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Final Protocol Book ✓ 109 pages Download ê Insolpro õ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Final Protocol By J.C. Daniels – NOTE This Kindle edition is no longer available and has been replaced by ASIN B06Y2CJ3S4 Tip #1 Don’t get on her bad side Tip #2 There’s no good side Her name is Silence If she was eDomWith one final target between her and the tantalizing promise of freedom she moves in for the kill There’s one problem There’s something strangely familiar about her mark Something that echoes in the void where love used to live Warning One woman with a mission one evil bastard who lies as often as he breathes and a man who’ll stop at nothing to find what he lost Be warnedsome uestionable consent lies with Silence has no memories past the last ten years The last ten years have been hell Forced to serve a man she hates as his personal assassin and toy all she can think about is escape in what ever form it takeshis death or likely her own Until he promises her freedom all she to do is one last job kill one last man only her target brings back memories that might explain her mysterious pastI am really enjoying JC Daniels’ Colbana Files series so I jumped on the chance of reading Final Protocol especially as it’s a sci fi I have a weakness for sci fi And I wasn’t disappointed although it was a short read it managed to pack in plenty of action and emotionSilence is one of those heroines that if you dropped her in a forest with paperclip and plastic cup she would come out a few days later with a spring in her step and a new wolf skin jacket Completely kick ass However in Silence’s case her ability to kill and survive originate in a place so dark she can’t remember how her slavery began This added a dark edge to this Final Protocol This was a great short read perfect for if you want a taste of JC Daniels style it had a Urban Fantasy rather than romance style so if you’re looking for something heavy on sweet nothing and gentle sex then this isn’t for you But if you want something a little gritty with some action and an interesting conclusion give Final Protocol a try

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NOTE This Kindle edition is no longer available and has been replaced by ASIN B06Y2CJ3S4 Tip #1 Don’t get on her bad side Tip #2 There’s no good side Her name is Silence If she was ever known by any other name she doesn’t rememberShe is a killer If she was ever anything else she doesn’t remember She has an owner If she was ever freewell that she does remember She was free and then somebody gave her to a mad 4sReview posted herehttpbookpassionforlifeblogspotcoThis is my first try of this author and I enjoyed it uite a lot For being such a short book the story is jam packed with a little bit of everything that will keep you reading right up until the endSilence is an assassin forced to work for a man that took her from everything she had ever known and now can’t remember He uses her he abuses her to him she is a toy to be played with and a killer that he trained for his own ends – if she doesn’t obey well let’s just say she obeys because the conseuences are dire She knows the time is coming when she will kill her owner but that takes time and planning if only she knew who she was and where she came from who the man she remembers in flashes is And why he betrayed her leading her to her current situation When she finally gets given a job that promises her freedom she goes all out determined to succeed but when she meets her markthere’s something strangely familiar about him begging the uestion – Can she do the job and gain her freedom or will she die trying?I really enjoyed this book and it the kind of sci fi that I love I really liked the premise of the book with a woman being taken from her home kept as a possession and trained to kill people She doesn’t recall anything about her life beforehand and that helps her situation in my opinion because she doesn’t have to regret that she can’t be with those she left behind That made it really uite easy to empathise with her character too because she is in a no win situation and it becomes clear that her ‘owner’ really does treat her like a possession to do with whatever he wants there is some ‘punishment’ that gets doled out to her and that really gives you the impression that he is a very bad man indeed and the sort of danger Silence finds herself in on a daily basis She has an aura of a cold hearted person and it’s not surprising really when you see how alone she is and her owner gives her just enough freedom to resemble a life but she still knows that she is just a tool to be used When she is offered the chance to be free of this man she jumps at it but also knows that there will be a catch She has a future mapped out one that will either end in her death or his but she must complete the job first For most of the book she spends a lot of time in her own company so there is a lot of internal thinking and planning she also has some dreams which give her a couple of clues of her pastObviously there is going to be a twist on the assignment I don’t want to spoil it but it was uite obvious It’s through this that we get a real glimpse of characters species and how things work in their worlds – it also seems no two worlds are the same and that it seems as if there is some unrest with than one of the planets I can’t really say too much other than that it was a good read it’s that simple it had action it had a lead character whose situation was dire and someone you could really get behind in her uest for freedom It also has a lot mystery surrounding who she really iswas and we only just get a peek at that and we have an instant bad guy in her owner I loved where the story went and I really got into it it also has great potential for which I’m hoping there will be

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Final ProtocolMan to pay a debt that wasn’t hers She’s his toy his petand his trained killer She kills at his whim or she diesShe has a target Her so called ownerthe man who makes her life a living hell If she could kill anybody in the universe it would be him But he holds her life in his handsAnd she has a wish to find a man she barely remembers A man she knows she once loved The man who betrayed her and stole away her free Silence was born created just ten years ago but in that short time has seen and spilt blood than imaginable Now she is fully honed into a killing machine a deadly assasin and yet not free no Silence is never free Cruelly tied to a barbaric master her life such as it is is not her own any and yet sometimes brief snatches of memory haunt her reminding her that once she was something else and yes maybe someone else tooGold is her owner and he gives her a new target but this time he promises something far too valuable to ignore freedom Silence doesn't trust the evil Gold but if there's a chance to escape then she has to take it All Silence must do is perform one hit but when she arrives where her target is her past steps out to meet herThis works as a standalone and it was interesting reading the authors take on sci fi as I usually read her urban fantasy series featuring Kit There's something these heroines have in common though and that's their sheer refusal to get knocked down and stay down Silence may be in a dark place with Gold pulling her strings but her hatred of him fills her with passion and it's gut wrenching to read just how manipulated Silence has been This is a short read but I'd love to read set in this world as although there is a resolution of sorts it's not a definitative happy ending This is probably not suitable for younger readers due to sexual content that will perhaps leave some readers with a nasty taste in their mouths Fear not though because Ms Daniels may make Silence suffer but she also finally allows her to experience joyI was gifted a copy of this in exchange for an honest review