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The Echo Chamber Download » 0 Ë [Reading] ➿ The Echo Chamber Author Rhett J. Evans – Featured on The Verge A Silicon Valley scandal sets off a chain of dystopian events in this topical and twist laden thriller about virtual heists social media and second chancesMike is a Silicon Valle Featured on The Verge A Silicon ValleyY crossing paths with Charlotte Boone once Hollywood’s up and coming royalty does a kink appear in the pattern With a daring heist in both the virtual and real worlds Charlotte may hold the key to burning it all to the ground the company the lying pundits and the echo chamber itself. The Echo Chamber was such an enthralling read for me I enjoyed it thoroughly I usually don't like books that alternate between periods because they take long to develop the story and put everything together but this one was really easy to follow from the beginning The plot was engaging from start to finish and surprisingly exciting for a book about technology The author gave information in small amounts at a time and just when you think you have it figured out there's an exciting twist that surprises you entirely The suspense is great and made the book hard to put down despite my busy schedule The characters' stories were also really interesting and well developed My personal favorite is OrionMike not because he's essentially the main character but because he's so well described and pure I grew attached to his character My favorite thing about the book itself is its unexpectedness It addresses sooo many different themes that you would literally never expect when you start reading As you get deeper into the book it really feels like you're going for a ride with all the twists and turns the book takes and all the themes introduced like racism I would recommend this book to any avid reader of any kind of fiction since it covers so much It pulls you away from the story line briefly every now and then to give information that would seem entirely unrelated if it weren't for the author's talent in tying it all together The ending was very satisfying All in all the echo chamber did not disappoint 1010 would recommend

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Featured on The Verge A Silicon Valley scandal sets off a chain of dystopian events in this topical and twist laden thriller about virtual heists social media and second chancesMike is a Silicon Valley wunderkind who stood idly by while his company launched an addicting social media p. Reviewed via an ARC from the author for Rosie Amber's Review Team The fact that it was free has not affected this honest reviewWhat I liked The author has talent; this a most original novel that makes some interesting points in an intelligent and well informed fashion Basically he can write good sentences has a fine handle on suspense and uses words creatively It is clear that he really knows his subject Silicon Valley the dangers of AI and dependence on social media; how it is now so ingrained into our culture The Echo Chamber shows a good understanding of the future that is just around the corner some of it already happening; the manipulation of our thoughts and prejudices by the media the lack of security concerning the data we give out so freely and its use by AI to re order the population This is all stuff I love to read about and some of which I have written about myself so certain aspects had me engrossed It is inventive; I was impressed by the world put together within the pages and the insight There are some great twists It's well professionally put together and decently proofread The author has something to say This I think makes a novel than just a storyWhat I was not so sure about It's very technical in parts; as I've said I have an interest in the subject matter but some of it I found rather heavy going I think that if you don't have a uite good understanding of new technology much of it might go over your head The structure it goes back and forth between 'Before' the collapse of the US and 'After' with other 'Outside Time' sections I'm usually a fan of going back and forth between different periods but in this case I think a linear structure would have worked so much better I kept enjoying the 'Before' parts then being dragged out of it to read about different characters and situations 'After' This hampered the flow and made it definitely not an 'easy read' I wondered at times if it was experimental for the sake of being experimental The dramatic event and its fallout when it happens is dealt with so uickly instead of seeing it experienced from character point of view we are just told about it in a brief fashion by a narrator Most of all there is little or no characterisation I felt as though the author had thought up a brilliant plot but added the characters as an afterthought Mostly they're just seem like names on the page as vehicles for what he wanted to write about Only one is at all three dimensional Orion This is a debut novel and as I said I can see that Mr Evans has talent and a great deal to say but I think he needs to take some time to learn about writing as a reader and understanding that characters are central to any story because readers react to what happens in a fictional world because of how it affects the people they're reading about not because of the events themselves It does however have a few stunning reviews so if you're madly into tech rather than people you might love this book

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The Echo ChamberLatform that made the world take a turn for the worse He did nothing when an outrageous tech scandal pushed a polarized country to the brink of collapse Then after becoming trapped in a loop of his own memories he is doomed to watch society fall apart over and The Echo PDF over Only b. Technology is like every other market good it serves those who have the money to build it and crushes those underneathWow I really liked how the story wrapped up It was truly satisfying There were some uestions that came to my mind at around halfway through the book when mysteries kept piling on I thought the author forgot about them thought it was going to be one of those cases where the author aims too high by fiddling with creative scenarios that are hard to execute without plotholes I'm glad that wasn't the case My uestions were answered which made the story all the rewardingThe Echo Chamber is a science fiction story about a virtual reality social network Sharebox that consumes everyone's time and attention and further leads into complex external conseuences that the characters in the book try to comprehend and possibly resolve It talks about how easy and dangerous it is for us to get absorbed into these fake online worlds and never find the will to get out How easy it is for large corporations to feed us unimportant and compulsive informationvideos to keep us under their fingers There are many other thought provoking themes that were well explored such as artificial technology virtual reality time travelling and even a technology that digitalizes your brain into the internet that immortilises you Overall I really liked how well executed this book was It was my first science fiction read after a very long time and my first ever arc I'm glad to say I wasn't disappointed