portion too and found her to be an extremely sympathetic character Ashenburg's real strength was how she used the lives of these women to explore so many issues The double standards of men and women was one of the obvious ones But she also touched on childlessness loss infidelity sexuality xenophobia and nationalism among others Nobody was perfect but nobody was wholly unlikeable I won't attempt to spell out all the messages and intricate subplots but trust me this is one you'll want to read It was complex the prose was gorgeous and a great note to end my reading year onI received this book through a Goodreads Giveaway

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Y modern design movement were inspiring a creative revolution across northern Europe Loosely based on the lives of celebrated artists Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn Nils Olsson and Lars Vogt in the novel Ashenburg transports us behind both the public and domestic scenes and canvasses of these larger than life men to reveal the lesser known but eually astounding and rich stories of the women who married them restlessly creative artist in her own right Sofie Olsson and fiercely private and intelligent curator Cecilia Vogt Here is a gorgeous gem of a book su. What an interesting surprising book I uite enjoyed this story of two couples the husband artists and the friendship between their supportive sublimated wives Fascinating details about art crafts friendships Sweden etc very interesting

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Sofie CeciliaRprising uniue layered with insight into the nuances of female friendship as it stretches changes and deepens in unexpected ways over a lifetime Woven effortlessly through this tapestry like a beautiful motif is absorbing detail about Scandinavian painting design and textile work European history and sexual politics the country life city salons vibrant art and folklore of Sweden and the secrets and challenges of bright talented women juggling marriage career individual aspirations and family life inside an artist's household in the early twentieth centu. I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways and have chosen to give my honest opinion about itAlthough this genre of novels is not usually my cup of tea I think I really did enjoy the book Although there were times where I felt it slowed down too much and missed the intensity that often follows many adventure action fantasy thriller or even dramacontemporary books I think that the ideas discussed and contrasted within this book were very intriguing and are what urged me to keep reading That and the lovely setting and timeline and the characters were interesting as well