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Barcelona characters ☆ 7 ☆ [KINDLE] ❥ Barcelona ➛ Robert Hughes – Barcelona is Robert Hughes's monumentally informed and irresistibly opinionated guide to the most un Spanish city in Spain Hughes scrolls through Barcelona's often violent history; tells the stories o Barcelona is Robert Hughes's monumentally informed aOdern restaurant with a glass walled urinal The result is a work filled with the attributes of Barcelona itself proportion humor and seny the Catalan word for triumphant common sens. Hughes is a great writer and insightful critic who has penned the ultimate biography of a city that harks back to Roman times and has been completely reinvented itself since the death of Franco who attempted to crush Catalan culture language and soulThat said his subject is little parochial unless you1 Plan to visit Barcelona or know the city well2 Are a fan of art and architecture criticism In addition to those two subjects Hughes' survey is exhaustive covering literature agriculture the s of fisherman language politics and even Catalunya's coprophilia On that last note festivals often include a turd like pinata and a Catalan toast might be something like Eat strong food crap prodigiously and live a long lifeThe book also recounts a host of colorful historical and political figures including the unifier Guiffre the Hairy and the 19th century who grew his sideburns out like Rapunzel's locks and of course the crazed visionary Gaudi who was emblematic of right wing regressive Catholic thought Nonetheless his fantastical buildings and Parc Guell have inspired generations of freethinkers Gaudi has reached cult status in Japan which provided much of the capital to restore Gaudi and other Modernista landmarks I recently visited Barcelona and read the book both before and after Barcelona has always been a city on the make Hughes captures these asperation well even brilliantly Barcelona does not have a real harbor and overcame its shallow sandy coast to become a major port About 30 years ago the city fashioned about five miles of beaches from an old industrial waterfront Today it's as crowded as a Coney Island heyday and women in gold lame string bikinis routinely and surrealistically wander up from the beach to the Ramblas and ancient Bari Gotic Like Chicago Barcelona is a city of architecture but it feels a little insubstantial buildings with strange wrought iron gaps and warbling facades seem committed to decoration than innovation And in the last 20 years Olympics etc Barcelona has collected celebrity starchitect buildings that just about anywhere Anyway a wonderful book that captures a dazzling puzzling incredibly vibrant city

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Barcelona is Robert Hughes's monumentally informed and irresistibly opinionated guide to the most un Spanish city in Spain Hughes scrolls through Barcelona's often violent history t. I was reading other interviews on and it seems the major complaint was that the book should have been concise and covered less information about the history of Catalonia One person was irate that there was no mention of the soccer teamAs for me I did not think it was too long I liked the extensive track through history starting with the earliest records the different kingdoms rise and fall of kings ueens aristocracy and such By reading Hughes fluid writing one discovers how the Catalunyans ibed or Catalonians view themselves their fierce pride in their heritage and their language different from SpanishHughes covers many bases except I guess soccer We learn of the city's politics art language literature poetry and architecture My hero Gaudi is honored with the last two chapters although other architects are also includedI had seen the Sagrada Familia in art books and it looked like a mud castle someone made on the beach And then I visited the city and saw it in person All I can say is that I was mesmerized There was something spiritually uplifting just by looking at it For those who don't know and shame on you if you don't the Sagrada Familia is Gaudi's masterpiece a church it is called a cathedral although technically it is not a Cathedral because no Bishop presides there and is still to be finished The only thing marring this wonder structure are the cranesHughes scoffs at the later architects who have tried to finish Gaudi's work but I like it even if there is a noticeable delineation between Gaudi's work and his successors' There is so much detail and meaningful symbolismHughes scoffs at a lot of things While I enjoyed the information he provided and felt I learned a lot about Barcelona which increased my appreciation of it I did not like Hughes' overall tone He sounded just a little too superior Turning a clever phrase trumped objective observationBut aside from that readers interested in this remarkable city would do well to read this book

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BarcelonaElls the stories of its kings poets magnates and revolutionaries and ushers readers through municipal landmarks that range from Antoni Gaudi's sublimely surreal cathedral to a postm. Robert Hughes is a cantacertous art critic who has produced some fineretrospectives on American and Modern Art He describes himself primarily a writer who writes about art which will make senseafter reading Barcelona This is wonderful combination economiccultural history of a place that is its own nation Respectfulbut not reverential Hughes examines the economic success of Catalonia and the cultural supportors it spawned Another important factor fordefining the Catalonia identity is that is neither Spanish nor French but has been dominated by both of their influences