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Rolling in But when pictures of him tossing naked groupies off a balcony go viral it’s damage control time He’s assigned a “babysitter” whose sole job is to keep him out of trouble Violet Davis swore she’d never work in the music industry again but being a minder for a rock star will earn her enough to pay off the mortgage on her wildflower farm A. “Love doesn’t just evaporate” You Really Got Me was without doubt one of our favourite rock star books this year The romance between Slater Vaughan Derek’s best mate and Emmie Valencia Derek’s sister completely and utterly stole our hearts The relationship between the three was so sweet we devoured that book and so you can imagine how eager we were to get our grabby hands on this one We couldn’t wait to me meet the woman who would steal Derek’s heart and give him the type of love he witnessed and admired between Slater and Emmie “I love being with you I could stay awake all night just to be with the Violet I get under the covers” Derek is pretty hard on himself as an artist He’s spent most of his life feeling overshadowed by his father the great virtuoso Eddie Valencia a well respected musician in his day who seems to take great delight in putting down his son at every opportunity he can muster and dismissing his son’s obvious talent vocally through the media Derek can’t seem to win a trick with this guyIn this instalment we meet Derek and the band at a time when they are finally getting the recognition and accolades they deserve They’re exceptionally talented and have vowed not to become victims of the dreaded sex drugs and rock and roll cliché that has destroyed so many before themWhen some members of the band begin to party a little too hard its suspected drugs are involved and Emmie suggests her friend Violet tour with the band as a minder to shadow them get to the bottom of the problem cease the bad behaviour and nip the drug taking in the budViolet appeared tough on the outside but was vulnerable on the inside After had lived her life in and out of the foster care system Violet is convinced she lacks the ability to feel and love like most people due to being deprived of affection as a child “You make me feel special You make me feel And I didn’t even know I could” The chemistry between Violet and Derek is immediate and there is no doubting the passion between them is sizzling Sadly though the emotion of their connection didn’t uite travel from the pages to our hearts with this one and we’re so utterly sad about that because we really wanted to love their story as much as we did Emmie and Slater Instead we found ourselves becoming frustrated with the constant drama that eschewed between themIt really does break our hearts to say that and for that reason we didn’t enjoy this book as much as its predecessor The relationship between Violet and Derek felt forced at times and the back and forth so repetitive it became tedious instead of emotionally gripping There were some shining moments throughout but there were a few misses too You told me you don’t know how to love but you’re wrong You think there’s some chapter in the book of life that you missed out on but that’s bullshit Loving is just what we do Just because you didn’t have it growing up doesn’t mean you’re destined to a life without” The amount of ‘real life’ introduced to the story was a turn off for us both In You Really Got Me Erika Kelly crafted and created a beautiful and believable fantasy rock world She had our pulses racing and every moment felt as though we were there in the audience awe struck watching the band Sadly here the fantasy world was replaced with reality which took us completely out of the moment There was band name dropping left right and centre and the character of Jason Becker so obviously Justin Bieber felt as though we were reading snippets from a magazine rather than a fictional novel However this is a personal thing and some readers will love this aspect of the storyAll was not lost though because we were once again completely swept away with the banter and camaraderie between the band members a theme this author really does do well These guys really are a family and the love and affection they share is mesmerisingThe highlight of this story was the considerable time we got to spend with Slater and Emmie again They made this book for us Their passion their intense and consuming love for one another despite this story not being primarily about them stole our hearts at every turn and Slater’s heart to hearts with Derek made us MELT “Violet doesn’t give a rat’s ass about a Ferrari or a fancy law firm She doesn’t want to summer in some gated mansion in East Hampton Stability doesn’t mean the guy who can buy her shit Stability means the one guy who loves the shit out of her It means knowing you’ve got the one person in the world who knows your crap calls you on it and still wakes up with you the next morning every fuckin’ morning until the day you die” So whilst this didn’t pack the emotional punch we had anticipated there was still much we enjoyed and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing where this series takes us next ARC Copy provided with thanks by BerkleyPenguin Random House in exchange for an honest review♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥Come say hi and follow us at✦ TotallybookedBlog✦ TB on Facebook✦ TB on Twitter✦ TB on Pinterest

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I Want You to Want Me Rock Star Romance #2Nd for a girl brought up in the foster care system owning her own home means to her than anything Though at first the two bang heads the rocker and the farm girl soon grow close and realize that they make sweet music together But can a girl who craves the stability of life on a farm really make it work with a man whose life is spent on the road with his band. ✦Spotlight Review Giveaway I Want You To Want Me A Rock Star Romance Book 2 by Erika Kelly Publication Date July 7 2015Reviewed by Reading in Pajamas CoriRated 5 StarsREVIEW I adored this book I loved Derek even than I loved Slater and I really loved Slater in the first book Derek and Violet were perfect for each other I devoured their story I Want You To Want Me was the perfect mix of emotional fun and hot romance It's a rock star romance with a HEA ending This is the second book in Erika Kelly's Rock Star Romance Series but each book can be read as a standalone They each feature a band mate I recommend both books They're beautiful love stories that will stick with you long after you close the books Erika Kelly is an author to watch and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us nextReview copy provided by Penguin in exchange for an honest review

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DOWNLOAD ì I Want You to Want Me (Rock Star Romance, #2) Ç [BOOKS] ✯ I Want You to Want Me (Rock Star Romance, #2) By Erika Kelly – From the award winning author of You Really Got Me comes the next romance in her red hot Rock Star Romance series about a rocker who lives for his music—and loves wFrom the award winning You to Epub #220 author of You Really Got Me comes the next romance in I Want PDFEPUBher red hot Rock Star Romance series about a rocker who lives for his music and loves Want You to PDFEPUB #190 with all his heart Derek Valencia finally has the success he’s worked so hard for His band is touring its debut album and great reviews are. With other women he kissed them as a prompt It was the starting gun to the games about to be played But with Violet Derek wanted to KISS her He wanted that sexy mouth like nothing he'd ever wanted before Wanted the thrill of that first meeting of tongues that first sigh of surrenderAll the time IRL and on GR my friends are like Carmen Why are you reading another book by author Didn't you hate her first book Didn't you rant to me for five hours about how horrible it was Why would you bother reading another book by authorWell friends it is because sometimes authors improve I like giving authors second and third chances to impress me Just because I hated a book by someone doesn't mean their writing or their plotting won't get betterThat's the case here I was laughing and laughing at Kelly's first book in this series You Really Got Me It was hilariously badThen I closed it and immediately plunged into her next book I Want You To Want Me I thought I would be getting another dudBut I was in for a pleasant surprise This book was engaging and heartrending I thought it was good Erika Kelly is ripping my heart out through my chest I thought to myself I love this the emotions are so strong hereIf I had given up after her horrible first book I would have missed thisPLOTDerek Valencia is the bass player in up and coming rock band Blue Fire His dad was verbally and emotionally abusive to him and he's very sensitive to criticism and rejectionViolet Davis is a minder She helps rich businessmen or celebrities go clean off drugs and heavy alcohol and helps them clean up their image and make better life decisions She's called in by Emmie Valencia the heroine from Book One to help the band a few members have started doing drugs and it's uickly spiraling out of controlPosing as a groupie Violet comes on heavily to Derek He smells a con He thinks she's a reporter When all is revealed he's very upset but realizes that he does need outside help to get the band out of trouble Eventually the two realize they can't fight their attraction to each otherBut Violet grew up in foster care and she's convinced that she's damaged She once heard a social worker say about her that She'll likely never be able to trust or fully experience loveand Violet fully believes that this is true She's never let a man close enough to fall in love with himViolet is strong gentle extraordinarily calm and very kind She's a farm girl and her dream is to one day own the farm she lives on now and make perfume stationary soap and potpourri from the wildflowers she grows thereThe tension and angst are high in this book I was wracked with anxiety about whether these two lovebirds would end up together which is my gold standard for knowing if a romance novel is good or not If an author can get me to care and worry about a couple you know I will be writing a positive review of itIf you can't stand tension and angst this isn't the book for you But Kelly has come leaps and bounds from her first novel In You Really Got Me the angst was endlessly repetitive and seemed to have no point or basis Here Kelly has boiled down the couple's core problems into a succinct interaction that makes sense and isn't disruptive to the plotI felt as if both characters had genuine problems and concerns which is a huge deal in a romance novel So much romance is based on stupid stuff it's great when I can feel like the characters have actual problems psychological emotional financial instead of just being drama ueens and drama kings In Kelly's first book the latter was true Here she's finally drawn characters with actual believable issuesSkeezeAgain I want to say that in this novel as in most rock star romance novels the skeeve factor is really high You are going to be reading about groupies orgies tons of drugs public sex men having sex with tons of women who they don't know their names and don't give a crap about and a lot of disrespectful and skeevy stuff Only YOU know if you can handle this kind of book I was wrinkling my nose in disgust at a lot of the stuff the band was doing And Derek himself is no saint As a bass player in a successful rock band he's done some pretty disgusting stuff I mean when he thinks Violet is a reporter he Oh I've got something all right Pulling her hand out of his pocket he brought it around to his cockShe tensed wrenching her wrist awayWhy did he like that so much He didn't give a shit about a reporter out to fuck him over but he liked that she had a line she wouldn't cross She had some sense of decency This is how we have fun sweetheart You know that rightWith a mischievous look in her eyes she licked her lips Oh I know I just thought we'd have another kind of fun first you know And then she got on her toes her breasts brushing his chest as she leaned into him and whispered in his ear I get so wild when I'm highYeah One finger on her collarbone pushed her back on her heels We don't have time to get you high Settling a hand on each shoulder he pressed urging her to her kneesAnd here it was Just how far would she take this gameShe stepped away Oh come on don't be like that It's so much fun when we're high Come onHe reached for her tugged her toward him Your time with the band is almost up sweetheart He unzipped his jeans with one hand while the other reached for her wrist You either get on your knees or you can get off the bus and go find your friendsHe was so sure he'd see fear in her eyes So sure she'd freak out that he wasn't prepared for her head tilting back as she let out a laugh loud enough to hurt his ears in the small roomThat's it That's all you got She shook her head wiping her eyes Oh my God you're supposed to be the sex godI'm almost DNFed after reading this scene I mean ew I hate when authors make the heroes disrespectful pieces of shit A villain Fine A hero No way The fact that I actually thought Derek was an okay guy by the end of the book is a testament to Kelly's writingBut he wouldn't have actually gone through with the blowjob He was just testing herOh just testing her Mmmmmmm hmmmmmm That's perfectly fine thenOh wait NO IT'S NOT What shitheel behavior Ugh Very disgusting I'd really appreciate it if you didn't make your romance hero a piece of filth But I guess that's too much to ask of the rock star romance subgenreYou might notice that Violet calls Derek on his shit Now they are both lying to each other in this scene she's undercover But even after all is revealed Violet continues to call Derek on his shit For instance she doesn't let him call her babe and she demands respect from him when he gets out of line I love strong women who call the hero on his shit This was vastly appreciated by me Violet overall was a great characterI wouldn't say Derek is a mensch he never makes it into mensch territory But one thing I will say in his favor is that he steps up owns and takes care of his business When he fucks up and he often does in this book he is amazing at taking responsibility for his mistake and then doing whatever he can to make it right That's so manly I love when men are like this I'd have to say it was the most attractive aspect of his character Okay It's fineNo it's not I hurt your feelings last nightYou can't hurt my feelings if I don't have them You're my clientOh I hurt your feelings And I'm telling you that I'm sorry I never thought I had a type before but that's because I've never met anyone like you^^ That's just part of a much larger excellent scene where Derek just handles himself like a man Very attractivelyNymphsIt cracks me up in this novel that the band refuses to call groupies groupies and instead decides they are nymphs The constant talking about nymphs is really hilarious Derek get your dick out of that nymph's mouth and get on stage The bus was full of nymphs Did she think he was having sex with those nymphs Where are the nymphs LOL No end to the laughter And Kelly plays it completely straight she's not tongue in cheek at all about this so it's extra funny because she's seriousHow's the sex CarmenNo sorry not inspiring not exciting It's not bad it's just not very interesting or stimulating IMO Songs in the BookVan Morrison Into the MysticMazzy Star Fade Into YouKimya Dawson You Love MeTl;dr I'm so glad I decided to give this author a second chance Despite a shaky start I really ended up caring about and cheering for the couple Even though this could have been better the sex was not up to my standards and neither was the hero for that matter overall it was heartrending and that made me happyTHREE REAL STARS FOUR ROMANCE STARSSome authors never get any better Eventually I give up on them