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Pregnant by MorningEdible womanBut letting go has a priceEvangeline's pregnancy announcement brings reality to their Venetian villa Are they ready to take their secret affair public Or will their romance end with the morning ligh. My Review46 Star Review Pregnant by MorningI recommend this bookThis book includes drama passion heartbreak and romance throughout the entire story Matt has lives thru a lot of lose in the past 2 years His wife then his grandfather Now he has run away to find out how to move on with his life Evangeline has lost herself after a doctor's accident leaves he unable to sing As they are both licking there wounds they find each other and learn to heal each other When she turnes up pregnant all bits are off They both want different things for them and the baby Can they figure out what will work for the both of them in order to be together Or will the differences in there life rip them apart I was gifted an ARC of this and enjoyed every second of this book This book contains a passionate story with two people struggling with grief One for lost people and one for a lose of self Kat writes sweet but passionate romances that at times can have you laughing out loud at the witty conversations Can't wait for her next book

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Ssman Matthew Wheeler Something about Evangeline the mysterious woman he met at a masuerade ball propels him from his self imposed exile He's finally able to forget his tragic past and lose himself in this incr. Very good book I loved the slow growth of their relationship as they got to know each other and the emotional development as they help each other heal Both Evangeline and Matt are in Venice to escape Evangeline was a famous singer until a botched operation on her vocal cords ruined her voice Now she feels like she has lost sight of who she is She has been wandering around Europe visiting friends as she tries to figure out what to do with her future We met Matt in Marriage With Benefits as he is still reeling from the death of his wife He turns the family business over to his brother and takes off for Venice to try to forget his pain until he's able to go back to his old life When they meet at a Carnevale party there is an instant connection between them Each recognizes the pain that the other is in and they agree to a one day at a time relationship I loved the way that their empathy with each other leads to their own healing Matt can see Evangeline's devastation at the loss of such an integral part of who she is Because of her fame there is a lot of media attention I loved the way that Matt was so protective of her when they were confronted by the two photographers Being with her starts healing his pain and he realizes that she makes him happy But he can't see her fitting into his life in Dallas because she is so different than his late wife It ticked me off that he was judgmental that way he came off as a bit of a snob there Evangeline doesn't want any kind of permanent relationship She was hurt by the treatment she received from her ex fiance and has lost all belief in romantic love She's uite content to have a physical relationship with Matt that will last until they tire of it It doesn't take long for that simple attraction to start to change His care for her is something she has never experienced before He helps her see new possibilities in her future without pushing her Just having him being there for her when she attempted an interview gave her confidence I loved seeing the way that she was able to face playing the piano by having Matt sitting with her as she did it I could feel her relief and happiness as her playing and writing came back to her The unexpected pregnancy throws them both into a tailspin Evangeline is afraid of being tied down and all Matt can think of is taking her to Dallas and making her part of his old life Each of them has to take a hard look at what they really want and what they need to do to get it I loved the ending as both of them realize what is most important The final scene in the kitchen is so sweet as they both get what they want

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Pregnant by Morning Summary ç 102 ↠ ➹ [Read] ➵ Pregnant by Morning By Kat Cantrell ➼ – One magical night in Venice brings two lost souls together until a positive pregnancy test changes everythingWhat was meant to be a one night affair has turned into much for Texas businessman Matthew One magical night iOne magical night in Venice brings two lost souls together until a positive pregnancy test changes Pregnant by MOBI #10003 everythingWhat was meant to be a one night affair has turned into much for Texas busine. This was a nice easy read with just the right amount of angst I enjoyed this book for the second time this afternoon and I highly recommend itThis story is about two lost souls Matthew and Evangeline who happen to meet one magical evening in Venice Their plan was to spend one night together but it turned into something much When Evangeline tells Matt that she is pregnant with his baby Matt does not handle it well and crushes her newly healed heart and soul Evangeline cannot allow herself to stay with a man who has to have everything his way and on top of that he is unwilling to let go of his dead wife refusing to love againIt is well worth your time and I certainly enjoyed the read