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Read & download × Balm Author Dolen Perkins-Valdez 107 À ❴Reading❵ ➿ Balm Author Dolen Perkins-Valdez – The Civil War has ended and Madge Sadie and Hemp have each come to Chicago in search of a new life Born with magical hands Madge has the power to discern others’ suffering but she Ne with the dead but until she makes peace with her father she too cannot fully engage her giftSearching for his missing family Hemp arrives in this northern city that shimmers with possibility But redemption cannot be possible until he is reunited with those taken from him In the bitter aftermath of a terrible bloody war as a divided nation tries to. I actually have no idea what to think about this book It was pretty good at some parts and at others I was completely bored This book took me way to long to read for a book that was under 300 pages I don't know whether it was the slow plot or the writing style that made me shy away from this book but it just didn't seem to work for meMy main grievance with this book was the pacing I found it to be slow during most of the book I don't have a problem with a slow book since one of my favorite series ASOIAF is very slow plot wise but this book took it from slow to boring I just didn't feel like anything really happened during the majority of the bookAnother issue I had with this book was the writing I'm not saying that the author didn't write well because I really felt like she had a lot of control over the English language My problem with the writing was that it didn't adeuately explain things I found myself often confused at what she was trying to get across and it was mildly annoying when I just wanted to read but I had to go over paragraphs many times in order to understand what was going onI really didn't enjoy how the author described things either She was VERY blunt in her descriptions and it took away from the mood of the story When the author compared a object or emotion to something related to ahem male sex organs it really ruined the mood that the post Civil War era naturally hadI felt nothing towards the characters They were just kind of there I don't know whether that was a me thing or an overall feeling but it was just disappointing One of the main characters was a former slave and I didn't care about the trails that he went through at all It was like he was just kind of a filler character even though he was extremely important to the overall storyNow that I have bashed every part of the book I am going to be kind to it I loved the atmosphere of the story It was beautiful and romantic The author did a pretty good job describing the affects of the Civil War on people in both the North and the SouthIf this book was somewhat shorter I feel like I would have enjoyed reading it a lot since it would not have dragged on as much I guess what I'm trying to say is that I loved the idea of this story but I felt that the way it was written fell a bit flat for me

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Come together once again Madge Sadie and Hemp will be caught up in a desperate unexpected battle for survival in a community desperate to lay the pain of the past to rest Beautiful in its historical atmosphere and emotional depth Balm is a stirring novel of love loss hope and reconciliation set during one of the most critical periods in American histo. It's really closer to a 35 but Goodreads I would have given it a four but it lost its momentum in the last third of the book Overall a really good read though

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Balm Author Dolen Perkins-ValdThe Civil War has ended and Madge Sadie and Hemp have each come to Chicago in search of a new life Born with magical hands Madge has the power to discern others’ suffering but she cannot heal her own damaged heart To mend herself and help those in need she must return to Tennessee to face the women healers who rejected her as a child Sadie can commu. I’ve read books dealing with slavery and the emancipation of the slaves after the American Civil War I’ve read books dealing with traditional herbalists from a variety of cultures I’ve also read books that deal with trance mediums who can contact the spirits of the dead Yet I’ve never read a book that focused on all three of these themes Balm by Dolen Perkins Valdez is that book I received two copies of this book for free in return for this review They are a paperback ARC directly from the publisher and a digital ARC via Edelweiss This is a book that is primarily about healing It's about the slow process of healing from the wounds of slavery divided families and the mental anguish that resulted from these experiences I am grateful for the artistry of this author that allowed her to shape a tale of three individuals that is also the story of the beginning of America's emergence from a terrible time in its history Because I received two copies I am doing a giveaway of the paperback ARC that I received from the publisher To participate in the giveaway and read the rest of my review go to