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READ & DOWNLOAD Á Confessions of a Bookseller ´ ➼ Confessions of a Bookseller Free ➲ Author Shaun Bythell – Do you have a list of your books or do I just have to stare at them Shaun Bythell is the owner of The Bookshop in Wigtown Scotland With than a mile of shelving real log fires in the shop and theIces The Diary of a Bookseller soon to be a major TV series introduced us to the joys and frustrations of life lived in books Sardonic and sympathetic in eual measure Confessions of a Bookseller will reunite readers with the characters they've come to know and lo. This is an absolute delight Shaun Bythell brings to life the trials tribulations and thoughts of a independent bookshop owner The approach is in diary form from 1st January to 31 December 2015 where the year starts with the shop which is located in the Scottish town of Wigtown in Dumfries and Galloway closed for New Year's DayIt is endlessly entertaining and genuinely laugh out loud in places Customers those oh so wanted people come in many shapes and sizes and we learn of their foibles manners and interests There are descriptions of regular customers as well as many who drive the author to despairThe shop's place in Wigtown is well described as we see the various life of the town interact with the people and tourists and see how Shaun plays his part in festivals and other's initiatives and eventsThe visits to people across the county to buy books is interesting in what people offer think is of value and why they are selling collections as is the insight into what actually sells well what doesn't and what did but does no longer; allied to this is the constant reduction of process and as such marginThis latter point is a theme throughout where we many of us on GR already know this and do the same are made aware of the way has changed the books market and the retail trade in both new and second hand But in the way that Goodreaders will buy books from shops and wish to support them The Bookshop in Wigtown like many Goodreaders uses and Abe in Shaun's case as a sales and fulfilment tool The prices are low the margin lower and the customers' expectation is cheaper cheaper and discount The backend cataloguing system called Monsoon as gets a mention mainly for its problems and failings that do nothing to make a bookseller's life easy One constant across the book are the people who work in his shop Nicky Granny and Flo; Captain the cat also has many mentions They provide labour help and assistance as well as much humour and in eual measure exasperate and support the author running his shop Granny is as hilarious; Flo grumpy and teenage; Nicky is wellNicky Anna also plays a part but it seems only right for readers of this review to discover her and Shaun's relationship themselvesI wanted the book to continue but rather like when the shop closes and Shaun goes off for a pint to read a book from his ever growing TBR I have to do the sameRecommended for all lovers of books and those who enjoy diaries and observations of others

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Do you have a list of your books or do I just have to stare at them Shaun Confessions of eBook #204 Bythell is the owner of The Bookshop in Wigtown Scotland With than a mile of shelving real log fires in the shop and the sea lapping nearby the shop should be an i. Shaun Bythell takes us through a year of his life in 2015 as a second hand bookseller a financially precarious business in the small Scottish town of Wigtown This is a biographical read guaranteed to delight all of us book obsessives and those curious about the nature of the book trade in all its glories and vagaries narrated by a man who describes himself as both cantankerous and a curmudgeon It is in the format of a diary where every entry gives us information on the amount of online orders and orders found the day's weather the total taken at the till and the number of customers who come into the shop Nicky a woman in her late forties is the sole remaining employee left with her foodie Fridays and there are belly dancing classes that take place in the store The bookshop has over a mile of shelving real log fires a dream destination for all book loversBythell gives us a real sense of Wigtown's community that includes many from from various parts of Europe and the American Anna Shaun's partner for five years who has slotted into the area with ease although their relationship breaks up thanks to what he refers as his fear of commitment as he continues to miss her We follow him as he makes trips to buy book collections and meets their owners books sent to FBA fulfilled by because there is insufficient space in the shop despite his hatred of and Kindles He finds scraps of paper in old books that turn out to be worth a lot valuable than he could ever have expected His love of books is unmistakable the pleasure he gets from handling books and from reading His descriptions and accounts of customers are a joy to read about some real oddballs abound such as those who cannot differentiate between a bookshop and a library in search of a book they have practically no information about and many other embarrassing scenariosThis is a fun and entertaining read often hilarious that provides a real sense of place and community of the memorable Shaun his life and his bookshop It is full of eccentric and uirky characters not to mention the unforgettable Granny home invasions and book festivals I can imagine it appealing to many readers many of whom probably dream of running a bookstore with its eye opening account of just how difficult it is to survive in this business sector Highly recommended Many thanks to Profile Books for an ARC


Confessions of a BooksellerDyll for bookworms Unfortunately Shaun also has to contend with bizarre reuests from people who don't understand what a shop is home invasions during the Wigtown Book Festival and Granny his neurotic Italian assistant who likes digging for river mud to make poult. Another enjoyable diary of a year in the life of a used bookseller in Scotland Like the previous book I read a few entries every night I see from the GR blurb that this is being made into a TV series I sure hope we can get it here in the states